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Pf Salesv5

  1. 1. Publishing Factory for market leader news portals 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Agenda •Positioning •References •Why to make an online presence •How to chose the right portal •Offered services •Pricing – rent an editorial system •Applying your design and page layout •Extended Support •Feature set •Online Journalism - consultancy •Editorial screenshots •Next steps •Live Samples •PF-Feature Catalogue – 1 Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 2
  3. 3. Agenda Positioning • For print papers targeting an online release • For market leader online portals • For radio and TV portals with media stream • For „small traffic” communication portals: NGOs, government portals, brand portals and other organisations with low PIs • Additional online editorial and journalist consultancy Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 3
  4. 4. Agenda References  News portals  - sport  - sport  - daily paper  - weekly magazine  - daily boulvar paper - biggest print paper in hungary  - 2 weekly magazine Samples  - 2 weekly magazine  - online film portal  - sport tv - ringier  Streaming technology - integrated into another portal  - only streaming technology  - only streaming technology  - only streaming technology  - only streaming technology  "Small" traffic sites  - university for law  - magazin of defense ministery  - union of electro industry  - union of chemical industry  - union of independent workers Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 4
  5. 5. Agenda Screenshot of the published page – Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 6
  6. 6. Agenda Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 7
  7. 7. Agenda Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 8
  8. 8. Agenda Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 9
  9. 9. Agenda Why to have an online presence?  Earn online ad revenue  Maintain your position, gain more readers  Share more content to your readers  Get feedback of readers  Publishing costs (of existing content) are not relevant compared to the print version  Technology shift Not decided yet having an online presence? Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 10
  10. 10. Agenda Changing end-devices  40% of households in 2008: HDTV- ready screen for internet  Older users (40+) and young generation will use internet as entertainment  E-books as internet devices are comming within 3 years to europe (10% penetration till 2011)  Websites have to focus the average users Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 11
  11. 11. Agenda How to choose the right portal solution Components of the right decision:  Trust the company you cooperate and build long term cooperation (later changes are expensive)  Do not distribute responsibilities and tasks among several players  Optimise TCO (total cost of ownership) including even internal efforts  Choose a function rich tool  Choose a comfortable tool – favoured by editors and authors  Choose robust architecture – surviving peek loads Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 12
  12. 12. Agenda Competitive advantages - Company  Qualysoft is a trustworthy international company with serious customers  Relevant portal references of financial, industrial and media customers  Stable branch in Slovakia since 2007  Local and international support staff  All in one solution and full service delivery  ISO and ITIL certified Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 13
  13. 13. Agenda Competitive advantages - Solution  Publishing Factory is a product of Qualysoft, developed since 2002  Over 18 references of 13 customers  Key player in the area of rich content portals (text, dynamic components and streamed audio/video)  Not only a software product, but an operated service  Strong high availability service and SLA (8 hrs down time yearly)  Additional services: Web design consulting, initial content migration, user training, SEO consulting and online journalism consulting  Very effective operational environment to serve high peak loads Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 14
  14. 14. Agenda Competitive advantages Publishing Factory Tool  User friendly editorial interface – low effort to manage the online version  Live Sport reporting with mobile devices  Automatic rotation of leading stories, heading photos and ads  Embeds dynamically any interactive modules  Templating engine for the flexible page layout  Flexible for modern web design and layout  Advertisement components are free to place to defined zones  Database - publisher module of football championship and Olympia 2008 (extra edition)  Basic streaming technology for video and audio  Optimized streaming technology for TV channels (extra edition) Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 15
  15. 15. PF – Architecture Agenda Main modules • The PF architecture is modulare Article Desk • Main concept was to create an independent publishing „factory” ents Arch working mostly with static n t ss C a ct pon on or co cce F l ro elements for high volume traffic i ve S te y Com A nt • The Editorial is strongly tudio UGC Publishing integrated to the publishing factory having a feature rich system O to ne ion pe ol • The integration channel let to an at ls ra s ch e g r tio embed PF into any environment t n In St re • Operation tools deliver exact a mi o ls ng To usage information of the product Ce i o ntr ud al St Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 16
