Music magazine analysis


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Music magazine analysis

  1. 1. Sell line The colour scheme allows the text to be seen clearly without it blending in with the background Sub image Masthead Strap line Main image Sell line is at the top of the magazine. This is unconventional as sell lines are usually displayed below the masthead Headline Main headline with largest font Button Main image is facing the camera
  2. 2. The genre of this magazine is Rock. This is clear by the colour scheme. The style of the magazine follows a very clear and easy to read layout The model is posing with an angry expression The target audience is people ages 16+ who are interested in alternative and indie rock
  3. 3. The genre of this magazine is rock. This is clear though the text font and layout. The masthead uses onomatopoeia to suggest that the magazine is destructive; this relates to the style of rock The font styles and sizes vary. This is in order to make the sell lines easier to distinguish between
  4. 4. The main image does not follow magazine conventions as it is a full body photo and it is unclear whether or not the model is looking at the camera The front cover follows many magazine conventions such as the title at the top of the magazine, a barcode at the base of the magazine and the headline with the largest font. The target audience for this magazine is people who listen to rock music from ages 18+. This is evident as the competition prize is alcohol.
  5. 5. This magazine covers the rock genre of music The masthead suggests that the magazine only deals with classic rock music. The sell lines are purposely left ambiguous to leave the reader interested which would help to prompt the reader into buying the magazine The colour scheme of the magazine follows a black and red contrast to portray a dark Most of the different fonts used on the magazine are all bold and easy to read
  6. 6. The main image does not follow normal magazine conventions as the picture is dark and only one side of the models face can be seen The layout of the front cover follows the standard magazine conventions as it has the masthead at the top of the magazine and the headline at the centre of the magazine
  7. 7. Sub image Masthead Main image Headline Barcode The main image is a mid-shot and the model is looking straight at the camera The headline has different fonts for different parts of the sentence. This is done in order to engage the readers attention to the key points of the headline. In this case “Paul McCartney” and “The Beatles”
  8. 8. The genre of the magazine is rock with interest in classic rock The black and white colour scheme fits in with the conventions of rock i.e. black clothing. The masthead is at the top of the magazine and the headline is in the centre. By doing this the magazine conforms to basic magazine conventions.