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The changing picture of poverty in the UK - Why we need to act now


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A guide to poverty in the UK, focusing on 5 key areas:
Who is in poverty
What is poverty
Levels of poverty
Causes of poverty
Consequences of poverty on society

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The changing picture of poverty in the UK - Why we need to act now

  2. 2. Poverty levels in the UK are shameful 13.5 million 7.9 million working-age adults 3.9 million children 1.6 million pensioners of people in poverty live in a family where at least one person is disabled 39% of children in poverty live in a lone-parent family 35% 66% of working-age households in poverty have someone doing paid work of all people in poverty live in rented properties 67% TO LET Key Stats Total number Source: DWP HBAI statistics: data to 2014/15
  3. 3. PAYSLIPPAYSLIP Many people are struggling to make ends meet
  4. 4. There are different levels of poverty in the UK Destitute: Unable to afford essentials like food and clothing In poverty but not destitute: Struggling to heat home, pay rent or buy essentials for children Inadequate income but not in poverty: Under pressure. Unexpected costs and events can push people into poverty Adequate income or better: Able to afford a decent standard of living MIS (minimum income standard) 75% MIS Destitution
  5. 5. 10 of the UK’s top 12 struggling cities are based in the North of England 1. Rochdale 2. Burnley 3. Bolton 4. Blackburn 5. Hull 6. Grimsby 7. Dundee 8. Middlesbrough 9. Bradford 10. Blackpool 11. Stoke 12. Wigan 8 7 9 5 6 10 4 2 12 3 1 11 Some areas are worse off than others Source: JRF report: Uneven growth: tackling city decline
  6. 6. Family problems High costs, including housing Ineffective benefit system Lack of skills Low wages, insecure jobs and unemployment Poverty is not caused by one thing
  7. 7. Poverty harms all of us CONSEQUENCES of POVERTY Health problems Victim or pepetrator of crime Homelessness or housing problems Teenage pregnancy Drug or alcohol problems More poverty Lower educational achievement Relationship and family problems Biological effects
  8. 8. JRF’s vision for a poverty free UK where by 2030
  9. 9. 5 point plan to #solveukpoverty
  10. 10. Almost anyone can experience poverty in the UK. It doesn’t have to be like this. JRF has launched the first ever comprehensive strategy to solve poverty in the UK. Follow our progress at #solveukpoverty