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Flexible Bags for Roasted Chicken


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General product description (Flexible Bags) for Roasted Chicken

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Flexible Bags for Roasted Chicken

  1. 1. José L. Giráldez Customers & Added Value Provider
  2. 2. • Xiamen XiangYi Co.Ltd (Cn) • Xiangwei Packaging Co., Ltd. (Cn) • Yantai Bagease Plastic Products Co., Ltd (Cn) • Merit Paper Corporation (USA) • DM Packaging Company (USA) • Robbie Flexibles (USA) • Kaidapack (Cn) • LongYing Plastic Packaging (Cn) • Runsun Packaging Co., Ltd (Cn) • Xiamen Threestone Packing Material Co.,Ltd (Cn) • Shenzen Caivuntian Plastic Package Co., Ltd (Cn) • Qingdao Haoyu Packaging Co., Ltd (Cn) • Foshan Shunde Longyin Packaging Manufaturer (Cn)
  3. 3. Die cut handler Quality Zipper Optional easy open notch Anti-fog Transparent Window Steam Vent holes High quality Rotogravure printing Leak-proof properties Shaped bottom & gusset
  4. 4. • Made of food grade raw multi-layer laminated material (EU Standards) • With shaped bottom and gusset for self standing • Recyclable and Eco-friendly • Microwave oven (up to 50”) and boiling safe • High clarity / Anti-fog Material for clear view of contents and excellent visual appearance • Quality zipper to ensure bag airtight /watertight and to save leftovers • Die cut handler for easy take away • Steam vent holes (to keep fried foods crisp, rotisserie chicken and other rotisserie products moist) • Advanced film lamination providing leak proof properties • High puncture resistance • Customizable (color, size, zipp, handle, transparent window, vent holes, composition)
  5. 5. • U-CHKB reduces costs for the consumer and retailer. • Reduces storage space on the truck, at the warehouse and in the store. • U-CHKB leak proof bag eliminates leakage on the warmer, in the customer’s car, and on the store floor which could lead to “slip and falls.” • Built-in, easy-to-carry handle eliminates the extra cost of a handle or a bag that a dome & tray container requires to have the same function. • The easy carry handle reduces labor costs by allowing employees to transport 6 chickens as opposed to 2 domes • The handle allows for customers to “Grab n Go.” • Eliminates the labor and cost of labels. • Microwaveable (consumers can reheat safely at home) • Keeps the chicken moist and juicy. • U-CHKB allows twice the amount of chickens to be displayed on the warming table. • Easy access opening for temperature checks. • Can be custom designed to include retailer’s logo, chicken flavor, nutritional information, ingredients & bar code. • Manufactured from clear anti-fog film allowing better viewing of product. • Heat resistant up to 220° F. • Sustainable - Socially and Environmentally responsible. • Regarding transportation – decreases emissions and reduces fuel costs. • Uses approximately 80% less packaging material and offers a reduction in solid waste in landfills. • Case of 500 Bags = 20 lbs / 500 Dome Containers = 77.5 lbs • A case of 500 domes weighs 74.2% more than a case of 500 bags. • A case of 500 domes weighs 3.88 times more than a case of 500 bags. • Because of the weight ratio, domes require more energy (that means more CO2 emissions) • Proprietary venting to keep fried foods crisp, rotisserie chicken and other rotisserie products moist
  6. 6. Some of the graphics come from public documents or web sites, and have been used with the sole intention of delivering the messsage There are no commercial purposes behind this document José L. Giráldez Hunter of Customers & Added Value provider Athos-world GiraldezGo +34 639657973