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Presentation deck from Social Media Explore Portland - November 2012. Focus on deeper review of true power of FB pages for businesses. For more information on the Explore conferences

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  • Facebook reached 1 Billion Monthly Active Users on September 14, 2012. At 12:45PM PST600 Million Users are on MobileAs of July 2010, Users where at 500 Million mostly desktop users. 44% of internet users are Facebook users (source KRDS)Source: KRDS &
  • Facebook Page are your Mission Control for your business on Facebook. Pages are the living breathing “site” which is directly or indirectly connected means to your fans, customers and advocates at anytime they are on the Platform.
  • Your Facebook page is both a meant to be a brand beacon on the Platform as well as a complimentary driver to your website. More companies are advertising their Facebook Page URL than their website URL. Facebook Pages should augment your bigger integrated marketing efforts. Communication across all channels is imperative. Think about this. Your page has 5k fans on your page, that is 5k potential consumers (showed interest in your brand or company – reason for liking), that are indirectly connected to you via the platform that those consumers as a whole spend the most time each day on. Even with a 16-20% post reach (organic), that’s likely more “reach” you will have connected to your website at any given time.Your company can talk to them, get to know them on a new level, and understand them 24/7. Reach your audience wherever they are, on the web or mobile. Respond to people in a quick and more personal way. Source: Lab42
  • Source: Lab42**This is changing – more are from association and friends of connections.
  • Facebook recommended formula is Build > Connect > Engage > Influence Build – Creating your page. Treated as a auxiliary broadcast channel to your main website. Connect or Amplify with Facebook Ads (more on this later)Engage with your fans. Latest news, exclusive content, promotions. **Important to FIND AND SPEAK YOUR BRAND OR PRODUCTS VOICE! Serious, funny, passionate, inspiring. Like all media, content is king. Integration is instinctual Influence – Promote the actions of your page to influence friends of fans. Social Reach, scalable effort, and induced viralitysource: Four Steps to Business Success on Facebook:
  • Listen – Who makes up your audience Analyze – What resonates your social database Engage – How are they responding? What actions are they taking? Likes, Shares, Comments? stay fresh & relevantpublish up-to-date content from your brand & user generated contentextend social media to include relevant & trending topicsprovide the ideal mobile experienceattract buzztell compelling, interesting, entertaining, &/or surprising storiesgive consumers the ability to share their
  • What I have observed, with both B2C & B2B companies on Facebook is that they build a page, acquire fans (paid or otherwise), promote/pitch (not engage) with a majority of product content, and witness dismal if any engagement, actions or conversions. Facebook is the largest interconnected exchange platform in the universe, literally people, places and events spur billions of impressions & Actions daily. The question is not how many fans you have , but what you plan to market to them. There is a value exchange in someone liking & connecting with your page. Your building a social database and understanding their (consumer) behavior on FB.
  • Source: PostRocket, & Mike Maghsoudi
  • Pages producing interruptive or overly self promoted content will receive negative feedback Source: Page Lever
  • Where did they come from? Contest, Word of Mouth, Advertising? #1 Question that should be answered – would you like your own brand/comp page? Would you follow and engage with the content your posting?
  • Insights offers deep analytics into who makes up your connected audience.
  • The most successful pages are those that act as a resource to a given content matter. i.e. if you’re a cloud based networking platform, what content, news, whitepapers, bits of information would your audience want to read? Give them a reason to follow and keep interacting, conversing with you. Friends of existing connections – word of mouth at scale. One of the most powerful tools in leveraging “social reach” Asking questions, doing polls can be just as engaging as posting a photo album of kittens and puppies. Use your brands voice, just as you would in other forms of media. However, it is effective to make it fun and throw them for a loop every once in a while, just the converse if it is always in a humorous voice. Injecting a serious note can have the same effect.
  • Effective tests with Promoted Post’s will both automatically feed through desktop and mobile - the results so far have been significantly improved engagement and high CTR’sUse the free targeting option in your posts for regional, age, and gender based targeting Integration within tabs with all other social channels can assist with cross promotional efforts – i.e. Hub and Spoke method – cross content delivery through a centralized channel and reversing flow through satellite (spoke) channels. Effective examples are with instagram, youtube & pinterest.
  • of the most comprehensive successes stories leveraging the Facebook Platform can be found here. Dive into what other brands of all types have done to find success on FB.
  • www.facebook/marketingAdditional Success Stories, Resources, Case Studies. A good “where to find” other resources.
  • www.facebook/ *Great Resources for all businesses – whether just starting out or a avid FB/Social Marketer
  • up to date with all the latest news relating to advertising and marketing
  • Contact:@josephheinl1
  • Social Media Explore - Facebook Pages - Under the Hood

    1. 1. Leveraging Pages for Social Exchanges Joseph Heinl ethology | Influence Through Intelligence @josephheinl1
    2. 2. FacebookFootprint Reach is Global Connections are Personal
    3. 3. Your Page is Mission Control Influence through Voice
    4. 4. Hub for your Brand
    5. 5. Why Consumers “Like”?
    6. 6. Facebook Steps to Business SuccessBUILD CONNECT ENGAGE INFLUENCE
    7. 7. Integration of Facebook Page Ecosystem listen & understand audience analyze & identify influencers engage & interact
    8. 8. The Road Often TraveledBUILD CONNECT PROMOTE ?!?!?!
    9. 9. Negative FeedbackHide: Hides a specific single postHide all: Hides all posts (unsubscribing)Unlike page: “unfan” the pageReport Spam: User thinks its spam“annoyance more than anything”
    10. 10. Know Your Fanshow & why did they become fans?what content resonates most?match your fans expectations for frequencyask: would you become a fan?
    11. 11. Use Insights
    12. 12. Be a Resource not a Productfocus on quality not quantityuse word of mouth at scale – “friends of connections”stay on topic with content but put fan in driver seatask questionshave a voice
    13. 13. Features and Integrationconsider promoting posts - DT & Mobileutilize targeting feature for each postintegrate with other platforms (spokes)
    14. 14. Learn From Other Brands Success
    15. 15. Where to www.facebook/marketing
    16. 16. Stay Up To Datewww.facebook/business
    17. 17. Facebook
    18. 18. Q&AThank you! 19