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Create Your First Marketing Blog Assignment


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Marketing Assignment for MBA students at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business

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Create Your First Marketing Blog Assignment

  1. 1. CREATE your 1ST marketing BLOG Prof. Bong De Ungria Ateneo Graduate School of Business Learning Without Boundaries
  2. 2. This “Create Blog” assignment is the 3rd part of a major class cooperative undertaking to learn 220 major marketing concepts from Kotler. The blog is just a 21st century “media vehicle” for getting the message across to our target market. While the technology is different and needs to be learned, the marketing discipline remains the same. - Prof. Remigio De Ungria (Dec. 26, 2009) Professor’s Note 2
  3. 3. Outline: Every great journey begins with a first step 1. Why? (Learning Outcomes) 2. Who? (You as part of a class) 3. How? (Sharing, Blogging) 4. What? (Needs, Wants) 5. Where? (www.)
  4. 4. Why this blog assignment? Students learn… 1. Start creating your own content in a site you fully control (your own blog) 2. Sharing your content in other digital sites (like Facebook) 3. Boost your digital presence and page rank
  5. 5. Who is the PTM? Your fellow MBA students 1. Limited time 2. Varying levels of marketing knowledge 3. Wants to learn 4. Wants to apply marketing 5. Can benefit from on-line resource
  6. 6. Your communication challenges 1. You have not blogged before 2. You are afraid of criticism 3. You want to be digitally anonymous
  7. 7. Your communication response 1. Do this first for the class. You can delete the blog at the end of the class 2. You will learn blogging by doing it. 3. Starting immediately, all your comments on questions in class shall first be answered in your blog, and then you will post the comments and the url of your blog on the comments portion designated by Vcoach.
  8. 8. How? On slideshow mode, click on links 1. Learn slideshare 2. Create your slide share account 3. Learn about blogger 4. Learn by doing: Create yourmarketing blog 5. See and learn from other students blogs…
  9. 9. Blog Essentials  Pls. name your blog as follows: Example if your name is jun santos, then your blog is Note this example applies to the case where you chose blogger as your platform. You can choose any other blogging platform.  Use your real name when creating your slideshare acct.  Put your real name in the coverpage of all powerpoint and word files; for word, put your name and chapter title on first line of the document.
  10. 10. What Blogging Platform to Choose?  The frequently cited key advantage of blogger is that it is a google product and there may be “favoritism” or bias by google to make the page rank higher than other blogging platforms.  Still not sure which platform to use… Read here… 121413634
  11. 11. CREATE your 1ST marketing BLOG Prof. Bong De Ungria Ateneo Graduate School of Business Learning Without Boundaries