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Vintage news

  1. 1. “The besT news years 80s” Vintage news Vol. I . . . No. 007 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989 The day February 10 , 1980 has been contemplated as the official date th of the founding of PT. However, since the year 1978, the proposed 2/10/80. The day was marked as the foundation of PT, because the meeting held at Sion School, fulfilled is a formality essential to according to the Organic Law on Political Parties, for the record of the new politic society became possible: To praise of manifesto with at least of 101subscriptions by expressed goals and the main lines of thought that should be the basis of the proposed the party. organization of a workers' party had been the subject of heated discussions around trade union. Direct Elections Now Direct Elections Now was a political and democratical move with high popular participation that occurred in 1984. This movement was favorable and supported the amendment by Mr. Congressman Dante de Oliveira that would reestablish direct elections for President of the Republic in Brazil. These popular events included the participation of thousands of Brazilians at rallies and marches.
  2. 2. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989 Victory Tranquedo Neves Indirect Elections and early death of On January 15th, 1985 occurred indirect elections and Tancredo Neves was elected the president of Brazil. The first civil president elected after the period of military rule in Brazil, was deemed clinically dead on April 12, 1985, his body was kept for appliances and with the help of drugs until the 21st of the same month (historic date that recalls the death of Tiradentes) when death was officially announced at 22h23. After 38 days of agony, and seven surgeries, the first elected civil president since the military coup, died and took over the vice plate , José Sarney. Coincidentally or not, with him, the power remained in the hands of those who supported military rule. Many believe that his death was a plan built by leaders the authoritarian rule, when they realized that their victory was inevitable. Constitution of 1988 Brazil's Federal Constitution of 1988, also known as the Citizen Constitution, was the seventh Constitution of Brazil since the Independence. Elaborated by 558 constituents for 20 months it was enacted on October 5th, 1988. It has 245 articles, divided into nine titles. This Constitution was considered the most complete, mainly to ensure citizenship rights for the Brazilian people.
  3. 3. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3st1, 1989. We became the Federated States Amapá, Roraima and tocantins In October 5th, 1988, Amapá and Roraima territories and cease to become states. Still October 1988, was created the state of Tocantins from a division in the state of Goiás. Open the floodgates of Itaipu Dam Over five thousand people appeared to the grandstands mounted on both banks of the Paraná River, to witness the official inauguration of the civil works of the dam, with the presidents of Brazil, João Figueiredo, and Paraguay, Alfredo Stroessner. The plant was constructed by the two countries in Foz do Iguaçu, in a stretch of border between Brazil and Paraguay. The large was opening in the afternoon once of the14 spillway gates of the plant that formed in 30 minutes, a huge wave that added to the insistent rain soaked the audience, eventually drive him away.
  4. 4. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31 , 1989. The first visit of Pope to Brazil The first pope who visited that country was João Paulo II, with only two years of his papacy. He has led a crowd of 4.5 million Catholic sand non-Catholics to the streets and shook Brazil. The pope arrived June 30 to Brasilia, where he made the famous act of kneeling and kiss the floor, hailing the land that had just tread. Until July 11, when left back to the Vatican, he passed through Belo Horizonte (MG), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo (SP), Aparecida (SP), Porto changed. This passage of João Paulo II was the biggest Alegre (RS), Curitiba (PR), popular movements ever recorded in our country. For the Manaus (AM), Recife (PE), coming of the pontiff, was built a heavy security, Salvador (BA), Belém do Pará considered the largest in history. About 9000 men were (PA), Teresina (PI) and Fortaleza deployed to take care of the pope and the faithful who (CE).During the days of the visit, followed. João Paulo II made his speeches clearly and banks and government offices outspoken about the military regime, defended social closed, theater performances and justice, freedom of association, agrarian reform, human delayed road schemes were rights and sex education. Vintage News st SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989.
