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Tips to Sell your Home and get it Off the Market


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Joe Armato has driven a fruitful business life. He went to the Sobelsohn School of Insurance in New York City, where he got his Associate's degree in property loss transactions.

Published in: Real Estate
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Tips to Sell your Home and get it Off the Market

  1. 1. Tips to sell your home and get it off the market
  2. 2. Joe Armato is a real estate developer and investor. He understands the ups and downs of the market and the difficulties involved in buying and selling property. As a homeowner looking to sell your home, it can be a trying task getting your home ready and assuming the risk of not getting your house sold by the time you want it sold. Here are some tips to help you improve your house’s buying options and get it ready for sale:
  3. 3.  Price your house right from the get go to avoid a slow sale or seeming like you are not serious.  Clean out the clutter in your closets. This will make your closet look like it has a lot more space to go around which will be beneficial for your sale because that is one of the first things buyers ask about, storage.  Let natural light into your home. Let the place feel open and airy. Good lighting is another thing buyers often look for.
  4. 4.  Find an agent who is vigilant and will stay on top of their game, with regards to seeking out buying opportunities and so forth.  If you have a pet, hide that fact. Not everyone is a pet lover.  Don’t spend too much money upgrading your home. Chances are you won’t get your money back.
  5. 5.  Depersonalise your home. Give potential buyers a chance to see themselves in the home.  The kitchen is the most important part of showing a house because that is often what makes or breaks a buying decision.  Always be ready to show, you never know when a buyer will walk in the door. Doing the period you are trying to sell keep your house neat and tidy.  The first impression is the only impression. One shot is all you generally get so make sure you’re prepared.
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