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Surplus inventory


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Industrial Surplus Inc. handles all types of surplus material and surplus equipment worldwide. Contact now:

Industrial Surplus
6532 Rupley Circle, Houston, TX 77087
(713) 644-4011 ‎

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Surplus inventory

  1. 1. Demolition Contractor
  2. 2. Is a single sourcedemolitioncontractor able toprovide you witha wide range ofservices tailoredto your needs.
  3. 3.  Development of a Cost Estimate Valuation of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap Metals For Recycling Evaluation of Onsite Concrete / Brick / Masonry Onsite Crushing as a Cost Savings Alternative to Offsite Recycling; Disposal.
  4. 4. We bring superiorexpertise to demolitionprojects of all sizes andtypes by offering ourcustomers the mostcost-competitivesolutions possible
  5. 5. We demolish all types of plants includingchemical, steel, paper, processing and all other industrial factories.
  6. 6. Depending on your needs, we can employequipment as large as cable cranes and excavators down to bobcats and hand wreckers to tailor a demolition project to fit any requirement.
  7. 7. Our Asset Recoveryand recyclingprograms providethe expertise tohandle and process amultitude ofmaterials.
  8. 8. Call on us, when youneed an industryleader to supply asolution. At IndustrialSurplus Inc., we striveto be the foremostbusiness indeconstruction andrecycling.
  9. 9. Surplus, Inc. 6532 Rupley Circle Houston, TX 77087 (713) 644-4011