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Daily activities' Cheatsheet


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Daily activities' cheatsheet according to importance and urgency

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Daily activities' Cheatsheet

  1. 1. • ALWAYS plan carefully your time in Q3 - Meetings - Many reports • Must be done. Solve it asap • Do not procrastinate Q4 - Wasting time - “Presentism” - Administrative tasks - External - Interruptions procrastination - Nurturing partners • Reduce Q1 impact, investing in Q2 - Prospection - Crises - Customer’s issues - Last-minute Changes - Imposed deadlines - Sales Coaching - Time on the field - Building Pipeline - Prepare Interactions - Training • You can not avoid to solve Q1 • Q2 (prevention) will save you time in Q1 • When in doubt, invest your effort in Q2 • Q2 is where the action is • Q2 is the base of your success