The two friends


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The two friends

  1. 1. the twoMiwilifriendsMapal An African Folktale ignatius joseph n estroga
  2. 2. Two boys were born on the very same day in an African tribe, and they grew up to be firm friends.Ndemi was rich. ignatius joseph n estroga Jinjo was poor.
  3. 3. Ndemi ignatius joseph n estroga Jinjo
  4. 4. Ndemi’s life was PLAY…until he got bored…One day.. Ndemi had a yearning to see something of the world outside.So he asked his poor friend to go along with him. ignatius joseph n estroga
  5. 5. In the next village Ndemi saw a beautiful girl. He immediately asked her to marry her.. Malama ignatius joseph n estroga
  6. 6. Then he said"I would be prepared to give a hundred cattle for such loveliness." ignatius joseph n estroga
  7. 7. "My father is Chief of the village,“ Malama replied,"and it is his wish that I should marry a man capable of doing superhuman things. He sets a task for my suitors, such a difficult one that I fear I shall grow old without ever being married." ignatius joseph n estroga
  8. 8. So Ndemi faced theChief and said,"Sir, I wish to marry your daughter, surely the most beautiful woman in the whole of Africa. Tell me what to do and it shall be done. Where others have failed, I shall succeed, because my love for your daughter is boundless." ignatius joseph n estroga
  9. 9. But the young man became hopeless when the Chief told him what his task would be. ignatius joseph n estroga
  10. 10. What do you think is his task? ignatius joseph n estroga
  11. 11. Guarded by an old woman,Spend 6 days and 6 nights in a hut NO food NO waterAnd if he did not succeed, he would be killed. Because of love, he accepted the conditions. ignatius joseph n estroga
  12. 12. Do you think Ndemi will survive? ignatius joseph n estroga
  13. 13. Of course, Ndemi had a plan for this.With Jinjo’s help, he made a small hole on the wall, and through this hole he quietly pushed a hollow reed, dipping its end into the calabash of water.On the other end, Ndemi was able to drink. Then Jinjo plastered the wall with mud to hide the hole, and quietly stole off into the darkness. ignatius joseph n estroga
  14. 14. Every night they did this. ignatius joseph n estroga
  15. 15. ignatius joseph n estroga
  16. 16. ignatius joseph n estroga
  17. 17. ignatius joseph n estroga
  18. 18. Then became suspicious for no suitor lasted more than three days. ignatius joseph n estroga
  19. 19. ignatius joseph n estroga
  20. 20. On the fifth night, she commanded Ndemi to sleepagainst the wall while she laid down on his bed mat. ignatius joseph n estroga
  21. 21. Later, she heard soft scraping noise and later a hollow poked and water came out.So she shouted!‘ Cheaterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!The chief will hear about this in the morning. And thecalabash will be my evidencethat will end your life.’ ignatius joseph n estroga
  22. 22. Jinjo was worried. He heard his friend crying.Suddenly a voice came out squeaking out of darkness. ignatius joseph n estroga
  23. 23. What do you think was it? ignatius joseph n estroga
  24. 24. yaga Dav to the rescue!!"Look down," squeaked the voice,"I am Davyaga, the rat. Tell me your problem and I will try to find a solution." ignatius joseph n estroga
  25. 25. So Jinjo told his story, then the rat said;"Leave it to me. You sleep well tonight. Your friend is no longer in danger." And he was gone, rustling through the dry grass. Reaching the old womans hut, chew a hole through the wall. He pushed the calabash through the hole where his friends, the white ants, stood waiting, drawn up like soldiers on a parade-ground. Then they started eating the calabash, not even the smallest chip remained. ignatius joseph n estroga
  26. 26. The sun came up ignatius joseph n estroga
  27. 27. The sun came up ignatius joseph n estroga
  28. 28. The sun came up ignatius joseph n estroga
  29. 29. The sun came up ignatius joseph n estroga
  30. 30. found that she had noevidence, and as nobodywould believe her fantasticstory ignatius joseph n estroga
  31. 31. Ndemi was able to marryMalama and take her backto his village with him. ignatius joseph n estroga
  32. 32. There his father built a house for them, and a house for the poor Jinjo. To Ndemi and Jinjo, he gave magic knives, made by the giants in the far-off mountains and so alike that nobody could possibly tell the difference between them."One day you will need the magic of the knives," said the father. ignatius joseph n estroga
  33. 33. After some months Jinjo, announced that he had a desire to travel to a faraway village and find a wife for himself so that he could be as radiantly happy as Malama and Ndemi. ignatius joseph n estroga
