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A.wise camel

  1. 1. A Wise CamelA Wise CamelA mother and a babyA mother and a babycamel were lazingcamel were lazingaround, and suddenlyaround, and suddenlythe baby camelthe baby camelasked....asked....
  2. 2. Baby: Mother, mother, may I askyouBaby: Mother, mother, may I askyousome questions?some questions?Mother: Sure! Why son, isMother: Sure! Why son, isthere something botheringthere something botheringyou?you?
  3. 3. Baby: Why do camels haveBaby: Why do camels havehumps? humps? Mother: Well son, we areMother: Well son, we aredesert animals, we need thedesert animals, we need thehumps to store water and wehumps to store water and weare known to survive withoutare known to survive withoutwater.water.
  4. 4. Baby: Okay, then why are ourBaby: Okay, then why are ourlegs long and our feetlegs long and our feetrounded?rounded?Mother: Son, obviously theyMother: Son, obviously theyare meant for walking in theare meant for walking in thedesert, You know with thesedesert, You know with theselegs I can move around thelegs I can move around thedesert better than anyonedesert better than anyonedoes! Said the mother proudly.does! Said the mother proudly.
  5. 5. Baby: Okay, then why are ourBaby: Okay, then why are oureyelashes long? Sometimes iteyelashes long? Sometimes itbothers my sight.bothers my sight.Mother: My son, those longMother: My son, those longthick eyelashes are yourthick eyelashes are yourprotective cover. They help toprotective cover. They help toprotect your eyes from theprotect your eyes from thedesert sand and wind. Saiddesert sand and wind. Saidmother camel with eyesmother camel with eyes
  6. 6. Baby: I see. So the hump is toBaby: I see. So the hump is tostore water when we are in thestore water when we are in thedesert, the legs are fordesert, the legs are forwalking through the desert andwalking through the desert andthese eyelashes protect mythese eyelashes protect myeyes from the desert...eyes from the desert...Then what the hell are weThen what the hell are wedoing here in the Zzzoooooo!doing here in the Zzzoooooo!
  7. 7. MORAL OF THE STORY IS:MORAL OF THE STORY IS:"Skills, knowledge, abilities"Skills, knowledge, abilitiesand experiences are onlyand experiences are onlyuseful if you are at the rightuseful if you are at the rightplace" place" (Where are you right(Where are you rightnow????????)now????????)
  8. 8. ""Quote of the day: Love your""Quote of the day: Love yourjob but never fall in love withjob but never fall in love withyour company, because youyour company, because younever know when the companynever know when the companystops loving you!!"" stops loving you!!""