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Joseph Fakhry Habib Yanny_Diploma


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Joseph Fakhry Habib Yanny_Diploma

  1. 1. Joseph Fakhry Habib Yanny_Diploma (Completed 08/12/13) 1 of 3, Inc. 461 Bush St, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94108 T: 888-369-0701 | | Member # 252626 Certification of Translation Accuracy Translation of “Joseph Fakhry Habib Yanny_Diploma” from “Arabic” to “English” We,, Inc., a professional translation company, hereby certify that the above-mentioned document(s) has (have) been translated by experienced and qualified professional translators and that, in our best judgment, the translated text truly reflects the content, meaning, and style of the original text and constitutes in every respect a correct and true translation of the original document. This is to certify the correctness of the translation only. We do not guarantee that the original is a genuine document, or that the statements contained in the original document are true. Further,, Inc. assumes no liability for the way in which the translation is used by the customer or any third party, including end users of the translation. A copy of the translation is attached to this certification. David Abrameto, VP of Operations, Inc. Dated: August 12, 2013
  2. 2. Joseph Fakhry Habib Yanny_Diploma (Completed 08/12/13) 2 of 3, Inc. 461 Bush St, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94108 T: 888-369-0701 | | Member # 252626 Arab Republic of Egypt [Logo of Assiut University] Upon reviewing the results of the examination of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which were approved by the decision of its board on 7/4/1999, The University Board decided on July 25, 1999 To confer upon Mr. Joseph Fakhry Habib, son of Mr. Fakhry Habibi Yanny, Born in Mallawi-Elminia in 1975, Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Sciences, with Evaluation Fair Assiut in Ragab 1420 AH, corresponding to October 1999 Dean of Faculty President of University [Signature] [Signature] Registered at Assiut University under No. 88 Signature of Degree Holder Stamps on the back: [Stamp: Central Student Affairs Department /Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/ Signature to serve purpose/ Name of reviewer: Ramadan Toufic Badran/ Signature [Signature]/Date: 06/23/2008] Approved by the University Secretary Mohammed Othman 6/23/2008 [Stamp: Assiut University/ General Administration] [Stamp: Arab Republic of Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Assiut Authentication Office/ Authentication No. 26649 on 6/23/2008/ We validate the final signature of Assiut University without bearing responsibility for the contents of the document/ Fee: 11 EP/ Consular Affairs for Authentications/ [Signature]] [Stamp: Assiut University/ General Administration] [Stamp of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry/ Consular Department]
  3. 3. Joseph Fakhry Habib Yanny_Diploma (Completed 08/12/13) 3 of 3, Inc. 461 Bush St, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94108 T: 888-369-0701 | | Member # 252626 [Revenue Stamp of 11 EPs]