GT Radial Marketing Plan - Expansion into the EUROPEAN Market


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  • 1951  Established and producing bicycle tires1971  Expanded producing motorcyle tires1981  Followed producing bias tires for passenger & commercial vehiclesEarly 90’s  Strated to produce radial tires for passenger cars and light trucksThe Company operate two production facilities Tangerang & SerangThey provide as “The Best Tire in Indonesia”, with brand GT Radial
  • Domestic.International markets: Australia, United States, Asia & EuropeExport sales network more than 70 distributors, who supply tires in over 90 countries The company operated 40 Tire zone outlets in 16 cities in Indonesia, under the brand names of GT Radial, Michelin and BF Goodrich
  • Europe has standardization for products such tires has go through a rigorous selection for enviromental certified.GT Radial has been able to meet these for all the Europian Union legal directives, regulation and standardMake a contract with GITI Tire (Europe) BV for promotion and marketing service.Allocate GITI Europe Joint Promotion Fund 1.5% from the total GT radial sales revenue in Europe for the purpose promoting Collaborates with various leading universities and top research institutions for Research & Development capabilities
  • How to improve GT Radial brand in Europe?How to strenghten GT Radial brand in Europe ?
  • GT Radial Marketing Plan - Expansion into the EUROPEAN Market

    1. 1. Syndicate 4 – R46ARachmi Rida UtamiRieke Fitri YuniarJoseph EnricoPramadonaYunus Arie WiratamaRafael Binczyk Marketing Plan for the GT Radial Expansion into the EUROPEAN Market
    2. 2. PT. Gajah Tunggal The Followed Company producing bias operate twoEstablished tires for production and passenger & facilities producing commercial Tangerangbicycle tires vehicles & Serang 1951 1971 1981 1990 Expanded Strated to They producing produce provide as motorcyle radial tires “The Best tires for Tire in passenger Indonesia”, cars and with brand light trucks GT Radial
    3. 3. Business Mission Vision To be good corporate citizen with solid financial standing, market leadership in Indonesia and an established global reputation as a manufacturer of quality test. Mission To be leading and dependable producer of an optimal range of competitively priced, superior quality tires while also pursuing brand equity and corporate social responsibilities as well as delivering profitability and returns to shareholders and values stakeholders
    4. 4. The Market Australia Domestic.The Market United States International markets: Asia Export sales network more than 70 distributors, who supply tires in over 90 countries Europe The company operated 40 Tire zone outlets in 16 cities in Indonesia, under the brand names of GT Radial, Michelin and BF Goodrich
    5. 5. Gajah Tunggal Export Destination
    6. 6. Tire zone Outlets
    7. 7. Product GT Radial Champiro Champiro HPY HPX Savero HT Champiro Eco Plus
    8. 8. GT Radial in Europe
    9. 9. Segment Market In Europe SUV/ Light TruckPassenger Car Tires Trucks & Bus
    10. 10. Product GT Radial In Europe• All tyres produced by GT Radial for export to Europe satisfy standards for all the European Union legal directives, regulation and standards• E-mark Safety & Noise Certification tests, accredited by TUV NORD• Customized with field conditions in Europe• Designs are varied and suited to the users’ comfort & safety• Keep innovating to produce high quality tyres
    11. 11. Tagline GT Radial in Europe
    12. 12. Price GT Radial di Europe• GT Radial product’s price are varied, according to the tyres type• Price offered much cheaper than the other competitors, such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Mich elin, Pirelli
    13. 13. Place GT Radial In EuropeGT Radial existIn 6 countries• German• France• UK• Spain• Turkey• Italy
    14. 14. Promotion GT Radial In Europe• Established a partnership with Michelin.• Collaborating with GT Tire Europe developed a company web.• Use advertising media.• Participates & sponsor some events.• Organized GT Radial drifts in Germany and sponsored MPS Racing team from Dulmen.• Launched Motorsport Micro Site covers Motorsport.
    15. 15. SWOT Analysis Strenghts •The best tire manufacturers in Indonesia •Export sales network consists of more than 70 distributors, who supply tires in over 90 countries •GT Radial are fore front of new technology by helping reduce noise from contact betwen the tyre and the road surface •Good Quality Product •Echo friendly product •Affordable Price
    16. 16. SWOT Analysis Weakness • Only six countries in Europe • Limited authorized distributors channels • Uneven distribution to all corners of Europe • GT Radial’s brand still weak in the minds of European people
    17. 17. SWOT Analysis Opportunities • There are still market’s space for GT Radial to market product in Europe • The tire industry that constantly evolving in accordance with the changing of times and technology
    18. 18. SWOT Analysis Threats • There are five big competitors (Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental , Goodyear, and Pirelli) that control the tire’s market (80% of the market) • European market tend to use brands of their own country • Decrease in the tire market, due to the impact of the economic crisis weakened the purchasing power • Most of European people are proud of their products
    19. 19. Challenge for GT Radial in Europe How to compete with the other big competitors in The European tire industry?How to improve How to improveand strengthen its marketingGT Radial brand strategiies in in Europe? Europe ? Challenge for GT Radial in Europe
    20. 20. Suggestion • Maintain it’s segmentation for passengerSegmentation car, SUV / Light Truck, Trucks & Bus • Develop distribution channel across Targeting Europe with colaborating with European transportation companies. • Change the tagline: accelerate your Positioning journey to the future, for people who understand quality, drive the world.
    21. 21. Suggestion • Improve the R&D to innovate product • Made design product for European market to meet the EuropeanProduct environmental standard • GT Radial offering the quality product with competitive price for the middle to low class (people who don’t care about prestige brands like Price Michelin) • Open more own house retail outlets “TireZone” in Europe Place • Establish cooperation with tyre retailers in Europe • Create sponsorship to the event motorcycle racing • Participated in The Tire Expo that always held annually in Europe • Implement the Search Engine OptimizationPromotion • Improve more attractive company’s web design • Collaborate with car manufacturer