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Library2012 keynote Technology trends Joe Murphy Librarian


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“Technology Trends.” Keynote by Joe Murphy for the Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference, a global conference spanning time zones and languages. October 3, 2012.

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Library2012 keynote Technology trends Joe Murphy Librarian

  1. 1. Twitter: @libraryfuture Technology Trends From a Librarian Joe Murphy Twitter: @libraryfuture
  2. 2. Twitter: @libraryfuture Relevancy is in the eye of the future
  3. 3. Twitter: @libraryfuture Live in constant rebirth It's always spring
  4. 4. Twitter: @libraryfuture It is not for us to try and hold back the dessert Libraries live at the frontier
  5. 5. Twitter: @libraryfuture We all start somewhere
  6. 6. Twitter: @libraryfuture Alight from past trajectories Alight new directions
  7. 7. Twitter: @libraryfuture A balanced focus on our traditions & priorities balanced with future directions @spring_creative Retweeted by @acdelion Let us try not to mistake traditional strengths with traditional ways of doing things
  8. 8. Twitter: @libraryfuture Former strengths can become guard houses
  9. 9. Twitter: @libraryfutureDestruction leaves new beauty Treasures in the moraine
  10. 10. Twitter: @libraryfuture Pay tribute to nostalgia with art, not function
  11. 11. Twitter: @libraryfuture Trends amongst chaos
  12. 12. Twitter: @libraryfuture I Love Libraries I can be frustrated by the Library
  13. 13. Twitter: @libraryfuture Failure is an option Success is a choice
  14. 14. Twitter: @libraryfuture Find our own windows. Peer beyond our walls
  15. 15. Twitter: @libraryfuture Texture of the land
  16. 16. Twitter: @libraryfuture Paths above obstacles on the ground are amongst life in trees Paths above can be among
  17. 17. Twitter: @libraryfuture How much should we pay heed to one- way signs? Instagram user @alexzealand
  18. 18. Twitter: @libraryfuture Some techs are bridges Some are doors
  19. 19. Twitter: @libraryfuture Let Those Tech Changes Steep a Little But not for too long
  20. 20. Twitter: @libraryfuture
  21. 21. Twitter: @libraryfuture Tentacles &webs can be seen as art, not just traps
  22. 22. Twitter: @libraryfuture libraries would benefit more from striving for reiterated reincarnation than from seeking a fountain of youth
  23. 23. Twitter: @libraryfuture Fear of heights is curable (and rational)
  24. 24. Twitter: @libraryfuture Which one is more real?
  25. 25. Twitter: @libraryfuture our most important capital is adaptation when people ask what librarians will doing in the future, the only thing I can guarantee is that we will be changing
  26. 26. Twitter: @libraryfuture A lot is happening in Content
  27. 27. Twitter: @libraryfuture We prefer a choice in format. Often inspired by context.
  28. 28. Twitter: @libraryfuture Socially reading Ulysses
  29. 29. Twitter: @libraryfuture eBook issues
  30. 30. Twitter: @libraryfuture Assessing the maturity and realistic outlook for up and coming technologies The Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech
  31. 31. Twitter: @libraryfuture • "Since 2000, the number of mobile phones in the developing world has increased 1700%"
  32. 32. Twitter: @libraryfuture Aging Myself The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2016 Born in 1994 Reveals Cultural Touchstones “TheTwilight Zone involves vampires, not Rod Serling,” They’ve grown up with iPods, and Justin Bieber is part of their class. This year’s “catalog of the changing worldview” reveals what the world has and has not included for students entering college for the first time this fall and the cultural touchstones that have shaped their lives. • 2/3 of the independent bookstores in the United States have closed for good during their lifetimes. • Outdated icons: images of floppy discs for “save,” a telephone for “phone,” and a snail mail envelope for “mail •Cyberspace has been a constant in their lives, and “Their lives have been measured in the fundamental particles of life: bits, bytes, and bauds. • Before they purchase an assigned textbook, they will investigate whether it is available for rent or purchase as an e-book.
  33. 33. Twitter: @libraryfuture Towards the Post PC Era – a Tipping Point For the first time ever, the majority of memory chips are not used by PCs PC’s market share of DRAM chips dropped to less than 50% in 2012. PCs have “defined and dominated” the DRAM chip market up until now. Chip suppliers now de-prioritize PCs in favor of the faster growing markets of smartphones and tablets. “Personal computers are not at the center of the technology universe anymore.”