  5. 5. The SBT on air In 1981 Silvio Santos received a concession to make their network television. He already had a channel in the city of Rio de Janeiro since 1976, the TV Studios. The station's first broadcast was on August 19, showing live the ceremony of signing the concession contract direct from Brasilia. The Silvio Santos’s show is the most enduring attraction of the station and it was consecrated in Brazil since 1962, the year that the presenter started his career in television.The SBT has inherited a large collection of cartoons from TVSand became a reference to this shape of television program aimed at children with Bozo debut in 1981.The attractions are constituted of talk shows. Born a Brazilian star Xuxa's TV program premiered on June 30, 1986. She has dealt the children with a irreverent way. Since then, she has been famous and known such as Little's Queen. Besides she founded an important institution to support children it called Xuxa Meneghel. She has presented many concerts in Brazil. Until today she keeps her fame on Globo TV, now to adult audience. She was born on March 27, 1963 and became queen too young at age 23.
  6. 6. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989. Rock in Rio The first edition of the festival was held from January 11–20, 1985. Queen, George Benson, Rod Stewart, AC/DC and Yes were the headliners, each occupying top spot for two nights (Benson, however, ceded it to James Taylor for their second night in the same bill, due to the huge delay Taylor's extended performance had caused to his concert two days before). About 1.4 million people attended the 10-daylong festival. The great fame of the event was due to the fact that, until its completion, the major international music stars do not usually visit South America, so the local audience was there the first opportunity to see firsthand the idols of international rock and pop.
  7. 7. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989. International Artists who performed: ACDC The Australian group demanded as a condition for being able to play at the festival using a half-ton bell, played by vocalist Brian Johnson on the song "Hells Bells." The apparatus came by ship, however, was too heavy for the structure of the stage, forcing one of the set designers to make the festival, secretly and hurriedly, a bell cast for the occasion. Iron maiden The band members consider their appearance in the event one of the most remarkable experiences of their careers. James Taylor The singer said he was, touched by the unexpected reception from the public, and there decided that it would resume the reins of his career. In honor occurred, Taylor composed the ballad "Only a Dream in Rio"in which recites verses as"I was there that very day and my heart came back alive". Stars peak of the event, all members of the Queen agree that presentation qualify as one of the five most exciting group, and Freddie Mercury qualify the execution of the song "Love of My Life" as the best ever made by the banda. At the time, the English group was on tour album The Works.
  8. 8. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989. National artists who performed: Paralamas do sucesso The trio Carioca Brazilian rock was considered the great revelation of the festival promoting his second album. In the 15th show, the quintet Rio was the only Brazilian group that was not booed and got the boot applause heavy metal fans interested in the shows of AC / DC and Scorpions. The band closed the show playing "Happy Sunrise Pro Day," with the chorus from the audience in unison chorus. For the singer, the festival represented the apex of his career. He almost lost his voice during his presentation at the event and asked for the support of the audience in the performance of his songs. Even finding an audience hostile to most Brazilian artists, Pepeu was cheered and reconsecrated.
  9. 9. Vintage News SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1989. Born the first test tube baby in Brazil. The first test tube baby in this country was Anna Paula Caldeira. The technique used for the design of girl, at that time, unprecedented in Brazil, is known as in vitro fertilization, where the egg is fertilized in the laboratory. Anna Paula was born on October 07, 1984, Only six years after the first test tube baby in history, English Louise Brown. Piquet felt in the Formula 1 Champion clouds with his Ayrton Senna first championship The last race of the Formula One World-1 of 1983 happened under the scorching sun of South Africa. When he left the car, under the screams of the crowd, he could not speak. He did not look very tired with the 77 lap race. But the excitement of Nelson Piquet was huge. That day, despite having come third in the race, Piquet became double world champion in Formula 1. Title achieved only once by a Brazilian driver: Emerson Fittipaldi. In 1988, he joined Frenchman Alain Prost (that would be his biggest rival in his career) at McLaren-Honda and years lived by the victorious team. Both together have won 15 of the 16 Grands Prix that season, and Senna won the world champion for the first time.