Social Marketing: How to make change happen. (V. 2.0)


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Concepts about social marketing, examples of campaigns and the 7 step approach for an educational campaign.

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Social Marketing: How to make change happen. (V. 2.0)

  1. 1. Social Marketing: How to make change happen. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  2. 2. Social Marketing: ! ! What is it? Social marketing was introduced as a discipline in the 70s, when Sir-Guru-Sensei-of-Marketing- Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman realized that the same marketing principles that were being used to sell products or services to consumers could be used to "sell" ideas, attitudes and behaviors. Kotler and Andreasen define social marketing as "differing from other areas of marketing only with respect to the objectives of the marketer and his or her organization. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  3. 3. Social Marketing: !! So.. ? It’s all about the planning and execution of the concept to benefit the target audience and the general society, not the company. How? by promoting distribution of ideas or services to influence the target audience to: ACEPT, REJECT, MO.DIFY or ABANDON a behavior. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  4. 4. ! ! Social Marketing = Social Good ex. Anti-tabacco campaign Get a dose of Physical Activity Recycling Be responsable about.. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  5. 5. Social Mkt Mix ! ! Product Conduct/Behavior Price The Cost of the Benefit (Ex. time used on the behaviour) Place Convenient places for do it Promotion Communication Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  6. 6. Types of Social ! ! The importance of Campaigns Cognitive food nutrition “I'm not lazy, I'm just being energy efficient” for “I Behavioral enjoy walking and doing yoga, I feel like I’m improving my daily lifestyle.” Action Vaccination campaigns Values Be respectful Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  7. 7. Ok now, how I ! do it? the You’ll target to Understand process Education of your need group. of Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  8. 8. Ok, now how I ! do it? Education Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  9. 9. Education? ! Education is the panacea for all social marketing programs. Without it just makes no sense launching a social marketing campaign. First of all, your target must have the right (mental) tools to understand what you’re trying to “sell” .Then you’ll need to introduce a one step-by- step “engineered awareness” approach . Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  10. 10. Engineered awareness ! When it comes to behaviour change, there is a distinctly managerial hubris to all this. WE are the managers. We have the TRUE KNOWLEDGE and CORRECT BEHAVIOUR. THEY do not. If we can INJECT our knowledge into the (passive) audience, then they wil realize the error of their ways and start behaving correctly. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  11. 11. Engineered awareness ! It's widespread, especial y amongst, well, engineers and managers. It is based on the assumption that AWARENESS BUILDING is the key to behaviour change. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  12. 12. 7 steps to social change ! 1 . Knowledge 2. Desire 3. Skil s 4. Facilitation 5.Optimism 6. Stimulation 7. Reinforcement Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  13. 13. 7 steps to social ! change:Expressed as affirmations. I know I want to I should DESIRE KNOWLEDGE I can SKILLS That was a success REINFORCEMENT OPTIMISM It’s worthwhile STIMULATION FACILITATION I’m joining in It’s easy Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  14. 14. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 1 . Knowledge An obvious first step is that people must: know there is a problem; know there is a practical, viable solution or alternative. This is important. People are practical - they wil always demand clear, simple, feasible road maps before they start a journey to a strange place. identify the personal costs of inaction and the benefits of action in concrete terms people can relate to (ie. they 'own' the problem). An awareness campaign aims to harness people's judgement. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  15. 15. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 2 .Desire (imagining yourself in a different future) Change involves imagination. People need to be able to visualize a different, desirable, future for themselves. This is different to being able to recognise rational benefits, is an emotion, not a kind of knowledge. To design a campaign that harnesses your audience's imaginations, you'll have to start by liberating your own . Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  16. 16. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 3. Skil s (knowing what to do) Being able to easily visualize the steps required to reach the goal. This is not about emotion - it is purely rational (it is what we have rationality for). People learn skil s best by seeing someone else do them. The best way to do this is to break the actions down into simple steps and use il ustrations to make visualization easy. It's amazing how many social marketing campaigns forget this element. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  17. 17. