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Internet Librarian International 2013 murphy


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Internet Librarian International 2013 murphy

  1. 1. Tech Trends for Information Professionals Joe Murphy Internet Librarian International – London 2013 @libraryfuture
  2. 2. @libraryfuture
  3. 3. Joe Murphy Director, Library Futures Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Mission: • Empower librarians dreaming big and creating an inspirational futures • Secure robust roles for libraries in the future • Help keep libraries a remarkable part of the conversation @libraryfuture
  4. 4. @libraryfuture
  5. 5. @libraryfuture
  6. 6. @libraryfuture
  7. 7. The Greatest Brand of all Time – Books. Stories @libraryfuture
  8. 8. Moonshots around core strengths
  9. 9. Is change the new normal? @libraryfuture
  10. 10. What are libraries about now? @libraryfuture
  11. 11. Library as creation @libraryfuture
  12. 12. Where Maker Spaces will take libraries – what is next @libraryfuture
  13. 13. The Library & the Entrepreneur • • • • • Libraries & Start Ups Librarians as Entrepreneurs (intrepreneurs) Libraries & Start up Culture The Library & the City Shareholders/stakeholders
  14. 14. The Library and the City o-Goes-High-Tech-With-An-Eye-Toward-Olympics-World-Cup City innovation projects parallel a library mission @libraryfuture
  15. 15. Do your most creative. And bring us all along @libraryfuture
  16. 16. Walls or blank canvas? @libraryfuture
  17. 17. Ideas as connection points @libraryfuture
  18. 18. @libraryfuture
  19. 19. “I am glad someone still believes in libraries” @libraryfuture
  20. 20. Libraries like watches? - obsolete because tech shift? - new clientele? - new uses ? - serve the still loyal market? @libraryfuture
  21. 21. Solve the pain points @libraryfuture
  22. 22. @libraryfuture
  23. 23. Rooted in ideas @libraryfuture
  24. 24. Marketing Win Focuses on shared cultural experience, not name @libraryfuture
  25. 25. @libraryfuture
  26. 26. Issues in Tech News • • • • Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) Interactive Visual Displays NFC Ambient Alerts - Google Now
  27. 27. Rebranding or re-enforcing? The question as capital Do libraries have more future than past? Brand as question not as answer. @libraryfuture
  28. 28. Gartner’s top Strategic Tech trends for 2014
  29. 29. @libraryfuture
  30. 30. Tech (re)applied inside @libraryfuture
  31. 31. Next Areas • Internet of Things – Smart Everyday Objects • Wearable Tech – Google Glass - - Smart Watches • The Quantified Self Qualified @libraryfuture
  32. 32. Connected Smart Cars • As platform for content/service • As interactive agents – A sender of signals – means alert the library etc that it is within access range – - an extension of mobile ambient location apps? @libraryfuture
  33. 33. @libraryfuture
  34. 34. FAA panel says (non connected) devices will be safe to use on most parts of flights. • Process reflects our struggle to catch up policy to expectations. • Sometimes change takes time for valid reasons. Example of working in rules valid in the past and role of tech patience.
  35. 35. @libraryfuture
  36. 36. More social aspects of content Shift from discovery to engagement
  37. 37. "very first data storage system" may have been discovered y/clues-to-prehistoric-code-foundinmesopotamia-131011.htm
  38. 38. Balance @libraryfuture
  39. 39. Tunnel vision @libraryfuture
  40. 40. More streaming of traditionally print media A new gap that librarians can fill, advocate for the digital reader @libraryfuture
  41. 41. Amazon Kindle Matchbook • Bought the print edition? Now also get the e copy for less. • Could be reverse … • Reflects cross format reading @libraryfuture
  42. 42. Twitter experiments Twitter trying private messaging for news sharing? DMs to counter tweet drowning?
