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Consonant sounds


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Consonant sounds

  1. 1. Consonant Sounds
  2. 2. VOICED SOUNDS VOICELESS SOUNDS[b] – back, baptism, rubber [p] – pitch, depose, sport[m] – made, compliment, remember [t] – tine, might, pretty[n] – wound, none, Sunday [s] – sit, lace, assistance[d] – dark, doubt, modern [h] – heat, hero, hot[z] – zeal, pleasure, zero [f] – first, rough, family[l] – late, lonely, sling [ ʃ ] – shop, she, shelter[v] – very, proven, nerve [tʃ] – cheat, lecture, check[w] – wound, power, war [θ] – thick, method, breath[ŋ] – sing, nothing, ring[ʒ] – usual, massage, dangerous[r] – round, forever, zero[g] – glued, together, go[ð] – them, breathe[dʒ] – judge, imagine, visual
  3. 3. P and Fsound
  4. 4. [p]–[f]PRODUCTIONprivate firm face the peopleplaying field former presidentpolitical figure food preparationpotato fries familiar poemdifferent pairs fascinating partnerDRILL A1. Myrna is a professional former.2. He is a very interesting public figure3. You paraphrase the poem on page 33.4. He felt the intense pain during the operation.5. The foreign policy is adverse to the interest of our country.
  5. 5. [b]–[v]PRODUCTIONbusiness venture business vocabularyvote buying vertical barvery big voice boxbank vault book valuebiased viewDRILL A1. Did his brother buy Linda the blue car or brown one?2. Brimster rubber elbows with the top brass.3. The rabbit ran behind the bushes.4. Bryan threw the bottle into the tub.5. Everybody attended Buddy’s birthday party.
  6. 6. [θ]–[t]PRODUCTIONthe tenth ten thin coat of tintie its thigh thought you taughtboth left to boat under the sheet, a good sheaththeme song of the team even in death, more debtsthe fourth fortDRILL A1. Is the story a fact or a myth?2. Her sixteenth birthday was held in Manila Hotel.3. The president is not worth the trust of the citizens.4. Ten thin kittens were found on the streets.5. The children were taught to be thoughtful their parents.
  7. 7. [ð]–[d]PRODUCTIONhiding together faded clothingalthough the standard finding out whetheranother body tried to breathemurdered my father soothes the troublefurther reduction smoothes the wrinkledDRILL A1. He demands that his service be credited.2. Report the accident to the authorities without further delay.3. This balm soothes tired nerves.4. The farmer gathered the seeds yesterday.5. Breathe deeply before you start the exercise.
  8. 8. [t]–[d]PRODUCTIONchoice of genius dangerous venturechief justice logical departurecheckered jumper intelligent questionChina and Japan imagine your picturecherish those jewels object to the purchaseDRILL A1. Beauty aids cannot hide a woman’s age.2. He was shocked by the raids on his store.3. The people saw heads over the hedge.4. The bands traveled on a barge.5. The siege sows seeds of discontent.
  9. 9. [ʃ]–[ʒ]PRODUCTIONpartial closure composure under tensionlocation of the treasure international confusioncongressional measure traditional occasioncasual relationshipvisual reactionDRILL A1. Did the doctor tell you that a mere massage would improveher mirage?2. The government called their plan “sabotage”, because it hasa camouflage.3. The loss of her rare treasure changed his composure.4. Generally, amnesias are usually due to the anesthesia.5. His persuasion could not changed Manor’s decision to jointhe division.
  10. 10. [s]–[z]PRODUCTIONcircular zone assignment desiredzodiac sign deserve the insultsuddenly zoomed use forceChristmas season paradise of usless noiseDRILL A1. Her poise and intelligence made her win in the contest.2. The patient insisted on a tranquilizer.3. He visits the nursery regularly.4. The criminal deserved the insult.5. It was a paradise for us.