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Site Testing with CasperJS


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Published in: Technology
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Site Testing with CasperJS

  1. 1. Site TestingWith CasperJSJoseph Scott
  2. 2. PhatomJS
  3. 3. CasperJS
  4. 4. InstallPhantomJS, download binaryCasperJS -
  5. 5. CasperJS Features:๏ defining & ordering browsing navigation steps๏ filling & submitting forms๏ clicking & following links๏ capturing screenshots of a page (or part of it)๏ testing remote DOM๏ logging events๏ downloading resources, including binary ones๏ writing functional test suites๏ scraping Web contents
  6. 6. Scriptable in JavaScript andCoffeeScript
  7. 7. Everything starts simplevar casper = require(casper).create();
  8. 8. Trying out live examplesexport PHANTOMJS_EXECUTABLE="/Users/josephscott/Dropbox/joseph/slides/casperjs/bin/phantomjs"
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. Joseph Scott