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Brand launch groovy joseph morales, ceo of unilab


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Reformulated Brand Launch
Groovy Joseph Morales,. CEO of Unilab

Joseph Gabriel N. Morales
v54 Marketing Management
3rd Sem SY 2010-2011
under Prof. Joseph de Ungria
Ateneo Graduate School Of Business

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Brand launch groovy joseph morales, ceo of unilab

  1. 1. MOo--GROVE-- JOSEPH-rut RALES (rails) (Poison) iVY Groovy Joseph Morales, CEO of Unilab Joseph Gabriel Morales June 2011
  2. 2. Reformulated Personal Brand Launch Sounds like “Rails” GROVE-- Sounds like “JOSEPH-rut” Moo--iVY (poison ivy)
  3. 3. The Story Behind...I was lost in a GROVE And got trapped in the poison iVY Good thing I got a “JOSEPH-rut” gum. So I took one.
  4. 4. ...the groovyness..I heard a cow say Moo-- I followed where the sound originated, which led me to the rails. Eventually I was able to return home alive.
  5. 5. ...and success...Unilab learned that I survived.They said they realize I was soimportant, they did not want tolose me to competition that iswhy I was the first in Unilabhistory to be promoted frommedical representative to CEO.