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MCAD FOA - Media

  1. 1. The Future of Advertising Class #ADV 3041-01 | Spring 2010 | Mondays 1-6pm | Rm 416 Instructor: Tim Brunelle, w/ Paul Isakson + Joseph Rueter SESSION #05—“Media” Creative Commons Attribution & Non-Commercial License
  2. 2. Today: 1. Blog assignment discussion 2. Guest speaker: Chris Wexler BREAK 3. Media Workshop
  3. 3. :: Chris Wexler
  4. 4. :: What did you hear Chris say?
  5. 5. :: Data
  6. 6. What stories can media data tell us?
  7. 7. Nielsen @Plan example
  8. 8. Nielsen @Plan example Let’s compare people who’ve been in our store
  9. 9. Nielsen @Plan example vs. People who say they talk to their friends a lot about the products we sell
  10. 10. Nielsen @Plan example How do these two audiences compare to the average, U.S. adult using the Internet?
  11. 11. Nielsen @Plan example
  12. 12. Data tells us the people we’re trying to reach seem to like video games a lot more than the average U.S. adult on the Internet. How might that influence our thinking?
  13. 13. Nielsen @Plan example
  14. 14. Data tells us the people we’re trying to reach read certain kinds of magazines. Maybe we ought to check those titles out and see if we can figure out why they read them and what might inspire us to create better connections.
  15. 15. Nielsen @Plan example
  16. 16. Data tells us the people we’re trying to reach create and publish content. Hmmm...
  17. 17. :: Media Types
  18. 18. Moving Picture Audio Print Digital
  19. 19. Media Options SPITTING RAYS TV Commercials Out of Home Product Placement Pre-Post-Roll AUDIO Buy Seconds Underwriting Sponsor Podcast SPITTING INK Newspaper Magazine Poster Out of Home
  20. 20. Media Options (cont.) DIGITAL Data Stories in data Traffic tools Adword buy research Census data Industry Publications Devices Desktops Laptops Mobile Hardware Display Standard Rich Video Game
  21. 21. Media Options (cont.) DIGITAL Intersticials Network.coms Hulu Text Ads Google Bing Yahoo Digg Facebook Mobile Media Channel Publishing built on curation How good are you at it? Content Blog Ads for self on site
  22. 22. Media Options (cont.) DIGITAL Link Economy The Link The Juice Mobile Time/Location/Context Text App placement Apps Built for push, attract, aid Mobile Platform (Facebook) Games Placement of ads inside games Digital goods
  23. 23. :: Media Workshop
  24. 24. :: Media Exercise
  25. 25. Media Consumption Exercise 1. Think of impressions made on you yesterday. 2. Now do the same for your brands’ audiences. 3. Bright Spot behaviors of audiences? 4. Content your audiences likes to huddle around? 5. Media channels delivering like content. 6. What’s interesting? Opportunities...
  26. 26. :: Media Process Exercise
  27. 27. Media Process Exercise 1. What’s your goal? 2. What do you know? 3. What variables do you have at your disposal? 4. What don’t you control that you can exploit? 5. What are many ways to actualize your idea? 6. What are you doing to get it to work together?
  28. 28. Monday, February 21: 1. Blog assignment due (Sunday Feb 28): 400 words, minimum: “<your brand’s> media exercise + draft direction” Next week’s FOCUS: Data
  29. 29. :: Integration
  30. 30. Now for Integration Examples: 1. Message. Again or different 2. Action - this then that 3. Common (sort of) TV to Web Print to Facebook email to site 4. Multiple banner ads running together 5. Webcam to banner ad 6. Posted flickr photo to contest entry 7...