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3-on-3 B-Ball Tournament 4th ESO to 2nd ESO


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3-on-3 B-Ball Tournament 4th ESO to 2nd ESO

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3-on-3 B-Ball Tournament 4th ESO to 2nd ESO

  1. 1. 3 on 3
  2. 2. 1-MERCHANDISING • On this point we decided to create a poster in order to make publicity and moreover to explain some important information about the tournament. • Also we have done a template of the inscriptions which everyone who wants to play on the tournament will have to fill in.
  3. 3. POSTER
  4. 4. Location Date of the tournament People who helps the organizers Important information Number of player
  5. 5. INSCRIPTIONS Medical observations Color of the team You know a lot of basketball? E-mail or telephone number Name of the players Name
  6. 6. EXECUTION • We had 6 teams, each one with 4 members except two of them that had 5 members. • They fill the inscriptions with their group information. • But we had a small problem. Each team was supposed to wear a T-shirt with a different color, but 4 of them choose the same color. For this reason we had to use some bibs.
  7. 7. ROLES • ANDREA: My role was to take pictures during the match and after. I used my mobile. • IVET: I was score board, it's consists to count the points of the two teams. I used an app called "BBall SBoard" • Ibra and Aina: Aina and I were the interviewers. Aina Mazda the questions, and I asked them to the players. Paid was recording all
  8. 8. EVALUATION We think the tournament it went almost good ome problems with the organizations, but we think we can improv
  9. 9. Little explanation of the rules.
  10. 10. INTERVIEW
  11. 11. • Players touch the ball more often. • More room to operate • Players learn the game quicker • No pressing & zones. 2-BENEFITS
  12. 12. Thinks that they did good -They pased the ball to each other every time -They have improved their skills
  13. 13. Jobs Pol - Camera Ivan - Camera Daniel - Music Myron - Supporter
  14. 14. Evaluation -The basketball tornament was good, people enjoy it and learned new types to play basket with other people -This tournament was a great experience for young people.
  15. 15. Interview
  16. 16. 3-RULES
  17. 17. 4-COMPETITION SYSTEM Marc, Sergi, Pau, Arcadi and Izan
  18. 18. 4th of ESO B