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Story of my life


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Published in: Self Improvement, Travel
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Story of my life

  2. 2. MY BIRTH I am the first son from the couple Sousa. I was born at 14:40 p.m. on Monday, August, 3rd, 1981. I was a handsome and strong baby. I was 53 cm and weighed 9 Ib. 4 oz. (nine pounds for ounces). I’m from Teresina- PI. It is known as Brazilian Mesopotamia because it is between two rivers. It was there where my life’s story began.
  3. 3. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” It seems like only Yesterday. I was four years old. There wasn’t anything better. My sweet childhood was really happy. But I didn’t have brother and anybody to play with me until my five years of age. My family was Dad José, Mom Rosenir, my Aunt Helena and me. I seldom played with neighbor children. But I wanted a brother. However, it was very good because I didn’t need to share my toys. But my mother already was four months of pregnant.
  4. 4. WELCOME MY BROTHER He was born exactly in January, 15th, 1986. Since then my life changed because I got a friend and I already wasn’t lonely. Joilson was a handsome baby too. He looked like a little angel But I never thought he would be very naughty because he liked my toys and loved to poke around in my things according photos. “Mom! He’s running off!
  5. 5. LUIS CORREIA BEACH Luís Correia city was the best trip with Dad. We always spent our vacation at the beach. At that time, my brother was small to take sun bath in the summer for the reason that Piauí beaches are the hottest. But we always took souvenir for him. We traveled in excursion and there were children from a variety city, but we seemed us old friends and we played soccer. I can’t believe that I played soccer. Really unbelievable!
  6. 6. MY GRADUATION PARTY My Elementary Graduation was in December, 1987. At that day, I had been really anxious. At night, it all stared when my teacher called my name. It was the time that I asked my classmate Raphaela to dance the waltz and I went as red as a beet. But I was end up dance with other girl. She was taller than me and stepped on my feet twice. After, I couldn’t play with my classmates because I wore white suit and my mother was looking for me all the time. The better moment wasn’t the kiss, it was the dinner. Oh my God! It was a tragic night.
  7. 7. JUNE FESTIVAL Since I was a child, I always celebrated San John’s Day like a good northeastern. It was Saturday June, 24th, 1988 our dance company rehearsed all day. My partner Ivoneide and I always won bride and groom contests. For many years we danced together. I miss!
  8. 8. MOVING TO GOIÂNIA CITY Two years later, we were living in Goiânia. Anybody couldn’t imagine this change in our fate. My brother and I got so petrified when we saw the new house. It was in Saint Joan D’ark Church, literally. The door into the house was next to altar and we needed across the church. It was upstairs. Sometimes, Joilson and I waited Mom outside, because we felt fear. Then we nevermore skipped mass. From this moment, I became really religious. Or would it be a sign from the future?
  9. 9. FIRST COMMUNION It was Palm Sunday from August, 4th, 1991. I would wake up early. Before mass, I prayed and I’d already written my sins. I was very nervous because it would be my first confession. Moreover, the priest used to have breakfast in my home and he always talked with my mother. I was between a rock and a hard place.
  10. 10. BAPTISM IN HOLY LAND Joselina is our cousin. Although she had cried the whole Baptism Celebration, it was a wonderful day. Trindade City was a legend for me. Would it be more signs from the future?
  11. 11. BACK TO HOMELAND! We arrived in Teresina on July, 5th, 1994. It was World Cup Soccer. Our official team soccer won against Italy team. We were Four-Times Champions. Home sweet home! It was the same as when we went to Goiânia four years ago. My aunts Teresinha and Joselita had taken care of house perfectly while we were living out. My uncle Gonçalo had arranged lunch and barbecue for welcome us
  12. 12. CHAMPION BROTHER My brother was in 1995, the best athlete of the Championship SESI School. He scored three goals in the match. He made me proud.
  13. 13. THE LAST JUNE FESTIVAL It all was the same as before. But I was becoming a handsome teenage. I had joined at High School. It was the last June festival that I took part like a dancer, in June, 24th, 2001. We were more once champions. I really miss it.
  14. 14. BACK TO GOIÂNIA AGAIN In 2002, my parents had gotten divorced. They had sold the old house from Teresina. The new address was Jardim Buriti Sereno – Aparecida de Goiânia. But my mother didn’t waste time. On March, 2003 she already wasn’t alone. So, soon my stepfather was living with her.
  15. 15. MY HOME SWEET HOME I was living “with my best friend” since the divorce of my parents. It was very cool! I didn’t waste any opportunity. What it was happening?
  16. 16. THE PARTIES I used to gather my friends in our home. Everyone had fun too much. It played all kinds of music. There were some drinks, barbecue and many elegant people.
  17. 17. HE WON’T GO Some say I'll be better without you, But they don't know you like I do, Or at least the sides I thought I knew, I can't bear this time, It drags on as I lose my mind, Reminded by things I find, Like notes and clothes you've left behind, Wake me up, wake me up when all is done, I won't rise until this battle's won, My dignity's become undone, But I won't go, I can't do it on my own, If this ain't love, then what is? I'm willing to take the risk, I won't go, I can't do it on my own, If this ain't love, then what is? I'm willing to take the risk.
  18. 18. MOVING TO SEMINARY RECIFE – PE I was still inside me like the composition sang us. I was tired. I had given up trying. Then, I was taking a change of heart. I had decided to go to the seminary. While I was doing the selection process there was still hope. I believed. He didn’t, to my great sorrow. It was too late, I was approved. My friends have backed me up so often. They made me a surprise to say goodbye in bus station. I took them in my heart. On February, 03rd, 2005, I was travelling to Recife. The trip was about two days. It was a sad travel.
  19. 19. RECIFE-PE Recife is the Brazilian Venice! The city is 452 years old. Two rivers cross it. They are very similar to Venice’s channels. It was Saturday, February, 05th, when I arrived in Recife. It was Carnival, the Cock’s Party! My sorrow was over and I really celebrated Carnival on that day. It was my goodbye to world’s freedom. It was here where I began my life again.
  20. 20. FIRST GATHERING! One week later, we introduced us in the opening ceremony formally. It was our official admission. I didn’t know anyone. It all was novelty. But I had gotten many new friends quickly.
  21. 21. SEMINARY’S LIFE There were many rituals. All masses were staged. We almost always used the backyard like scene.
  22. 22. UNIVERSITY CATHOLIC – PE The Seminary wasn’t an imprisonment. We studied Philosophy at the University where I got more friends and sometimes, I run away from class.
  23. 23. ROSARY PROCESSION I was there for about two years. We were always participating in religious communities. This was shanty town Borborema next to the Boa Viagem Beach. We looked like angels and the most people admire us. We seldom went out from Monastery without tunic by order of Bishop.
  24. 24. GOIÂNIA AGAIN When I left the Seminary, Ivonete, Kamilla and Vânia helped me a lot. I worked with Kamilla and Ivonete. It was really fun. Vânia and I were neighbors. They are true friends until today.
  25. 25. MY BROTHER IN PORTUGAL My brother and his wife moved to Portugal on 2006. They live in Setubal City. They have a child. She is my first and only niece. Arielle is a beautiful child. She is brunnet, has short, curly and brown hair. She is three years old.
  26. 26. MOTHER’S HOME Nowadays, I live with my mother in a small house in Aparecida de Goiânia. There are three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is a big backyard. There is a little noise, because there isn’t much traffic and there are a few pubs around. It’s great, because I am studying at College, I work too much, on weekend, and I need to relax. My neighborhood is far from downtown, but there is a bus stop in front of my house. There are outdoor marketplaces on Sundays. I like to live here. And my life goes on….