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Handheld Librarian Special Issue introduction hhlib 3 murphy


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My introduction to the Special Issue of The Reference Librarian (volume 53, 3) dedicated to papers from the 3rd Handheld Librarian conference.

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Handheld Librarian Special Issue introduction hhlib 3 murphy

  1. 1. HHLIB Special Issue Introduction of the Reference Librarian #3 Title: Practical Information About the Developing Mobile Experience Joe Murphy Librarian and Technology Trend Spotter Libraries continue to narrow the gap between their future and the major technologytrends in the mobile sphere. This special issue features peer experts’ practical experiences increating the next generation of mobile services for libraries. Each paper in this Special issue ofThe Reference Librarian is based on presentations originally given at the third online Hand heldLibrarian conference held in July, 2010. These articles reveal exactly how you can implement successful, and low cost, mobileinitiatives at your library. Michael DeMars tells us about creating a mobile presence foracademic libraries, Chad Mairn shares tips on preparing your library for the mobile experience,Rachel Wexelbaum and P lamen Miltenhoff get us ready to face the challenges of eReaderadoption within the academic setting, John Cyrus and Mark Baggett explore the privacyimplications of mobile technology, Rachel Besara tells us about the use of mobile tools forlibrary advocacy endeavors and assessment, Bohyum Kim shares twenty tips for developing amobile web site for your library, Sarah Houghton shows how libraries can pursue mobileservices without large costs, Heather Williams and Anne Peters share how they used apromotional video to help launch a library’s Summon mobile application, and Jamie Graham,Stephen Maher, Dorothy Moore, and Emily Morton-Owens cover building mobile medicallibrary services. These pieces cover a wide array of central tools and the strategies for their application.While you are reading this volume, consider what even newer trends are beginning to impactlibraries and then start to think about how they ma y best be adopted in your library setting. Lookto other resources that may complement our exploration of this topic: your peer professionalnetwork and what they are doing/thinking tracked via Twitter, the most current trends asexplored in talks at our professional conferences, new books that delve into these topics, andnews sources to help you stay up to date on this rapidly evolving trend. Make this an interactivecommunity by contributing and sharing your thoughts. Handheld devices continue to solidify themselves as major portals for informationconsumption and engagement. It is up to us to make sure the library is part of this revolutionaryshift. Start with this collection, add your contributions and thoughts, and continue to spread theinspiration. It is a mobile world, but it won’t have as much value for our patrons without a stronglibrary.