Afro asian lit


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Afro asian lit

  1. 1. What is Literature?
  2. 2. As man started to walk theearth, he developed a system of recording down things around him and interpreting themaccording to his own perception.
  3. 3. This act of documenting may have been the start of the medium.Not all written material may be considered literature. Only those that closely emulate the humanexperience, emotion and thought are regarded as literature.
  4. 4. South Korea North Korea Japan Saudi Arabia Vietnam China Indonesia India Egypt Malaysia Israel Africa Thailand Philippines
  5. 5. Afro-Asian Literature is a termfor writing;written by people from mixedAfrican-Arab ethnicity, orAfrican-Asian ethnicity.
  6. 6. • Why do we always• need to consider• the culture of the people• when we study• literature?
  7. 7. • Afro-Asian Literature mirrors not only the customs and traditions of African and Asian countries but also their philosophy of life which on the whole are deeply and predominantly contemplative and hauntingly sweet.
  8. 8. • Afro-Asian Literature is the reflection of the storm and the stress of developing nations seeking a place under the sun which every student must understand so he may know how this literature affects the history and culture of a nation.
  9. 9. Many of the literary works are handed down byoral tradition. In Africa, the lack of literacy didnot make it possible to write literature down.
  10. 10. Histories, myths, legends, including stories,dramas, riddles, songs, proverbs and other literaryworks were handed by mouth from generation togeneration to entertain, educate and remind thepeople about their past, heroic deeds of theirpeople, ancestry and culture.
  11. 11. The importance comes from the fact that Afro-Asian literature is a sign of new and modern times.
  12. 12. • the other importance is that this writing is able to teach people and allow them to learn about different experiences and cultures from all over the world.
  13. 13. History Of Afro-Asian Literature
  14. 14. - Told of the unique struggles and successes of Afro-Asian people.
  15. 15. In most cultures, oral histories marked the beginning of teaching history. Later, when more people were able to read and write, history became recorded in prose, plays, and textbooks.
  16. 16. Poetry/Songs - about the history and culture of the Afro-Asian people were written and performed, and then passed down.Genres Today, Afro-Asians still express their creativity, and honour their culture, by crafting beautiful poems, such as haikus, ballads, or sonnets. Freeform poems with specific structures or meters are also prevalent - these have a free-spirited, stream of consciousness feeling...
  17. 17. Genres Plays - Playwrights use dialogue and monologue to Plays, when performed, will feature backdrops, reinforce ideas, emotions costumes, and jargon that and themes. reflects the culture and unique spirit of Afro-AsianMany playwrights celebrate people.their own culture andancestry by setting plays inthe past, andreferencing historicalevents in their storylines.
  18. 18. references•••