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the best abs routines


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For great tips on abs taining, check this out:

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the best abs routines

  1. 1. Building rock solid six pack abs takes dedication, a balanced and healthy diet, and KNOWLEDGE!If you are one of the countless people who remain on a seemingly endless journey towards yoursix pack, odds are that one of these three areas is lacking. So whats the problem? If you arealready reading this article, you have probably tried the ab crunches, sit ups, bought ab machinesor rollers, and spent hours and money at your local gym. Dedication has not been the problem.Generally an active person like you consumes a relatively healthy diet. Sure there are places forimprovement, but that is not the biggest problem. Chances are that you lack the knowledge, as domost people, that is required for six pack abs routines!So let us start with the basics. First, stop wasting your money on the highly advertised abmachines you see on TV. While some of them certainly can help you to build muscle, they do nextto nothing to burn fat. There are two important factors to showing off your six pack abs: buildingyour ab muscles and shedding the fat which covers them up. Both are equally important and bothneed to be addressed by a variety of measures.Great abs exercises come in all shapes and sizes, and multiple routines should always be used.Instead of spending time doing the same basic crunches, learn all the six pack abs routines thatget the best results. While many ab machines, rollers, etc. are a waste of money, many of the absworkout dvds, abs diet secrets, and other abs routine programs provide expert knowledge andtrainer secrets for great abs. Aside from purchasing professional help, mix in some of the followinggreat abs exercises to your workout routine:Exercise ball crunchesLeg raisesHanging leg raisesCrunchesSit upsBack extensions"Bicycles"Each of the previously mentioned exercises are specifically designed to build muscle in your absand combining a variety of them will help you to gain strength in multiple areas of your abdomen,back, and core.Now that you know how to build your muscles, you have to shed your fat and uncover them! Tovarying degrees, everyone has ab muscles, however many of ours are covered up by layers of fat.This fat is not burned by the exercises above, but by a variety of strategies many of which focuson the total body.These include:Balanced dietTotal body lifting and strength trainingTotal body cardio/interval trainingHealthy sleep/lifestyle habits
  2. 2. Sounds simple enough right? The problem for most lies in the execution of diet and exercise.Correct implementation of total body workouts, specific abs exercises, and diet will lead to resultsfaster than you may realize! And as a bonus for your body the more muscle you build, the morecalories and fat you actually burn off. Obviously many of this is easier said than done, but thatdoes not mean it cannot be done! Good Luck!The following link provides more related information on obtaining six pack abs. For information onprofessional six pack abs routines, great abs exercises, and abs workout DVD reviews please visitReviews and Abs Workout Routines.Article Source: ====For great tips on abs tarining, check this out: ====