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Hire a Family Law Attorney in San Jose, CA


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Want to hire a family law attorney? Hire Law Office of Joseph Camenzind an experienced family law attorney in San Jose, CA for legal representation in your family law case. We have vast experience of dealing with different family law cases such as divorce, child custody and other family legal issues that have resulted in positive outcomes and would like to help you as well. Contact us at 408-882-9758 or request a FREE consultation today! For more information visit

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Hire a Family Law Attorney in San Jose, CA

  1. 1.  Are you facing a family issue and want a legal solution to meet your unique family challenges, you need not feel stressed now!  Joseph Camenzind has the best experience and the skill that is required to help you out in all your family related issues by providing a solution that is best for you. Need Help With A Family Law Matter? We Can Help You Out!
  2. 2. Why You Should Choose Family Law Lawyers in San Jose? Benefits of Hiring our Family Law Lawyers in San Jose:  You will get fair results  Family law specialists understand & conquer complexities  Affordable Deals  We Know the Right Time to Proceed  Quick Solution to A Complex Problem  Quality Work  Legal Protection  Proper Documentation
  3. 3.  Discuss your situation with our experienced family law attorney in San Jose, CA.  You can give us a call today at 408-882-9758 to schedule a FREE Consultation with us. Our experts will help you and guide you at every step of your case.  We aim to keep your legal costs low by doing things in a correct manner and completing the case as early as possible.
  4. 4. About Us  Our Practice Areas  Family Law  Divorce Attorney  Spousal Support Attorney  Child Custody Attorney  Civil Litigation  Employment Law
  5. 5. Contact Us The Law Office of Joseph Camenzind,IV Address: 2055 Junction Ave. Ste. 138 San Jose, CA 95131-2115 Phone: 408-882-9758 Email: Website: