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Keynote ok acrl murphy


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Joe Murphy's keynote presentation for ACRL in Oklahoma. Nov 2, 2012.

Published in: Technology

Keynote ok acrl murphy

  1. 1. Joe Murphy
  2. 2. Celebrate play andtaking risk
  3. 3. “Ethiopia children master tablet PCs‘” children (4-7 years old)in Africa were given tablets.They learned right away despitethe programs being in Englishand having no teachers and usedthe devices to teach themselveshow to read.
  4. 4. iPad MiniBrings power of the iPad into all spaces ofcomfort .Further expands the Apple iOS ecosystem.
  5. 5. Done. Now begin!Joyce, Ullysses
  6. 6. 2 years ago I introducedMobile Literacy - So what is needed now? 2010Why we all need a degree in Mobilology • By Florie Brizel Oct 4, 2012
  7. 7. Greatest Capitaland Greatest Need after-hurricane-sandy/1671917/ Photo by Joe Van Brussel.
  8. 8. “During an emergency, one of the most preciouscommodities is information and the ability tocommunicate it without impediments.” - Arik Hesseldahl pictures-Lower-Manhattans-desparate-search-wi-fi-signal.html
  9. 9. What is over the edge
  10. 10. Mobile is notsynonymouswith “on the go” Growth market for the iPad mini may be in bed not on the move
  11. 11. The MomentAmong the biggest recent tech directions isthe renaissance and decline of the conceptof the “moment” Diffused interaction points: Instagram, Path update, Facebook, Klout,
  12. 12. “story-telling moment” “Somodevilla uses Instagram… to share behind-the-scenes moments that might not make it onto the front page … much like political journalists use Twitter to connect with their audience” or like library websites. Instagram as its own art (so too has Google street view). “Because I’m a deadline news photographer, immediacy is a very big part of how I work,”“People who tap on Instagram … are looking foran image they can connect with,” by Alex Fitzpatrick
  13. 13. Instagram and the story of Sandy
  14. 14. “I’m glued to two vital news sources: my TV and my Instagram account.” By Steven Bertoni, Forbes “this mix of mobile entertainment and utility that makes Instagram such a social force for major events”
  15. 15. tags pull togethera story in images
  16. 16. Instagram has moredaily active users thanTwitter had 7.3 million active daily users in August, Twitter had 6.9 million The avg Instagram user spent 4.3 hours on the app during August
  17. 17. To add to an follow stories
  18. 18. Windows phone 8!06A79B67-0D1E-45F6-B80A-9B0B5BA83F4E “Overall, Windows Phone 8 ADelight to Use”
  19. 19. Future evolution of connected devices•
  20. 20. Wearable computing may soon be a Billion $ Industry“ is only recently that they have captured the imagination ofthe public," Juniper Researchs Nitin Bha Sony Smart Watch accessories/smartwatch/ Impact of growth Impact of trend
  21. 21. • Importance: – Legs controlled by thought – Wearable tech – Pace of change
  22. 22. Google Glass photo from Google’s Project Glass
  23. 23. Google Glass shifts display from the phone screento our field of vision • Take a photo/video • See/send messages • Maps • Voice activated • Heads up display • Reduces disruption to real life • Seamless access to digital world signals-good-things-to-come/
  24. 24. Google Field Trip app brings together strengths of augmentedreality and ambient location sensitive real world discovery
  25. 25. What to watch in mobile communication 300 billion iMessages sent this year
  26. 26. Be comfortableBut not too comfortable
  27. 27. Pulling together and location,Instagram, socialinfluence, and moments
  28. 28. Location
  29. 29. Welcome instead of warn
  30. 30. WELL … TECHNICALLYLet’s be realistic about what we offer andwhat we claim to be
  31. 31. The sun is always setting on librariesAnd the sun also rises
  32. 32. Message in a Bottle of Whiskey The object, the bottle in this case, becomes the medium. e-girls-message-in-a-bottle-travels-from-England-to-Australia.html 27 Sep 2012
  33. 33. The overhyped death of QR CodesContext of major trend of proximity for accessThose who claim QR codes are useless fail tounderstand the landscape. • Will remain as long as the camera is universal on smartphones • Libraries can safely continue to invest
  34. 34. The library can posture as cool, not aloof
  35. 35. Pull back on guidance. Accept relinquishing power into our ours’ hands
  36. 36. Crowdsourcing,the impact of Yelp,Trend of socialreviews, andApplication oftrend to real worldissues
