New Personal Learning Environment


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New Personal Learning Environment

  1. 1. My personal Learning environment By: Parada, Jose Luis
  2. 2. Facebook : It is a social network more using to people around the world, we can use this social network to communicate with other people and learn your idiom is not necessary English because we can found many people that speaking another idiom for example : Italian, Spanish or English. Facebook also we can use to share information about some homework or also someone can found jobs in this social network also we can do business. This social network is important for us.
  3. 3. Twitter: It is a social network when we can use to commenting and we can do mention, twitter is use to follow people and their follow back, is essential because we can see some fan pages on twitter for example: English is Fun, its very interesting for me. The most important of twitter is that all people can use, its free and we can interact with many people around the world.
  4. 4. Skype: It is a new social network that replaced to hotmail, it is very important to communicate with people around the world because is of universal use, Skype is important because we can do video call with our friends, it is necessary because we learn about some idiom on all world. This social network is interesting because we can use of many forms, chat or video call also call mobile into Skype.
  5. 5. Gmail account: I use Gmail to post information about some English topics , also I can interact with my friends, I did know how used but today I know how use and what’s your advantage
  6. 6. Outlook: It’s a application to smart phone and android system have the last version of Outlook. Outlook: It is a new personal e-mail, hotmail was replace to Outlook since 2012, nowadays it’s use in wherever place for us.
  7. 7. Blogger: It’s a personal digital page, we can use to post some information about kind of English, I use blogger to share information and after the people can see some interesting topics that I posted on blogger.
  8. 8. BlogSpot: It’s the window of blogger, there we can see the information published on blogger. Bloodspots are connecting with the social network for example: facebook, twitter, YouT ube and Gmail account. BlogSpot is a tool to learn English because we can found information about it.
  9. 9. Zunal: It’s a support for teachers, zunal help how we can evaluate and how use the technology to teach. Zunal is essential to teach and evaluate students
  10. 10. I use YouTube to look a tutorial about how to learn English ?, it is very important because we can found important information about grammar or kind of learning, we can see videos of music your lyrics, also about other kind of video for example: comedy or documental.
  11. 11.