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Things To Remember When Using Direct Mail As A Marketing Strategy


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Direct mail can be a cheap yet effective way to increase brand awareness and sales. Working with the right mass mailing company can spare you from the hassles of sorting and delivering your printed ads.

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Things To Remember When Using Direct Mail As A Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Mailing Services Page 1Direct Mail: What You Need To Know
  2. 2. Mailing Services Page 2A direct mail campaign can be a cost-effective strategy to raise consumerawareness of your business and your products and services, and eventually to raiseyour sales. Here are some tips to ensurean effective direct mail campaign.Ensure that it is targetedTargeting consumers who are alreadyinterested in your merchandise orsolutions will help you make the most use of your businesss budget for marketing.Consider your existing patrons and find common characteristics, for instance age,gender, income level and work, to build your mailing list. You may also carry out asurvey to ascertain what clients arePossibly interested in.Avoid unwanted expenditures by creating a precise mailing list Spelling blundersin customer names and addresses and duplicate entries in the mailing list can causeneedless expenditures. Target consumers can also get irked if they receive the sameadvertising material in their mailbox more than once. So remember to review yourlist before distributing mail.Choose the right formatDirect mail can be produced on various formats. Each format has its own set ofbenefits, which make them more appropriate for a specific campaign but notproductive to another. Postcards, for instance, are cheap and elicit immediateattention from readers, but may may not have adequate space to elaborate on youroffer. In such scenario, a flyer may be a better choice.
  3. 3. Mailing Services Page 3Write an effective messageDirect mail is usually more effective if theapproach is conversational, and is mademore about the target customer than theadvertiser. It should also include a call-to-action and suggest a sense of urgency. Itmust be free from errors in spelling,grammar and style. Proofreading willenable you to avert significant reprinting costs. Apart from the message, also lookclosely at other elements of design included in your mail. Resist the urge to use anumber of fonts and unrelated images. Also, keep your layout simple and light onthe eyes.Pick the right mass mailing serviceMany third-party logistics companies have direct mailing services and they canvary when it comes to price, scope and quality. Looking at 3 to 5 companies willlet you get the best deal. Suggestions from businesses similar to yours andtestimonials from previous clients can help you find the best match for you.Choose a company that has a highly trained team of professionals, modernequipment and technologies that help ensure fast turnaround time and accuracy.Your courier’s experience can help increase your marketing campaign’s efficacy,so select one that has a long record of dealing with organizations with campaignscomparable to yours. Be sure to get a contract of the work you want done.