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South Africa keynote Pretoria joe Murphy librarian futurist SAOUG SAOIM


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Keynote in Pretoria, South Africa by Joe Murphy Librarian Futurist about tech trends, library futures, and questions to get through the noise to explore the impact.
Joe Murphy is a librarian and a futurist with experience in Yale Science Libraries, as Director of Library Futures for a software company, and later as a degreed futurist with an MS in Foresight and MBA.

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South Africa keynote Pretoria joe Murphy librarian futurist SAOUG SAOIM

  1. 1. Technical Analysis & Inspiration Points for Library Futures Pretoria, South Africa Joe Murphy @libraryfuture
  2. 2. Together, let’s ask questions that get us to a place where innovation is continuous and library made/innovated is the norm, not the notable exception.
  3. 3. Questions Together • Growth points • New /next partners • A modern tech Partner Vendor • Next needs from Lib tech Vendors
  4. 4. Leaked NYT Innovation Report 2014 report-is-one-of-the-key-documents-of-this-media-age/
  5. 5. The library of tomorrow is: • Pre-smart • Post-mobile • Up-cycled • integrated into social • maker friendly • innovation ready This is our story
  6. 6. The library in a maker world is a co-creation partner @libraryfuture
  7. 7. government-acknowledges-google
  8. 8. The Tech Landscape Facing Libraries Next – My List • Contextual content and wear-ables • Data management and the Internet of Everything • Smart cars / buildings / cities / TVs • Mobile everywhere / everywhere mobile – beyond and expanded gadgets • A world for and a world by devices and the new culture • Makers and higher order satisfaction
  9. 9. A few rules • “We” not “I” • More “What ifs” • Less barriers • Add your critique through ideas
  10. 10. Internet Trends of 2014 - Report • By Mary Meeker • Presented May 28, 2014 at the Code conference • _2014_vFINAL_-_05_28_14-_PDF.pdf?1401286773
  11. 11. Technology Changes Reveal Questions that Guide Futures
  12. 12. Technologies that Reveal Questions
  13. 13. Driverless Cars “… we have developed technology for cars that can drive themselves” (Sebastian Thrun driving-at.html)
  14. 14. Drones • Impact on content • Impact on service • Impact and opportunities
  15. 15. Drones Is this a future? What questions does this force that get us to a future? zuck/posts/1010132204989 3211
  16. 16. Kids react to Walkmans By Benny and Rafi Fine April 23, 2014
  17. 17. The future library is not passive – it is participatory
  18. 18. Google Glass
  19. 19. Smart contact lens our-smart-contact-lens.html
  20. 20. Mobile extended the screen & input point beyond the desk, new tools continue extending beyond the device
  21. 21. Amazon Dash & extra-phone mobile
  22. 22. Custom printing on demand
  23. 23. When tech moves into library spaces
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Values as We Move into the Future Library values are not immutable Conversations about certain values are eternal Their exact shape is not
  26. 26. Questions of Premium
  27. 27. Challenge - Premium • Cannot ignore re Net Neutrality • Might miss re loyalty programs • Does not only mean $
  28. 28. New Operating Systems • Drones • Buildings • The library • The future • …
  29. 29. Brand recognition
  30. 30. Scribd When partnerships make a purchase attractive
  31. 31. Impact of Uber is how it is disrupting. A model for reactions to its disruptions. Are competitors wrong to focus on the mobile aspect of Uber for its success?
  32. 32. Automatic Content Recognition comes (directly) to social mobile reveals our content related behaviors Combines mobile gadget, your experience context, content, social – content as point for interaction.
  33. 33. Mobile Messaging Bringing communication back to phones
  34. 34. Bitcoin – Digital currencies & digital lifeflows
  35. 35. Sally video Sally Pewhairangi @sallyheroes @libraryfuture
  36. 36. “the library is a virtual, a social, and a physical space where we make sense of an accelerated world” - Andrew Cowie of the National Library of New Zealand’s Learning Futures team
  37. 37. Don’t be afraid of new tech. Try it out and ramp it up
  38. 38. Joe Murphy Director Library Futures Innovative Interfaces Twitter @libraryfuture rphylibraryfuture