  16. 16. ne gi TP En tD 17 w in lo Pr kf or Integration channels W tic le d L is at du h R st U og Bl g, he lis et ty in Sc p u b Pr gg Lo Publish d le fil s s ne a m re St zo Ad er ag k es an D m le Functional areas n tic um Ar ol PF Architecture Add article C io ud st e iv k ac ch Ar db t c pi s e te Fe ly m on O C Studios r te ll et a sl tb o Fo ew N et er Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. he r gn te es ge si l a yl a d e mp St a n Te m Create a site e at io ud pl er Agenda st m gn te Si Te esi d
  17. 17. Feature collection – Agenda Content and publishing Article Desk Scheduled Publishing r age Arch io Ope stic, log Se n g i ma n ud Stat ar ne E i ve S St St C e or ch re ntr ratio te er Ed i t i a n Ad am al mn Si ag tudio in n St i n g Content Colu g SEO M Factory udio Publishing g St a n gn te Factory yl a si l a m es ge er d e mp he r R Te SS et Ac r es RL r e ne ce ag Fe U ig ss n Ma e ma t ds Se u D na n e cu utp ge r d Zo rity S O A En S gin il eC e b Mo Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 18
  18. 18. Feature collection – Agenda Components and Studios Football Article Desk n Boo cription su b s xi co t er U se C or e m Al on In fact ct a g ksh o e , le Foru te or S te fa ort r’s fa y SM rv y s ep t ie p& sco p w R vorit Compo- Studio Horo e nents In ha r te nn te c gr e To ox et al e at ls sl G ag p es b y io ew Li er Im Fe n st N UG g, e db 08 co C - A tin iz ac 0 mm rt o – v , qu ks p i c2 e n i cl e C g tud l ym ts U G n ki n io O ra Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 19
  19. 19. Agenda Offered services  We cover the full Feature rich news portal TCO Total cost of ownership package  We optimize the Editorial Interface costs for TCO Support 5day x 16 hrs weekly  Integrate the solution into the Internet hosting for 2x1Gbit (fail over) editorial environment Hardware, scaled for peak load  Provide quick Backup, security, virus protection start package 365x24 alert, monitoring, SLA (99,9%) User experience – stable, quick, eye catching portal, letting you to contribute to the content Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 20
  20. 20. Agenda Operational Environment and high available server park • The news portal will be served by a high available server park • Paralell publication servers provide quick response time for your users • Mirrored database servers and dedicated community (forum) database • Mirrored editorial author servers, dedicated streaming server • Dedicated backup, monitoring, logging, etc. servers in the environment • Load balancing and duplicated name services • After the deployment our QA, will measure the quick response time for you Internet LBS1 LBS2 Publication.1 Publication.n DB.1 DB.n Author.1 Author.2 Backup Monitoring Log... Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 21
  21. 21. Agenda Components of the service Operation and rental fee covers Operation+rental fee covers 1 Portal licence and periodic upgrades 2 Editorial Author application licence and periodic upgrades 3 Application support (ticketing for bugs, and bug fixing) 4 Availability for application support (5 day x 16 hours, 2 hours repsonse time) 5 Internet hosting (2x1 Gbit load balanced) 6 Operating System and necessary system softwares 7 Operational Server Park (scaled for peak load) 8 Data Backup, backup storages, security, virus protecting 9 High availablity system operation and monitoring 10 Domain Name Services 11 365x24 uptime support, 99,9% SLA, alerting 12 (1 hours response time 8:00-20:00; 2 hours response time 20:00-8:00) 13 Technical support online 14 Necessary proxies or local hosted environment in case of high load packages 15 Quick application with good response time. (opening page 5 sec) Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 22
  22. 22. Agenda Rent an editorial system Advantage of rental construction  We do not ask for licence fee and continuous support and will not you let alone with the application. We offer a highly available service for rental fee (other business models are achievable if necessary).  You do not need huge internal IT department  You do not have to care about operation and down times  You receive regularly new releases of the application with new features, better performance and closed security holes  You can focus to your core competency – to the content. Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 23
  23. 23. Agenda Applying your design and page layout First we have to build your site  Usually we receive your webdesign in photoshop  After discussing the draft requirements and have a look at to the expected webdesign we can estimate the necessary efforts for creating and customizing the site. Site creation and development fee covers 1 PF expects webdesign in photoshop from customer or 3rd party 2 PF expects requirement specification in draft version from customer or 3rd party 3 Webdesign implementation 4 Page template development 5 Functional implementation and customization 6 Deployment on operational environment 7 Author Training 8 Initial content migration Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 24