  34. 34. Twitter: @libraryfuture Surface Tablet And possibly a smartphone? Instagram user @mazinadjm
  35. 35. Twitter: @libraryfuture HTML5 and Mobile Web Evolutions weve-made-as-a-company-is-betting-on-html5-over-native/
  36. 36. Twitter: @libraryfuture Make reservations with Foursquare just-made-it-even-easier-to-plan-your-perfect-night-out/ Proactive discovery And robots
  37. 37. Twitter: @libraryfuture Instagram – 100 Million Strong ““It just crossed 100 million users,” Zuckerberg said on stage. “They’re killing it.” users/#VsFjkouChfP90f3h.99 •Added 20 million since July •Instagram started the year with 15 million users •Added 50 million since opening up to Android •22.7 million monthly unique visitors •57th most popular site • 38% increase in unique visitors from June to July Media_Metrix_Ranks_Top_50_U.S._Web_Properties_for_July_2012
  38. 38. Twitter: @libraryfuture Instagram has more daily active users than Twitter Instagram had 7.3 million active daily users in August, Twitter had 6.9 million The avg Instagram user spent 4.3 hours on the app during August
  39. 39. Twitter: @libraryfuture Nearly Half of Leading Brands are Active on Instagram instagram-study/ Trailing only: Facebook, twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.
  40. 40. Twitter: @libraryfuture Who Uses Instagram Pew report
  41. 41. Twitter: @libraryfuture Because Instagram represents the ideal in mobile social experience • Hash tags to pull together images around a topic • Location for creating a visual story about a place • API to pull together pictures taken around campus The True Meaning of Mobile Photo Sharing - Community contributions to the visual narrative of a place/topic/social grouping
  42. 42. Twitter: @libraryfuture Instagram Photo Maps Focuses on the where, reflecting ongoing trend towards location as a point of interaction and a visual emphasis on place-based self curation. Loosening the primacy of time sensitivity
  43. 43. Twitter: @libraryfuture Instagram coming to the wider mobile web • Of note because Instagram famously started as iOS app only. • All can now engage the content you share from more points beyond the app. • Broadens ability of non- Instagram users to view your content. • Links for easy transfer to in app • Libraries can use this to tie their social image projects to their growing mobile web presence.
  44. 44. Twitter: @libraryfuture 1/2 Billion Subscriptions to cloud Storage Services • Up 200 million from last year • Will jump by 125 million more next year • To hit 1.3 billion in 2017 consumer side of a tech trend
  45. 45. Twitter: @libraryfuture Changes in Discovery at Twitter Know the impact, watch the big players
  46. 46. Twitter: @libraryfuture Lift Progress-tracking app created with help from Twitter co-founders. Ties into these contexts: •The “check in” •Transparency of activity, data, and feedback •Social motivation •Mobile first/mobile only •Self metrics. •Visualization: a visual element to our individualized progress. •Gamification
  47. 47. Twitter: @libraryfuture Calling a Truce with Paper Helps Evernote free itself from the limits of digital and helps free the beloved physical Moleskine notebooks from the limits of print. Combines Moleskine’s valued aesthetic with digital functionality.
  48. 48. Twitter: @libraryfuture Add Smart Stickers for Digital Tagging moleskine/
  49. 49. Twitter: @libraryfuture Evernote Business Brings Evernote to Libraries on an Enterprise Level Importance: Marks a shift beyond the common organic manipulations of this productivity service that some librarians implement by adding software for businesses. •administrative console to manage account data and users’ access •Notebook directory for sharing content with employees •ability of individual employees to publish collaborative notebooks to the directory •dedicated customer support
  50. 50. Twitter: @libraryfuture Import Scanned Books to Evernote 1DollarScan, a digitization company, uses Evernote’s API to import scanned books and documents into Evernote for cloud access to content. Helping to shift our print books from becoming “like furniture” back into “active objects.” To capture the memories formed while reading.
  51. 51. Twitter: @libraryfuture iOS6 and Libraries More details Big Update for Apple’s mobile operating system. • FaceTime via cell connections – reference • Photo streams – incorporating photo sharing trend • Maps – shifting physical discovery • Passbook • Facebook integration • iCloud browser tabs • Siri • Unification of the phone number and Apple ID – answer FaceTime across devices • New App ranking algorithm – changes in search strategies
  52. 52. Twitter: @libraryfuture Apple Maps - & changes in discovery for our libraries • Yelp integration • Changes • 3 D
  53. 53. Twitter: @libraryfuture understand discovery, engage the trend, consider the actualization, and prioritize customer experience
  54. 54. Twitter: @libraryfuture Major companies add Passbook support
  55. 55. Twitter: @libraryfuture Are QR Codes (Still) Dying? • Will remain as long as the camera is universal on smartphones • Libraries can safely continue to invest deathwatch-qr-codes.php Context of major trend of proximity for access
  56. 56. Twitter: @libraryfuture QR Code problems The strength, and weakness of QR Codes
  57. 57. Twitter: @libraryfuture
  58. 58. Twitter: @libraryfuture Google Wallet and NFC
  59. 59. Twitter: @libraryfuture NFC + Business Cards • Focus: print experience w/ mobile/digital • Arena: how we exchange information • 1 NFC enabled card in each pack (eliminates having to exchange objects) • NFC Code can be updated nfc/?utm_source=Customers%20US&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=27092012406620340&E DID=DKSX7Y7-KFRO-KXHC1-AQ2B-54E2-v1 Adding a 3rd side to business cards Or do “Moo’s NFC business cards combine an aging format with an unpopular technology?” Same story as their QR Codes products Moo, like libraries, struggles with its print tradition
  60. 60. Twitter: @libraryfuture Apple as the World’s Most Valuable Company Apple became the most valuable company of all time, closely watch this giant’s impacts in technology and content. Back to the why: • Be aware of trends as we adapt to the changing world. • Consider this data alongside being personally familiar with the tools and behaviors of our users for informed refining of current services and planning for future pivots. Why it Matters to Libraries: The biggest company is a tech company – guiding opportunities and changes in interaction (service) and access (content). Big enough to set the direction of consumer technology and guide consumer behavior and expectations. Dominates the arenas of smartphones and tablets, providing opportunities as well as pressures for libraries. Apple is a major digital media provider, making impactful waves in several content industry segments, including eBooks.