  43. 43. Maturation of media partnerships
  44. 44. Social profitable with Media partnerships • Twitter and ratings – Sharknado effect • Facebook sending TV networks Weekly Data on Chatter about their Programs
  45. 45. Media tipping points @libraryfuture
  46. 46. eBooks as subscription takes off
  47. 47. Netflix(S) for Books - 24Symbols – Oyster – etc – - Streaming – Subscription – Freemium @libraryfuture
  48. 48. Ouch Are we so indistinguishable from book services etc? @libraryfuture
  49. 49. Book strong and future ready
  50. 50. In competition w/ Netflix/Hulu, CBS is promoting Video on Demand the day After Shows Air • Expansion/acceptance of viewing on demand • Another Napster moment for TV • Amount of TV watched on demand rose >40% this year • And yet – broadcast TV is not dead
  51. 51. Drones + ecommerce delivery + Student services platform • New tech leads to experiments • Regulation context – Public perception. • Content as test case - “if you can deliver a textbook, then things such as urgent medical deliveries, … and other e-commerce will be much more viable.” (Ahmed Haider, CEO of Zookal, co-founder of Flirtey)
  52. 52. Little Mermaid Second Screen Live BYOD content engagement encouraged The Second “Screen” as cross format • (owned by • Original content • New cross format partnership – video to audio.
  53. 53. We don’t have to cut out out heart to adapt
  54. 54. “There will definitely be some boats that will be rocked by this.” – Google search algorithm updated Analyst Sameet Sinha -
  55. 55. “Food, Water, Shelter and Facebook” “Connection is a profound and basic need.” (Matthew Lieberman - "Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect") Article in Aljazeera America by Carlin Flora
  56. 56. Never underestimate the power of a social (mobile) librarian. • • • • • • • • Curator Creator Educator Filter Connector Facilitator Experimenter Beacon @libraryfuture
  57. 57. I too check my tweets before my phone in the morning
  58. 58. - By the Oxford Internet Institute Geographical space represents absolute size of each country’s online population. Color refers to the % of its overall population online. Latin America hosts almost as many Internet users as the US Global mobile penetration is nearly billion subscribers China, India, and Japan have more internet users than Europe and North America combined
  59. 59.
  60. 60. “The price of oil just went up because traders misread a tweet” Impact of the medium Hash tag literacy ?
  61. 61. Vine – micro mobile video - Hyper Short Video & Creative Economy – The Loop – Mobile – Gif Economy @libraryfuture
  62. 62. PC sales drop tied to iPad growth “Traditional PC Shipments to Decline 10.6 Percent in 2013, While Tablet Shipments Increase 67.9 Percent”
  63. 63. “Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind” – Science • “experiments showing that reading literary fiction led to better performance on tests of affective ToM” • Reading is social because you enter an imaginary social environment. • Libraries and people intelligence • A rethinking of value from traditional librarian intelligences
  64. 64. With reach comes reflection The Jungle of our time? Our profession often focuses on the societal impact of new tech areas.
  65. 65. Google Chromecast TV still a dominant screen – Mobile as source Implications for screen projection – new life for the 1st screen – screen sharing – battle for the living room – a new old platform for the library – @libraryfuture
  66. 66. A country’s lack and a service the Library can fill Americans lacking “technical skills needed for a modern workplace” including ““problemsolving in technology-rich environments,” on using digital devices to find and evaluate information, communicate, and perform common tasks.”
  67. 67. "very first data storage system" may have been discovered y/clues-to-prehistoric-code-foundinmesopotamia-131011.htm - Wall Street use – The Impermanence of Messages - Library Archiving Issues? – Communication Around Pictures – From cultural norms to communication assets – Snapchat - people do want default of privacy in apps – Providing reference in Snapchat @libraryfuture
  68. 68. When trends jump to new areas. Trend of auto updates/uploads @libraryfuture
  69. 69. Subscription everything Indoor mapping – content partnerships with location @libraryfuture
  70. 70. When the message is … “no” @libraryfuture
  71. 71. Via @libraryfuture
  72. 72. Story of Missed Value Moby Dick and the Librarian @libraryfuture
  73. 73. Stability Amidst Tech Change our Brand? • Slow TV • Slow fashion – – Zady (… vision: to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform for only those companies that care about timeless style and solid construction.” – Looks out for producers and consumers) • Slow food • Appropriate slant for libraries?
  74. 74. What I need from you Give us (more) your inspirational examples we can strive towards. @libraryfuture
  75. 75. The joy & inspiration libraries bring just by having a familiar title @libraryfuture
  76. 76. @libraryfuture
  77. 77. Ready – Go! @libraryfuture
  78. 78. The Beginning Joe Murphy Director, Library Futures Innovative Interfaces, inc. Twitter @libraryfuture LinkedIn yfuture Do Libraries Have More Past or More Future?