WP4-QoS Management in the Cloud


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WP4-QoS Management in the Cloud

  1. 1. Quality Management inService-based Systems andCloud ApplicationsWP4 Quality Management andBusiness Model InnovationRELATE-ITNDr. Jose María Alvarez-RodríguezResearch Fellow, SEERCPrague, 19-04-2013
  2. 2. “Cloud-based services acquire a particular quality byconstantly acting a particular way... they become just byperforming just actions, temperate by performingtemperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.”16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic #2Aristotle“Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting aparticular way... you become just by performing justactions, temperate by performing temperateactions, brave by performing brave actions.”…we need to manage this particular way of acting!Some time ago…
  3. 3. Which kind of quality do you prefer?
  4. 4. 16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic #4I need help…I have a mobile application that needs a Geocoding service andthe response time must be in milliseconds.• More than 54 geocoding APIs– How can I select the most suitable service?– How can I compare different providers?– How can I track the quality (response time) of the selectedservice?– …http://blog.programmableweb.com/2012/06/21/7-free-geocoding-apis-google-bing-yahoo-and-mapquest/
  5. 5. Context A growing offering of cloud services …more complexity…new needs and requirements Cloud Management for… Cloud models and types Track and control my third-party dependencies Context-aware quality dimensions/indicators/metricsSecurity, storage, etc.Subjective experience …to improve, optimize and accomplish… efficiency, costs, SLAs, etc. by means of providing advanced services Analytics/Prediction/…#516/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  6. 6. #6CloudComputingOn-demandself-serviceBroadnetworkaccessResourcepoolingRapidelasticityMeasuredserviceSource: The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing?What kind of service we want to track…What kind of characteristics areapplicable to that service…What kind of operation shouldbe deliver…alert service, analytics, prediction?16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  7. 7. What is “Quality”?Classical viewDimensions Tangibles Reliability Responsiveness Service assurance Empathy Others… Competence Credibility Security AccessGaps Consumer expectation andmanagement perception Management perceptionand service qualityspecification Service quality specificationand service delivery Service delivery andexternal communication Expected service andexperienced service#716/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  8. 8. #8Monitoring tool(execution environment)ContinuousassuranceAnalytics PredictionQualityModelCustomerProfileCloud ServiceProfileMapping &configurationType ofoperationDashboard-Abstraction+…DomainknowledgeHigh-leveltoolsBuilt-insservices+Executable-……… …16/04/2013 Prague, Czech RepublicOverview ofa QoS Management Architecture
  9. 9. State-of-the-Art Cloud Management Application Platforms QoS Models Monitoring tools and techniques Execution environments (Big Data analytics)#9…* Rodríguez, J. M. A; Kourtesis, D.; Paraskakis, I. Semantic- based QoS management in Cloud Systems: Current Status and Future Challenges. Future GenerationComputer Systems, Special Issue on Semantic Technologies and Linked Data over Grid and Cloud Architectures. IF: 1.978 (2012). (Under review).…16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  10. 10. http://www.cloudyn.comhttp://www.rightscale.com/ http://www.enstratius.com/http://scalr.com https://www.cloudexpress.com/https://app.cloudability.com/analytics
  11. 11. #1116/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  12. 12. Some existingQoS models…#1216/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  13. 13. #13Some existingmonitoring techniques and tools…16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  14. 14. Approach#14• Concepts & relationships• Dimensions, indicators and metrics• Service and Customer profile• Reuse of existing vocabularies and standardsAbstract Model of Qos Management• Standard, common and shared data model• data integration through semantic technologies• Configuration• Dashboard• Qualify Functions deployment (aggregation operators)Mapping and High-level tools• Monitoring tool• Continuous queries• Connection to data sources• ~Google analytics or Google Trends for QoS in cloud systemsExecution16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  15. 15. 16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic #15Partial Data modelOverview*Reuse of existing models and standards are not included.