  61. 61. Twitter: @libraryfuture iPhone 5 & Libraries • Improved bigger screen = more room for apps . Impact of browsing vs search. • Faster 4G LTE • Impact of new dock connector. • iTunes searching updates , app recommendation engine, cloud movies. More details •400 Million iOS devices sold •84 Million iPads have been sold - 17 million in recent quarter alone. • iPad enjoys 62% of worldwide tablet market share., 91% of web traffic in the tablet market • 700 K apps, avg user has 100 apps
  62. 62. Twitter: @libraryfuture We are not in Kansas anymore But we do have ruby GPS slippers
  63. 63. Twitter: @libraryfuture Social on demand music streaming service to pay artists $10 per subscriber • (That is, if the artists use theirs social media influence to get fans to register for Rdio)
  64. 64. Twitter: @libraryfuture New and very improved Kindle ereader Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said at the product release, “Paperwhite is the Kindle we’ve always wanted to build—the technology didn’t exist to build a display with this level of contrast, resolution, brightness and battery life, so our engineers invented it.” Kindle Paperwhite Paperwhite Special Features: “Time to Read” feature uses your measured reading speed metrics to predict know when you’ll finish a chapter. Miss those author biographies from the backs of paper books? The new Kindle Paperwhite has those now too. Bios are hyperlinked to more by that author with direct purchasing from within the Paperwhite.
  65. 65. Twitter: @libraryfuture Kindle Fire HD • Smaller than iPad • Rivals Google Nexus 7 • Feature, Kindle Free Time allows parents to set time limits for types of content; games, movies, reading (unlimited perhaps?) etc. Supports multiple profiles on the device. Kindle Serials: Like Dickens of old, subscribe to an ebook once for $1.99 and automatically receive the complete piece in serialized segments as they are released. It is hoped that this will provide opportunities for the authors to react fluidly to reader opinion.
  66. 66. Twitter: @libraryfuture Top Tablet Makers • Apple Inc, iPad, 17 million worldwide, 69.6% share • Samsung, Galaxy line, 2.3 million, 9.2% • Amazon, Kindle Fire, 1 million, 4.2% • AsusTek, Transformer line, 688,000, 2.8% • Barnes & Noble, Nook Tablet, 459,000, 1.9% • Other, ~3 million, 12.3% Source: IHS iSuppli via
  67. 67. Twitter: @libraryfuture
  68. 68. Twitter: @libraryfuture Pinterest It’s about Curation & Visual Discovery
  69. 69. Twitter: @libraryfuture Who uses Pinterest • 12% of all US internet users • 20% of women and 5% of men • 16% 18-29 of year olds • 12% 30-49 of year olds • 13% 50-64 of year olds • 4% of 65+ • Well spread out over income demographics
  70. 70. Twitter: @libraryfuture Pinterest • Has ~20+ million unique visitors per month • Is the third most visited social media site • Across most age groups • Has the highest percentage of women users social networks • Drives high levels of referral traffic: more than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined. • Is spawning look a likes, copycats, and is even influencing layout designs.
  71. 71. Twitter: @libraryfuture Areas of use in academic libraries include: • Facilitating/assisting collaboration and curation • Curation of resources through visual subject guides • Targeted resources for specific groups • Featuring electronic and print collections • Connecting with researchers and groups • As a teaching tool. • Highlighting the human element of your library with staff pins. • Pin diagrams to FAQs. • Curate instructional resources with teaching pin boards. • Teach proper citation and attribution.
  72. 72. Twitter: @libraryfuture New Apps
  73. 73. Twitter: @libraryfuture became-guerrilla-libraries/1288/
  74. 74. Twitter: @libraryfuture Look to entertainment brands for next trends with expected ROI
  75. 75. Twitter: @libraryfuture "Yourself" is a key word
  76. 76. Twitter: @libraryfuture Finish every challenge with the reward that it is
  77. 77. Twitter: @libraryfuture Where is starts and where it ends
  78. 78. Twitter: @libraryfuture Devour the Future
  79. 79. Twitter: @libraryfuture Tech Trend Spotter for Libraries Joe Murphy Twitter: @libraryfuture