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Reversal-Line Trading Strategy | Crude Oil, Emini, Nasdaq, Gold & Euro


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Crude Oil is bullish, but these overlapping “reversal-lines” are telling us that the most reliable buying opportunities will be with deep pullbacks tomorrow.

S&P is bullish ahead of contract rollover, and a triangle pattern on the chart is telling us exactly where to be looking for buying opportunities tomorrow.

Nasdaq is bullish, but multiple levels of resistance overhead are reminding us that the most reliable buying opportunities will likely be down at prior swings tomorrow.

Gold is bullish and trying to complete a measured-move, but big clues in the candlesticks tell us to look for deep pullbacks, rather than chasing this move higher tomorrow.

Euro is bullish, but a short-term trading-range around the 20,000 level is telling us to focus on failures down the ‘battle zone’ with a target going back to last week’s high.

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