  16. 16. 16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic #16I still need help…I have a mobile application that needs a Geocoding service andthe response time must be in milliseconds.• More than 54 geocoding APIs– How can I select the most suitable service?– How can I compare different providers?– How can I track the quality (response time) of the selectedservice?– …http://blog.programmableweb.com/2012/06/21/7-free-geocoding-apis-google-bing-yahoo-and-mapquest/
  17. 17. 16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic #17My Profile (partial)
  18. 18. 16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic #18A Provider Profile (partial)
  19. 19. Key points Represent providers and my own QoS features in acommon, shared and standard way to be able to consume and make comparisons (information and data): E.g. compare metrics with different units, seconds and milliseconds Map providers API information to the QoS model Connectivity parameters Data Deploy the quality function and Track the services with themonitoring tool Select “the best” according to my target profile#1916/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  20. 20. #2016/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  21. 21. * A toy example of monitoring theuse of words in Tweeter#21StormTridentReal-timeviewsBatchviewsStormTridentAlgorithms SyncRegistered Queries(Quality Functions)ResultsMonitoring tool16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  22. 22. Benefits#22• Integrated and Unified view of QoS• ExtensibilityAbstract Model Qos Management• Standard, common and shared data model (maybe semantically-based )• (Semi)-Automatic deployment of Quality Functions• Expressivity and AnalyticsMapping and High-level tools• Real time capabilities• Big Data processing• Flexibility & scalabilityExecution16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  23. 23. Open Questions#23MotivatingScenario• Bottom-upapproachDesign a QoSmodelSelect cloudtype and modelDesignmanagementservicesExecute andtest16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  24. 24. Situated QoS#24… can a broker take advantage of the QoSmanagement?16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  25. 25. Research Questions Which are the concepts and relationships to take into accountin QoS management? subjective and objective Which services must be provided to exploit domainknowledge and which algorithms are necessary to affordthose services? How can we deal with the processing of heterogeneous datastreams (Big Data) in real-time? How can we find services according to customer profile(matchmaking)? How can we exploit the historical information and feedbackthe domain knowledge?#2516/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  26. 26. Next Steps1. Design and deploy a complete example (iteratively)1. Design a simple model covering some QoS features2. Map the model and QoS features to 1 service and n providers3. Deploy (semi-automatically) the quality function in the monitoring tool4. Improve the monitoring tool5. Check results2. Go in-depth in the concept of “Quality” and “Measuredservice”3. Look for synergies4. Design of experiments and writing1. Can I easily extend the QoS model? (extensibility)2. Can I design and deploy quality analytic functions more fast? (expressivity)3. Can I meet (first) the “customer” requirements? (flexibility & scalability)#2616/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  27. 27.  Publications Rodríguez, J. M. A; Kourtesis, D.; Paraskakis, I. Semantic- based QoS management inCloud Systems: Current Status and Future Challenges. Future Generation ComputerSystems, Special Issue on Semantic Technologies and Linked Data over Grid and CloudArchitectures. IF: 1.978 (2012). (Under review). Others derivate of previous works (SCP and CHB journals) Talks Seminar at SEERC on the topic: “Towards a Pan – European E-Procurement Platform toaggregate, publish, and search public procurement notices powered by Linked OpenData: The Moldeas Approach”. 22 February 2013. PC member and reviewer PC member DATAWEB (PCI 2013), ETAS 2013, ICOHT 2013 and DMoLD workshop Reviewer of JCR Journals: FGCS, ESWA and Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry Technical Development Editor in Manning Co. Member of the Advisory Board in two books of IGI-Global. Training Seminar on OpenTosca Prototypes An early prototype of a real-time platform for dealing with data streams and execute simple rules isnow available (documentation and source code).#27Activities16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  28. 28. Summary
  29. 29.  M. Maiya, S. Dasari, R. Yadav, S. Shivaprasad, and D.S.Milojicic, "Quantifying Manageability of CloudPlatforms", ;in Proc. IEEE CLOUD, 2012, pp.993-995. “A Runtime Quality Measurement Framework for CloudDatabase Service Systems”, 8th Int. Conf. on the Quality ofInformation and Communications Technology //Lisbon, Portugal, 2012 N. Marz and J. Warren, “Big Data Principles and best practicesof scalable realtime data systems”, ManningPublications, 2013.#29Main References16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  30. 30. QuestionsThank you foryour attention!
  31. 31. Credits• Acknowledgements– SEERC• CONTACT AND RESOURCES– E-MAIL: JMALVAREZ@SEERC.ORG– WWW: http://josemalvarez.es– http://www.slideshare.net/josemalvarez• Pictures– https://moqups.com– NIST, Gartner, FP7 Europe, FLICKR– Cloud vendors• License– http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/es/
  32. 32. #32Public Hybrid PrivateSaaSPaaSIaaSControl and governanceAbstractionEconomies of scaleFlexibility16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic
  33. 33. #33Private(On-Premise)StorageServer HWNetworkingServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationYoumanageData / UsersInfrastructure(as a Service)StorageServer HWNetworkingServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationManagedbyvendorYoumanageData / UsersPlatform(as a Service)StorageServer HWNetworkingServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationManagedbyvendorYoumanageData / UsersSoftware(as a Service)StorageServer HWNetworkingServersDatabasesVirtualizationRuntimesApplicationsSecurity & IntegrationManagedbyvendorData / UsersYoumanageSource: “Cloud Manageability”, Michael Epprecht , Microsoft Corp.16/04/2013 Prague, Czech Republic