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Air france


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Air france

  1. 1. AIRFRANCE INTERNET MARKETINGOptimizing Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and KAYAK Sponsored Search
  2. 2. AIR FRANCE - COMPANY PROFILEFive former French Airlines merged to form Air FranceNew Hub at the main port Paris-Charles de Gaulle2004, Air France and KLM joined forces to create the SkyTeam globalalliance2007, Air France expanded ist U.S. destinations to thirteen2007, 383 aircrafts served 185 destinations in 83 countriesStrategic growth through fleet management: Rationalization: similar aircrafts for easier training and maintenance Flexibility: utilizing progressive operating leases to receive new aircraft and retire old aircraft if necessary
  3. 3. AIRLINE INDUSTRYNew Trends 2006 International travel became the fastest growing market 7.4% growth in economy tickets, 4,3% growth in premium tickets Growing demand for economy air travelEmergence of E-Commerce Travel industry was early adopter of e-commerce E-commerce emerged as very fast growing sales medium Travelling as non-physical product is very well suited to direct online sales
  4. 4. CONSUMER LANDSCAPE 85% of U.S. households have broadband (2010)140120100 80 60 Broadband Households 40 Total U.S. Households 20 0 2001 2000 2009 2010 2004 2005 2008 2002 2003 2007 2006
  5. 5. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGSEM became a well-known method of marketing in which businesspromoted their products and services through targeted placementsSEO and Pay-Per-Click work together in a SEM strategySEO Analyzed structure of content of a business web site to maximize readability and relevance to search engines robotsPay-Per-Click Advertiser paid for an ad, only when it was clicked Easily measurable
  6. 6. MEDIA CONTACTSAir France turned to internet marketing campaigns and SEO toreach large customer segments in multiple countries including theU.S.Air France hired Media Contacts to achieve its goals in SEMMedia Contacts constantly try to improve the performance of theWebsiteMedia Contacts worked to form strategic partnerships with a numberof research and technology providers
  7. 7. MEDIA CONTACT PARTNERSDoubleClickGoogleMicrosoft MSNYahooKayak
  8. 8. THE CHALLENGEStructure future campaigns – using metasearch companies?Search Engine Strategy: Decide which search engine(s) delivered the most value Determine if Air France needs a tailored or uniform strategy for search enginesDecide which approach is better to increase ticket sales and ROA (twopossibilities): Using branded keywords (might bring in more revenue) Using unbranded keywords (larger percentage of single-click conversions)Find the most important Key-Performance Indicators
  9. 9. METASEARCH COMPANIESUsing Metasearch companies and search engines like KAYAK are amust!Kayak boasted a click through rate of 8% (industry average for travelsites is 0.8%)Website indexes are connected to SearchenginesPossibility to utilize sponsored links, cookies and additionaladvertising on KAYAK
  10. 10. SEARCH ENGINE STRATEGY Search Engines delivering the best value for Air France Search Engine Market Share in 2009: 81,5% for Google. Use a tailored strategy for search engines and focus on Google
  11. 11. INCREASING TICKET SALES AND ROA Percentage of loyal customers is not supposed to be very high Focus on more and unbranded keywords to broaden the targetsegment and to get a larger percentage of single-click conversions Carefull Keyword selection Use as well impression rates, click-through rates and conversion rates for analysis Use interactive and Social Media advertising
  12. 12. MOST IMPORTANT KPIsfff