  37. 37. Keep the mystery alive
  38. 38. Social Klout even for vetting applicants
  39. 39. Close gaps between how we do things and what people expect/prefer
  40. 40. Frivolous signs/rules and lost translations
  41. 41. Take big steps
  42. 42. Gettingto Go
  43. 43. Hiding from change isn’t going to work
  44. 44. …in yourself, in doorways, in a positive future
  45. 45. Facebook 1 Billion and the real importance for libraries
  46. 46. More important that 1 Billion Facebook Users 140 Billion Friend ConnectionsInfographic Source: Facebook Newsroom
  47. 47. Facebook Connected Users to 160 Million Visitors to Mobile Apps in March 7/10 of the most profitable iOS apps and 6 of the top ten grossing Android apps are integrated with Facebook over 1billion visits to appstotal
  48. 48. More than half of all Facebook Users Utilize it with Mobile Devices Using 7,000 different types of devicesInfographic Source: Facebook Newsroom
  49. 49. Stop Napping
  50. 50. Update fatigue?
  51. 51. Gain a perspectiveon directions
  52. 52. Less and less Blackberry. Because RIM "can no longer meet the mobile technology needs of the agency.“ military seeking to expand beyond RIM devices into usingApples iPhone as well as other devices "support a growing number of mobile devices across multiple Because of the new emphasis on apps and ongoing worries over platforms." RIMs future economic viability
  53. 53. Celebrate what’s old.Celebrate what’s new
  54. 54. “Your weight is tipping me over”
  55. 55. Print and emotionPrint and situation
  56. 56. LevelUp Causes
  57. 57. Tablets as drivers of content consumption. B&Nannounces new video content for NookHD withpartner studios to stream or download with anUltraViolet account. 003208
  58. 58. iTunes update: coming with significantchanges of note but delayed big changes and impact for usFull-library search Improved iCloud integrationNew library viewSearching changes
  59. 59. Disney’s Purchase of LucasFilm is about adigital content boost God willing, well all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money". Yogurt
  60. 60. In the UK two-thirds check emails as they wake up andas they go to bed .“An extra 460 hours are worked by people who usemobile devices“ obile-phones/9646349/Smartphones-and- tablets-add-two-hours-to-the-working- day.html
  61. 61. Strategies behindthis: learndevelopmentchallenges, attackthe most popularmobile arena,expand to otherplatforms
  62. 62. iBooks 3 •Continuous scrolling (evolution in pages) (“changes the game for book-reading, completely”) •Will disrupt mobile reading •Update versions / editions
  63. 63. Passbook
  64. 64. Path update for iPad
  65. 65. Leverages Google knowledge graphUpdated Google search iOSapp is about voice search Impact of more voice search – new info concierge Competition: Application of deep data vs hardware integration
  66. 66. Mobile payments and more in a growing arena
  67. 67. Mobile Payments –Isis & Square Moving another point of action to the smart device
  68. 68. Social sharing of cloud content, All withinthe Google Ecosystem to.html
  69. 69. A Martha Stewart Magazine closes • "...citing the need to emphasize “digital, mobile and video platforms” as audiences turn away from print"
  70. 70. Pumpkin TetrisWhy matters:Mix of worldsCreativity and building umpktris/
  71. 71. Theres a concierge for that Curated conciergeStill no replacement for ... us.Virtual concierges strugglespecification and personalization •
  72. 72. 3D Printed instruments Create objects that create and that bring together
  73. 73. Printing vaccines Printing vaccines at home on a biological 3D printer expand power through access
  74. 74. “Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing theblueprints for 50 farm machines that can bebuilt cheaply from scratch” source-hardware
  75. 75. Crowd sourcing the tools for production"Its not reinventing the wheel; its open-sourcing the wheel." Julia Valentine, farmer,in The Atlantic
  76. 76. Wikipedia may be near to complete/doneImplications:Change in whereusers search.Change inresources."After an encyclopedia reaches 100,000 articles, the pool of goodmaterial shrinks. By the time one million articles are written, it musttax ingenuity to think of something new. Wikipedia passed the fourmillion article mark in summer 2012." - Richard Jensen
  77. 77. Large pivot•
  78. 78. The panopticon isalso dangerous to the creator
  79. 79. Begins and ends with a conversationMe:Technology Trend Spotter for LibrariesTwitter: You ______