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Wireless Perimeter Intrusion Detection Security System

Solarbeam is a patented technology that provides stand-alone, wireless detection for perimeter intrusion, while providing an efficient and “cost effective” first line of defense. Solarbeam is solar-powered security for utility, airports, marinas, industrial, commercial, residential, and governmental facilities.

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Wireless Perimeter Intrusion Detection Security System

  1. 1. WIRELESS  PERIMETER  INTRUSION     DETECTION  SYSTEM   • Solar  Powered   • Self-­‐Sustaining     • Ba4ery  Backed   • Ac9ve  Infrared  (IR)   • Reliable   • Durable   • Wireless  Connec9on     • Self-­‐Diagnosing       • Low  Maintenance   • Quick  and  Easy  Installa9on   • Automated  Messaging   • Layered  Security   The  Solarbeam™  System  will  send  text  messages  and  emails  to  alert  key  security   specialists  of  a  breach.     The  Solarbeam™  System  can  be  integrated  with  Customer’s  exis>ng  security   systems  that  have  cameras,  strobe  lights,  warning  devices  and  voice  deterrent   features  or  Solarbeam™  can  customize  and  add  these  features  to  its  base  system.   For  free  es>mates  contact:     Col.  Dennis  Daley  (Ret.)     Solarbeam  Interna>onal       ELECTRIC  UTILITIES     Mission  Cri6cal  Facili6es   and  Transmission     Substa6ons   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF   Joseph  Garcia   Dataremote,  Inc.    
  2. 2. Physically  Protect  Transmission  Substa6ons  and  Other   Mission  Cri6cal  Facili6es   Reduce  Liability,  Risk  and  Loss  of  Revenue   •  Injury   o  Unauthorized  Access  and  Electrocu>on     •  Facility  Damage   2   Substa>on  Site     Use  of  Solar  Powered  Wireless  Solu6ons   o  Vandalism   o  Sabotage   o  TheR  of  Equipment   o  Copper  TheR   •  Stand-­‐Alone   •  Clean  Energy   •  Low  O&M  Costs   •  High  Reliability  and  Durability   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  3. 3. Solarbeam™    is  a  patented  technology  that  provides  stand-­‐alone,  wireless  detec>on  for   perimeter  intrusion,  while  providing  an  efficient  and  “cost  effec>ve”  first  line  of  defense.         Solar  powered  perimeter  security  for  u>li>es,  airports,  marinas,  ins>tu>onal,  commercial,   industrial  and  governmental  facili>es,  just  to  men>on  a  few!     AIRPORTS   CONSTRUCTION  SUBSTATIONS  CORRECTIONS  SCHOOLS  OIL  &  GAS  PARKS  POLICE  RESIDENTIAL   3   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  4. 4. •  Patented  Perimeter  Monitoring  System   •  Towers  can  be  placed  as  much  as  660’  apart   •  Breaking  the  beam  ini>ates  alert(s)   •  Provides  Ac>ve  Response  to  Perimeter  Viola>ons   •  System  tailored  to  the  level  of  security  required   •  Detects  physical  ac>on  viola>ng  IR  beam  paeerns     4   ADJUSTABLE          HEIGHTS   SINGLE  STACKED  BEAMS   DOUBLE  STACKED  BEAMS   DUAL  MICROWAVE   &  IR  BEAMS   IR  BEAMS  ARE  NOT   VISIBLE  TO  THE  EYE   QUAD  MILTI  IR  BEAM   HIGH/LOW  BEAMS   MICROWAVE  WITH  QUAD  IR   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  5. 5. •  Configure  Network  Opera>ons   Center  and/or  coordinate   integra>on  into  customer’s   exis>ng  security  system   •  Minimizing  cost  infrastructure   improvements  and  permiing   required  in  hard-­‐wired  systems   Requirements  for  installa6on   •  Only  a  pre-­‐cast  concrete  pad   •  Line-­‐of-­‐sight  between  towers  are  required  for  installa>on   5   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  6. 