7 amazing six pack abs exercises


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For great tips on abs taining, check this out:

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7 amazing six pack abs exercises

  1. 1. If you have ever wanted to get ripped six pack abs then these 7 workouts in combination with asolid diet and some cardio will get you the results you want. It will take a between 12-36 weeks toget the best results, but you can very well get ripped sooner depending on how you look now.So here are the 7 amazing six pack abs exercises you will want to do in order to get in shape:#1: Hip Raises - This is one of the most effective exercises for your lower abdominals. It will helpyou sculpt the part that most people never can.#2: Bicycle kicks - This is an exercises designed to help sculpt the obliques of your body. It is easyto do an requires no equipment.#3: Oblique Side Bends - Sculpting your obliques with side bends is highly recommended. It willhelp make them more visual, but also get you a stronger core.#4: Stability Ball Jack Knives - This is a more intense ab workout that will touch on your wholecore. Its so effective and also helps burn a little bit of fat, and get you a desired after burn effect.#5: Mountain Climbers - This is a great fat burning exercise that will help burn more fat, increaseyour metabolism and strenghten your core.#6: The Plank - What workout would be complete without a static exercise? None, therefore we doa static plank for a continued period of 45 seconds all the way to 5 minutes depending on howstrong you are.#7: Spiderman Push-Up - I know this doesnt feel like an ab exercise, but it surely is. It helps youget your arms working, but also needs the abdominals to help keep the body straight. Thisexercise is awesome for anyone who does a little bit of exercise.Now you know 7 exercise that will help you get you ripped six pack abs when done on a continuedbasis. Not only will you feel faster results than doing boring crunches or sit-ups, but youll burn alot more fat too.Balance this workout with High Intense Interval Training (HIIT) and you will burn off the fat that iscovering your abs to reveal them from underneath. Something that has to be done in order to getthem visual.When trying to get your abs ready for the beach, you will also need a good diet to help burn off thefat. You cant out train a bad diet... A pizza is anywhere from 800-2,000 calories which amounts to1-4 hours on a treadmill... Its just not worth it!For more free stuff visit http://www.SixPackExposed.com and download your workout plan,nutrition plan and more so you too can get ripped the following weeks!
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