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Marcelo, miami


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Published in: Travel, Sports, Technology
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Marcelo, miami

  1. 1. By Marcelo Ramos Saltré
  2. 2. • It is situated in the souht east coast of the U.S.A. In Florida
  3. 3. • The city has a population of 419,777, it is the principal, central, and most populous city.
  4. 4. Miami has a tropical climate with hot and humid summers and short, warm winters.
  5. 5. - Spanish : 66.75% -English : 25.45% -Haitian Creole : 5.20% -French : 0.76% of the population
  6. 6. Miami Dolphins Football Florida Panthers Hockey Miami Heat Basketball Miami Marlins Baseball CLUBCLUB SPORTSPORT
  7. 7. SURF Surf is a sport very inportant in Miami
  8. 8. Economy Miami is a major center of commerce and finance. Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami are important ports of entry, especially for cargo from South America.