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 4. Optimism (or confidence) The belief that success is probable or inevitable. Strong political or community leadership is probably an important ingredient of optimism. I can't over-emphasise optimism. EPA research showed about 14% of the population are disabled from environmental action by their sense of isolation and powerlessness. If government and business are not leading by example, who can blame people for sensing their individual efforts may be futile? Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  18. 18. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 5. Facilitation (having outside support) People are busy with limited resources and few choices. They may need accessible services, infrastructure and support networks that overcome practical obstacles to carrying out the action. If personal behaviour change is blocked by real-world obstacles (and it usually is) then all the communications on earth wil be ineffective. The role of an 'education' strategy might therefore need to be expanded to involve the establishment of new services and infrastructure. This is why recycling has been successful - we now have simple, quick, low-cost collection services which make recycling easy. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  19. 19. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 6. Stimulation(having a kick-start) We are creatures of routine. Even with all the knowledge, desire, good wil and services in the world, there is stil the inertia of habit to overcome. Consciousness is the tool human beings use to overcome habit, but we are unconscious most of the time. There are two kinds of approach: threatening or inspirational. The dilemma: when you threaten your audience (ex. Quit smoking or you wil die), probably you make an instant impact. People wil change the behavior in the short time, but, in the end, it’ll be only an impulse, they wil not understand and process in their minds the real significance of the core message. So, it wil pass some days and probably they’ll return to do the same behavior. The inspirational has always happened in a collective context - a kind of inspirational mass conversion which is based on our human social instincts. A learning process from the roots - It wil take some time, but reward of knowing that your audience have learned what you told them is priceless (for you and for them), Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  20. 20. 7 steps to social change ! explained. 7. Reinforcement(Feedback ) Effective social marketing is about continuous recruitment and reinforcement of messages - with regular communications which report back to people on the success of their efforts and the next steps which are expected of them. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  21. 21. Research methodology ! We need to figure out where the obstacles are (ie. which gates are closed) with a given audience. How? I can recommend you surveys, focus groups, data analysis, etc. but in social marketing case, you wil need to be more deeper. One on One Interviews.- It wil give you a deep knowledge about what your audience thinks about the behavior your‘re dealing with., It’s way better that common surveys because some insight can be revealed only in the commodity of a calm pace interview. Remember that evaluate how many brochures were disseminated, how many media "hits," or mentions of your program did you achieve, or the people in your target audience are the ones who are using your program are a great point to start but the real significance of your social marketing campaign wil be answering this question: Did you make a difference? Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  22. 22. Research methodology ! The actual impact of a social marketing program is difficult to assess accurately. Can a public service announcement reduce mortality from heart disease? Probably not, but many such efforts can combine synergistically over time. The only way to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between your social marketing program and changes in behavior and health outcomes is to conduct a community intervention study. At whatever level you perform evaluation, the information gained should be used to improve your program in the future. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  23. 23. ! Make it happen Now you know how to do it, but what are the really core power for making the change? Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  24. 24. ! Consistency Social changes need time, need the whole 7 steps, and also need reinforcement of the key messages.. don’t let die your campaigns, is like a winery: with time and effort it’ll give you your desire elixir (product). Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  25. 25. ! Perception is reality Look around you, feel it, listen to it. . your program is in the air?? Did you notice how people are changing? this is a great research tool to evaluate if your campaign is going on the right path. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  26. 26. ! Everything communicates If you are launching a recycle campaign. are you using the right paper to print your messages? your company is really reducing the usage of prints and copies? do you have recycle bins? do you use rain water for the toilets?.. . be congruent of all your actions, even yourself if you are the image of the campaign. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  27. 27. Thank you Jose M. Sanchez Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..
  28. 28. Now you know how to make the change happen. Author:r// Jose M. Sanchez..