6. Solarbeam™  System  is  configurable  to  client’s  preference:   •  Direct  link  to  control  panel   •  Immediate  no>fica>ons  to  central  alarm  agency   •  Verbal  no>fica>on  to  guard  house   •  Text  messaging   •  Emails   •  Ac>va>on  of  camera  for  verifica>on   Further  integra6on  can  also  include:   •  Exis>ng  security  system  integra>on   •  Strobe  lights   •  Warning  devices   •  Voice  deterrent  system   6   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  7. 7. Computer  Monitor     Web  Interface     Radio  Communica6ons     Cellular  Communica6ons     •  Solarbeam™  SoRware  Program   •  CCTV  (Picture  in  Picture)     •  Internet  /  Upgradable   •  Complete  web  interface   •  No>fica>on   •  System  monitoring   •  To  remote  Loca>ons   •  Up  to  4  zones   •  Monthly  fees  apply     •  To  remote  Loca>ons   •  Up  to  4  zones   •  Monthly  fees  apply       7   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  8. 8. Solarbeam™    ac6ve  IR  beams  are  the  most  reliable  detec6on  technology   •  Immediate  detec>on  of  perimeter  viola>ons   •  Beam  extends  to  660’  line  of  sight     •  Far-­‐surpassing  other  baeery  powered     –  Beam  systems   –  Passive  detec>on  systems     Solarbeam™    towers  provide   •  Stronger  first-­‐line-­‐of-­‐defense   •  Op>onal  day/night  cameras  add  immediate  verifica>on   •  Integrate  into  any  exis>ng  alarm  or  monitoring  hardware   •  May  be  painted  to  match  surrounding  surfaces   8   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  9. 9. Housed  in  a  sealed  polycarbonate  tower  with  Lexan™    panels     System  construc6on  protects  from  insects,  debris,  and  South  Florida  climate     Internal  diagnos6cs  con6nually  monitor       •  Baeery  status   •  Supervisory  status   •  Beam  performance     •  Ensure  con>nuous  system  opera>on   9   AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  10. 10. Low  Cost  per  Linear  Foot  &  Simplified  Terms   •  Comparable  in  cost  to  sta>c  fencing  or  fencing  with  razor-­‐wire  installed   –  Purchase   –  Lease  plans  available   •  Life>me  warranty  against  lightning  strikes   •  Full  one-­‐year  warranty  on  all  parts  and   components   •  Extended  warranty  and  service  plans  are   available  for  all  installa>ons     10     AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF  
  11. 11. Joseph  Garcia  (305)  219-­‐1441    for    DataRemote,  Inc.   Robert  Moses  (805)  339-­‐9739      19301  SW  106  Av;  Suite  6    Miami,  Florida    33157           DataRemote  Inc.  is  an  approved  and  cer>fied  Solarbeam™    distributor  for  installa>on  and  service  as  described  in   this  document.     TM   11   Solarbeam™  Interna6onal,  Inc.  is  the  licensed  manufacturer  under  a  broad  porqolio  of  full  u>lity  patents  which   recognize   this   innova>ve   solar-­‐powered   technology.   These   include,   but   are   not   limited   to   US   Patent   Numbers   6,774,790B1,  6,801,128B1,  7,301,457B2,  8,193,936  B2  and  Australian  Patent  Number  2006348679.  In  addi>on,  the   Solarbeam™   Patent   Plan   includes   pending   applica>ons   for   the   following   foreign   patents:   Canada-­‐App.   No.   2,735,732  and  European  Union-­‐App.  No.  06804118.5.     Dennis  Daley    (305)  245-­‐5854    for  Solarbeam™  Interna>onal,  Inc.   Bob  Houston,  CEO  (305)  245-­‐5854    200  NE  2nd  Drive              Homestead,  FL  33030     AUTHORIZED  DISTRIBUTOR  OF