  24. 24. Agenda Site creation fee covers • Cost of developer days: ask for your special prices • According the complexity of the site it takes between 10-35 days to build up the site with Publishing Factory. •This is covering the consultancy in the design phase and 1 day editorial training. (User manual will be delivered.) •This simple site takes 10 days and takes 35 days. Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 25
  25. 25. Agenda Other Services Online Journalism - consultancy  Recommended for How users read the display Be search engine friendly - SEO small audiency (2-6 How to get comments to article participants) How to build up context-cloud  Contains examples How to organise a successful online interview and tests Online editorial processes  Analyse the How to place effective ads solution of the competitors News aggregators and competitors Handling of forum and blog  How to organise online editorial; Evaluate statistic results how to target online Cross references between print and online readers SMS alerts for print subscription  @4600 EUR How to realise that with Publishing Factory Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 26
  26. 26. Agenda Basis of rental fee and load characteristic Rental fee is calculated according the ordered nominal capacity:  Nominal DailyPI index: average daily page impression (=page view) of the month; (calculated all monthly Page View distributed by 30); this is basis of the pricing;  Peak PI Index: 3 times of the nominal index. The rented environment will be scaled to be able to provide peak periodes with 3 times higher load as standard;  High load: 10 times of the nominal index. The system will be able to provide sudden loads of 10 times of nominal index, usually with normal response time, but no warranty.  Extreme load: above 10 times of the nominal index the portal still stable and will provide the service to users; some of them might experience access difficulties. For expected extreme periodes, like sport events we offer additional server capacity for a shorter periode (for extra fee). Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 27
  27. 27. Agenda PF Feature set - simple Site features  Flexible page structure  Page structure: styles, components; domains; Preview  Flexible design opportunities, later changes of web design will change all archived articles  Formatting within the article - by function buttons  Complex article structure (20 fields, e.g. different types of titles, leading image, framed subarticle, etc.)  Comment on articles, list of most-commented articles  Send-email-recommendation to a friend, list of most recommended articles  Most read articles box, Latest news box  Live reporting by multiple reporters and mobile devices  Print preview of the pages  Search within the site and on the Web, paging of hitlist  Column structure to stick the articles belonging to it Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 28
  28. 28. Agenda PF Feature set- simple Dynamic components  Tagging; Search Engine Support  TV Program Guide (edited - manually)  Games (participate and win!)  Voting  Photo Galery, image archive db  Video Streams and archive, live stream  Forum (incl. auto and manual moderation)  Online Interview (and moderation)  Newsletters for registered users  Simple user registration and login  Auto-ban of dirty words; ban of dirty users (login name, IP-address)  RSS Feed of the column  Any unique component on request Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 29
  29. 29. Agenda PF Feature set - simple Editorial features  User friendly interface to edit the articles, dynamic components - needing minimum effort to manage the online version  Ergonomical interface to edit the site structure and basic design settings - only for admins  Interface to upload new css - only for admins  Publication process; scheduled, filtered  Integrated ad server - banner mapping  Statistics (article, galery, export)  Define simple URL-s (define to an article or article domain)  Banner zones, codes  Author database - access management-hw key based  Tagging all components (to help the search)  Central media library and archive, built in resizing and cut  Game admin (list of participants, export, select winners) Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 30
  30. 30. Agenda Editorial screenshots – see more in the guide Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 31
  31. 31. Agenda Next steps  Study Publishing factory sites  Evaluate the demo version  Ask for decision support  Prepare online strategy  Prepare business calculation and  Just do it Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 32
  32. 32. Josef Bayer Qualysoft ZRT. 1124 Budapest Németvölgyi út 97. Tel.: Fax.: +36 (1) 889 9820 +36 (1) 889 9810 Thank You For Your Mobil: Email: +36 (20) 3999 88 71 Attention © Copyright Qualysoft, 2006 All rights reserved. Any usage or distribution in part or as a whole without written permission is forbidden. The content of this presentation is to be treated in a confidential manner. Distribution of contained information is not allowed.
