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Joe tacopina on financial exploitation of elders in the united states


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Joe Tacopina on Financial Exploitation of Elders in the United States

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Joe tacopina on financial exploitation of elders in the united states

  1. 1. Joe Tacopina on Financial Exploitationof Elders in the United States
  2. 2. ● One of New York’s most successful criminaldefense attorneys, Joe Tacopina has tried over 80cases to date.● With office branches in Manhattan and Milan, JoeTacopina is well-known as a bold and relentlesscivil and criminal legal specialist.
  3. 3. ● Elder abuse is not restricted to physical andemotional acts; rather, it includes any act thatexploits an elder’s financial situation.● Financial exploitation of aged people in the UnitedStates has been reported by concerned familymembers, caregivers, friends, neighbors, andcolleagues.● This exploitation may be perpetrated bybusinesspeople, family members, caregivers, orindividuals who actively target vulnerable agedpeople.
  4. 4. ● Elder financial abuse may include unsolicited bankaccount withdrawals; the usage of possessions andproperty without permission; forging signatures;coercing seniors to sign a will, power of attorney, ora deed; fraudulent activity; and deceit such astelemarketing scams.● Seniors who are isolated, unfamiliar with theirfinancial affairs, have suffered recent losses, or havea physical or mental disability have an increased riskof financial exploitation.