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Social Media Marketing


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a well appreciated presentation on social media marketing :)

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Social Media Marketing

  2. 2. • My last Two shoes have been from Jabong and• My current phone from• And I have won a cash price of ₹ 2000 in a sweepstake contest by
  3. 3. The New Aspect Of Internet Marketing :Social Media Marketing
  4. 4. Contents Research TheoreticalIntroduction Background Design
  5. 5. ContentsImpact of Social Recommendations Conclusion Media Marketing on Business
  6. 6. Introduction
  7. 7. • Not only Facebook but platforms like Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn have become a daily part and parcel of our life.• The traditional Internet era turned in to the era of Social Media Marketing in this 21st century.
  8. 8. Research Design
  9. 9. Research Design• The New aspect of Internet marketing - Social Media Marketing is a conceptual study which consisting theoretical understanding collected in the form of secondary data.• The Scope of the study is specific to Internet marketing’s broader perspective.
  10. 10. Research Design• The paper doesn’t refer to any specific company or product which may be a major limitation of the study.• The recommendation of this paper will be indicative rather than exhaustive in nature.
  11. 11. Theoretical Background
  12. 12. INTERNET
  14. 14. Evolution of Internet MarketingDisplay Advertising Email Marketing Video Marketing Social Media Marketing
  15. 15. Social MediaSociety Media
  16. 16. Social Media Marketing
  17. 17. Social Media MarketingSocial MarketingMedia
  18. 18. Impact OfSocial Media MarketingOn Business
  19. 19. Impact of Social Media Marketingon Business in Indian Perspective
  20. 20. Benefits of UsingSocial Media
  21. 21. • More than half of the world using Internet and out of them one third of world’s population being on the Social Media Sites.• There could be no better option than the social media to market the product and services as well as to update customers with information about their product and service.BMW has a fan base of close to 1 billion people on its fan page on FacebookNike and Coca Cola’s official fan page have close to 11 and 5 billion respectively
  22. 22. Main reasons why companies must go for Social Media Marketing
  23. 23. TOSellMore
  24. 24. Social Media Channel are alwaysA good way of increasing acompany’s trustworthiness andgoodwill
  25. 25. Social Media Marketing can helpthe companies garner leadgeneration
  26. 26. Social Media Channels can helpthe business model of thecompanies to be more flexible
  27. 27. Social Media Channels can helpcompany set up a feedbackmechanism
  28. 28. The best way for an IndianEntrepreneur to promote hisbusiness venture
  29. 29. To plan their MarketingCampaigns more effectively
  30. 30. (Source:
  31. 31. Make the Contents HeadlineIrresistible
  32. 32. More Emphasis on Subscribe orLike Button
  33. 33. To Focus on the things thatpeople want
  34. 34. (Source:
  35. 35. • Name of Advertiser: Zee Cinema• Name of Agency: Binary Web Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.• Nature of Agency: Digital Marketing Agency• Campaign Name: Good v/s Evil• Campaign Period: 12th June-16th June 2012
  36. 36. • Brand Objective: To inform the viewers of Zee Cinema that Zee Cinema has the largest collection of the best blockbusters of Bollywood.• Communication Objective: To announce, engage and excite audiences about the World Premiere of Agneepath on Zee Cinema, one of the biggest blockbusters of 2012, starring Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles.
  37. 37. The Demographics of Target Audience: Gender: Male and female Age Group: 14-30 Years Class: Middle and upper middle class
  38. 38. The Psychographics of Target Audience:Movie BuffStylishExperiencers – The ones, who follow the current trends, socialize with friends more as well as they are impulse buyers.
  39. 39. Campaign Details• Social platforms to create a buzz, interact, and tantalize the audiences with the game app and dedicated FB page.• The main idea was to simulate the atmosphere as felt within the movie in the virtual world.
  40. 40. • The theme was named Good v/s Evil.• Story was the same• User got the chance to be Vijay Dinanath Chauhan.
  41. 41. • The game was divided in four levels - as per the movie situation. The players gathered points through clearing these levels.• They also gained more if they killed the enemies in less time, allowing them the chance to become the ‘Player of the Day’.• To finish the game, the player needed to solve the puzzle which they faced at the end of the game.
  42. 42. Result• The innovative idea of using a game app to announce the world premiere of an important movie helped increase the interactivity with the event to very high levels.• This also aided in building a brand, Agneepath-the Game, and also helped it in earning loyalty – for the movie and Zee Cinema.