  34. 34. So he planted a tree.When the tree had grown and he was about to set off on his travels, he said to Ndemi,"See how it flowers, this cotton-seed tree of mine that I planted in a hole cut out by magic knife. If these leaves become withered and dry, it will be a sign that I am either dead or in the most desperate trouble. Good- bye, and may your happiness grow during my absence." ignatius joseph n estroga
  35. 35. Then he traveled across plains until he could see in the distance a village. Approaching, he heard the sound of weeping andwailing, a vast sad soundcoming from the throats of hundreds of people.And just ahead of himhe could see a lonelygirl sitting in the dry riverbed ignatius joseph n estroga
  36. 36. What was that sound?a. A humming birdb. A hurting chimpanzeec. Jack with no Jilld. Itsy bitsy spidere. The crying ladiesf. All of the above ignatius joseph n estroga
  37. 37. You lose! ignatius joseph n estroga
  38. 38. Ooppss..Wrong Photo!!This is not African Australia’s Folklore Next Top Model ignatius joseph n estroga
  39. 39. Translate in Cebuano - Kalima ignatius joseph n estroga
  40. 40. She was as beautiful as Malama,and he was in love with her before he even came close. ignatius joseph n estroga
  41. 41. Then Jinjo asked,‘why are you here?’ ignatius joseph n estroga
  42. 42. What do you think is the answer of Kalima?a. “Can’t you see it? Im sunbathing!”b. “im having my footspa. ‘Wanna join?”c. “This is my house!”d. “I want to go under the sea.”e. “wla lang! bet ko lang, may problema ba pre”f. All of the above ignatius joseph n estroga
  43. 43. Nah!All your answers are wrong ignatius joseph n estroga
  44. 44. Then she shared, "The River God is cruel and demanding.The river flows only when a young girl is sacrificed.One by one, all the young maidens have been devoured by the River God, and now it is my turn. ignatius joseph n estroga
  45. 45. I am Kalima, the daughter of the chief. I am the last one left, and my people will die without the water.So go away and leave me, before the River God comes at sunset to devour me. ignatius joseph n estroga
  46. 46. But Jinjo refused to go, for what man will leave the woman he loves when she is in danger? All day he sat with her, telling her of his love for her, and how he would take her back to his village as his wife after he dealt with the cruel River God. ignatius joseph n estroga
  47. 47. As the sun sank, out of the earth came the biggest snake. The young man was filled with fear, but he dashed forward and with a sweep of his magic knife he cut off the monsters head.ignatius joseph n estroga
  48. 48. The end? ignatius joseph n estroga
  49. 49. Not yet? ignatius joseph n estroga
  50. 50. Kalima and Jinjo married immediately, but because she had - according to tribal law - already been sacrificed to the River God and therefore no longer really living - they had to build their hut some distance from the village.ignatius joseph n estroga
  51. 51. A few weeks later ignatius joseph n estroga
  52. 52. A few weeks later there was an astonishing happening.Every piece of meat in the village - chops, steaks, even sausage sizzling in the pan - suddenly jumped up and ran towards the distant hill.The young man could not believe his eyes. Never before had he seen meat actually running. ignatius joseph n estroga
  53. 53. "This happens quite often," Kalima explained to him. "The meat runs to that distant hill. Where the rock swallows all of it and will do the same to anybody who goes near it. ignatius joseph n estroga
  54. 54. This has never stopped, for all are afraid of that rock and never go close enough to be engulfed."ignatius joseph n estroga
  55. 55. A few days later Jinjo went hunting with ten young men from the village. Seeing an antelope, they gave chase, and running near rock, then suddenly its mouth opened and swallowed them all. ignatius joseph n estroga
  56. 56. Meanwhile, Ndemi knew something happened to his friend because the tree withered and the leaves dried up. ignatius joseph n estroga
  57. 57. So he searched for Jinjo.When he arrived at the hut,Kalima thought her husbandhad returned from the hunt.So Kalima and the villagersexplained to him what happened.Ndemi set off to rescue his friend. ignatius joseph n estroga
  58. 58. Ndemi strode up to the rock, and the watchers saw it bending over to swallow him.But he stabbed at it with his magic knife, and the watchers cheered as the rock broke into two halves, and the ten lost hunters and Jinjo marched out, singing, laughing, happy to be back with their friends in the sunlight again. ignatius joseph n estroga
  59. 59. "Which one is my husband?" cried Kalima as the two young men, looking exactly alike, stood before her. ignatius joseph n estroga
  60. 60. "Such likeness!" she cried. "Such friendship and devotion! How truly wonderful it is and how proud I am of both of you." ignatius joseph n estroga
  61. 61. They the two back men and with and and went young home Malama Ndemi, built a friends for the Kalima remained dear rest of their long lives. house near Jinjo ignatius joseph n estroga
  62. 62. finignatius joseph n estroga