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Sales proccess (sleeves)


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Methodology to present our Unique Proposition Selling (Decorative Sleeves)

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Sales proccess (sleeves)

  1. 1. Methodology for presenting our Unique Selling Proposition on a SLEEVES’S SALES PROCESS José L. Giráldez Customers & Added Value Provider
  2. 2. Global View BENEFITS • 360º Image/Print/Advert • Brokerage protection • High quality printing • Attraction Factor •  Warehouse expenses • Scratch protection • Look: Always like new • Optional: Tamper evident • On: Metal, Glass or Plastic • Suitable for multiple forms • Easy to remove •  Product Protection • Varied MKTG purposes • All kind of HQ prinitng effects • In varied materials • Savings for Brand Owners FEARS • Company • Products /Services • Processes SOLUTIONS • Traditional Company Image • Virtual Image • “Customer Experience” • Visibility
  3. 3. Benefits (What’s in it for me?) BENEFITS 1 • 360º Image/Print/Advert  Now, your message will be displayed around the whole surface of the container • Brokerage protection  If the products breaks, the pieces will remain together. Not spreaded on the floor • High quality printing  Updated printing methods allow a high quality image • Attraction Factor  35% of the `purchases: “It caught my eyes” •  Warehouse expenses  Now, you store printed reels, not printed (already personalized) containers • Scratch Protection  The material is “reverse printed”. So printing is protected from abrasion
  4. 4. Benefits (What’s in it for me?) BENEFITS 2 • Looks always “like new”  Image remains always like “the first day” • Optional: Tamper Evident  Your customers will be confident about the “security” of the product • On Metal, Glass or Plastic  Suitable for different materials (surfaces) • Suitable for multiple forms  The product will be adaptable to the most used profiles/containers • Easy to remove  In order to reuse the container, sleeves are very easy to remove •  Product Protection  That means that the product will be able to remain longer on the shelves
  5. 5. Benefits (What’s in it for me?) BENEFITS 3 • Varied MKTG purposes  Promotional Samples, Multi-Packs, Promotional Bands, Cross Merchandising, … • All kind of HQ prinitng effects  Glosses, Metallized, Braille, Holograms, Phosphrescent, Golden Tones, … • On varied Materials  Recyclable, Pasteurisable, PLA, … • Additional savings for Brand Owners  Tamper-evident drop bands can be eliminated  Colorants from closures and bottles can be avoided  UV inhibitors in the package can be reduced or even eliminated
  6. 6. Fears (Are you a risk for me?) FEARS • Company     Can you handle an order of this size? Have you a reliable “delivery time” Is your reputation “enough reliable”? Financially: Is your company strong enough? • Product / Service  Is it successfully tested?  Can it be integrated in our system?  Has it complied with all our specific quality requirements? • Processes  Can you work without disrupting the way we work?  Do you have clear processes to implement the necessary changes?  Have you a reliable and updated “Customer Service” policy?  Can we count (if required) on an “Urgent Delivery Process”?
  7. 7. Solutions (Can you probe it?) SOLUTIONS • Traditional Company Image     Company History Manager’s Bios Certificates & Prizes Buildings and Machines • Virtual Image  Social Media  YT, Lin, FB, Pinterest, TW, …  Web Page, Blog, Webinars, Newsletter, … • “Customer Experience”  Speed of answers, Proactivity, Punctuality, Sellers’s Image, Work Flow Process … • Visibility  Current customers, Market Presence, Case Studies, Testimonials, …
  8. 8. Buyers make their decision to avoid failure rather than to gain advantage José L. Giráldez Hunter of Customers & Added Value provider Athos-world GiraldezGo +34 603206342 Some of the graphics come from public documents or web sites, and have been used with the sole intention of delivering the messsage There are no commercial purposes behind this document