The song of the traveller bu jose rizal


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The song of the traveller bu jose rizal

  1. 1. The Song of the Traveller Rizal Joseignatius joseph estroga
  2. 2. ObjectivesAt the end of the session, the students areexpected to;a. infer message from the poem of JP Rizalb. appreciate the contribution of JP Rizal in the literature of the Philippines through in-depth study of his worksc. interpret the idea of the poem through a creative artwork ignatius joseph estroga
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  5. 5. Jose Rizal Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda• June 19, 1861, Calamba, Philippines• December. 30, 1896 Manila• Patriot• Physician• man of letters who was an inspiration to the Philippine nationalist movement. ignatius joseph estroga
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  7. 7. The son of a prosperous landowner, Rizal was educated in Manila and at the University of Madrid.A brilliant medical student, he soon committed himself to thereform of Spanish rule in his home country, though he never advocated Philippine independence. Most of his writing was done in Europe, where he resided between 1882 and 1892. ignatius joseph estroga
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  9. 9. His Timeline ignatius joseph estroga
  10. 10. • In 1886 - Noli Me Tangere (The social cancer), a passionate exposure of the evils of Spanish rule in the Philippines.• 1891, El filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed), established his reputation as the leading spokesman of the Philippine reform movement.• 1890; reprinted Antonio Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, hoping to show that the native people of the Philippines had a long history before the coming of the Spaniards.• He became the leader of the Propaganda Movement , contributing numerous articles to its newspaper, La Solidaridad, published in Barcelona. ignatius joseph estroga
  11. 11. • 1892. He founded a nonviolent-reform society, the La Liga Filipina, in Manila, and was deported to Dapitan in northwest Mindanao and exiled for four years.• In 1896 the Katipunan, a Filipino nationalist secret society, revolted against Spain. Although he had no connections with that organization and he had had no part in the insurrection, Rizal was arrested and tried for sedition by the military. Found guilty, he was publicly executed by a firing squad in Manila.• His martyrdom convinced Filipinos that there was no alternative to independence from Spain.• On the eve of his execution, while confined in Fort Santiago, Rizal wrote “Último adiós” (“Last Farewell”), a masterpiece of 19th-century Spanish verse. ignatius joseph estroga
  12. 12. Vocabulary Drill ignatius joseph estroga
  13. 13. Unlocking of difficulty. Match the words in Box Ato its appropriate meaning in Box BA. Pilgrim 1. A cause of great suffering and distressB. Wither 2. Urge or force (a person) to an actionC. AnxiousD. Treachery 3. Desire strongly or persistentlyE. Yearn 4. Someone who journeys in a sacred placeF. Vain 5. Causing nervousness and uneasinessG. ImpelH. Asylum 6. Lose freshness, enthusiasm, or livelinessI. Affliction 7. Betrayal of a trust 8. Characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance 9. A place for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person ignatius joseph estroga
  14. 14. The Song of the Traveller Rizal Joseignatius joseph estroga
  15. 15. Like to a leaf that is fallen and withered,Tossed by the tempest from pole unto pole ;Thus roams the pilgrim abroad without purpose,Roams without love, without country or soul.The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  16. 16. Following anxiously treacherous fortune, Fortune which e en as he grasps at it flees ; Vain though the hopes that his yearning is seeking, Yet does the pilgrim embark on the seas !The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  17. 17. Ever impelled by the invisible power, Destined to roam from the East to the West ; Oft he remembers the faces of loved ones, Dreams of the day when he, too, was at rest.The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  18. 18. Chance may assign him a tombon the desert,Grant him a final asylum ofpeace ;Soon by the world and hiscountry forgotten,God rest his soul when hiswanderings cease !The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  19. 19. Often the sorrowing pilgrim isenvied,Circling the globe like a sea-gullabove ;Little, ah, little they know what avoidSaddens his soul by the absenceof love.The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  20. 20. Home may the pilgrim return in the future, Back to his loved ones his footsteps he bends ; Naught wìll he find but the snow and the ruins,Ashes of love and the tomb of his friends,The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  21. 21. Pilgrim, begone ! Nor return morehereafter,Stranger thou art in the land of thybirth ;Others may sing of their love whilerejoicing,Thou once again must roam oer theearth.The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  22. 22. Pilgrim, begone ! Nor return morehereafter,Dry are the tears that a while for theeran ;Pilgrim, begone ! And forget thineaffliction,Loud laughs the world at thesorrows of man.The Song of the Traveller ignatius joseph estroga
  23. 23. Comprehension questions1. Who is the persona in the poem?2. How do you describe persona?3. Where do you think the pilgrim heads for?4. While the pilgrim is travelling, who does he remember?5. How do you describe the place where the pilgrim would want to go?6. Why do think the author was able to write such poem? ignatius joseph estroga
  24. 24. Activity• Using an illustration board, draw a picture of the perfect place where you wanted to stay forever. Identify what things can be found in that place and explain why the place is different. ignatius joseph estroga
  25. 25. • ng-manlalakbay-the-song-of-the-traveler-jose- p-rizal/• 05015/Jose-Rizal ignatius joseph estroga
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