  33. 33. Agenda Why to make an online presence?  Earn online ad revenue  Maintain your position  Share more content to your readers  Get feedback of readers  Publishing costs (of existing content) are not relevant compared to the print version  Technology shift • Online ad expenditure is 6% of all ads in Hungary in 2006 • Papers are loosing on print but gaining on online version Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 34
  34. 34. Agenda Why to make an online presence? • The online ad market in Hungary is  Earn online ad revenue controlled by 2 portals without print version  Maintain your position ( 700.000 readers, 1,3 mio  Share more content to your readers daily readers - )  Get feedback of readers • Strong online players (,  Publishing costs (of existing content) can keep their position compared to are not relevant compared to the print version competitors  Technology shift • Bad online presence lead decreasing importance even in print ( looses to • International press companies are coming with strong online versions, The competition is now open yet • Offer mixed online – offline ad package to your customer Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 35
  35. 35. Agenda Why to make an online presence? • The print version contains only a selected  Earn online ad revenue set of content – text, information, charts,  Maintain your position photos  Share more content to • Your readers deserve to have access to all your readers shooted pictures, more background details  Get feedback of readers of the news; short video shots; archive;  Publishing costs (of existing content) are not relevant compared to the print referenced contex of the news version • The print version has a longer delay then  Technology shift print version – you can display the news immediately and prepare the background and full details in the print version •The online version is not a competitor of the print version – they extend each other • Use them to reference each other Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 36
  36. 36. Agenda Why to make an online presence? • The users are reading first the last page of  Earn online ad revenue your paper  Maintain your position  Share more content to your readers • You can measure the readin characteristic easily and inexpensive on the online version  Get feedback of readers  Publishing costs (of existing content) • What are the favorite topics, and are not relevant compared to the print successful stories? You can refine the version targeting of the print version.  Technology shift • You can make voting and marketing poll easily Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 37
  37. 37. Agenda Why to make an online presence? • You can start your online presence from  Earn online ad revenue 450 EUR monthly fee – compared to the  Maintain your position publishing of the print version – is not  Share more content to your readers relevant  Get feedback of readers  Publishing costs • Your core competency is to produce news  Technology shift and stories –publish it to users with given techniques is only a technical issue • You need very small „online team” to publish the existing content to the portal – typically 1-2 dedicated or 3-4 part time job – depending on the size of the editorial. • Publishing costs are raising only with the count of visits – generating online ad revenue Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 38
  38. 38. Agenda Why to make an online presence? • 45% of the mobile devices in 2009 will  Earn online ad revenue have built in browser, 3G internet access  Maintain your position and over 320x240 pixel screen – perfect to  Share more content to your readers read text, email and news  Get feedback of readers  Publishing costs • 38% of the households in 2009 will own an  Technology shift LCD TV (37 inch and over) connected to internet (through a desktop computer) – offering an internet browser from the sofa or the kitchen table. • It will be more and more convenient to use portals as an information source. Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 39
  39. 39. Agenda PF Feature catalogue Content Factory ID Domain Module Description Archive Studio manages text, images, audio, video and other digital assets. Tagging 10 Content Factory Archive Studio and search is secured. - Optimal usability - User interface adapts to the article types and the publishing target - Work on more articles, images, videos, etc. at the same time - Support for multi-channel and/or multi-site content management - Access roles, rights, groups - Extensible to meet specific customer needs - Scheduling in and out times of the articles; prework is supported - Images, files can be attached to the artice - Frame - texts and tables within the article body - Preview - International text (UTF-8) - Multi page articles with paging arrows or numbers 11 Content Factory Article Desk - Dynamic components, like forms can be embedded into articles - The main attributes of the columns can be managed here (name, internal-name, flags, behaviour, redirect url); Hierarchie can be built up - Content completely separated from presentation; - Automatic article placing system; Content Factory Column manager - Displaying any external RSS soures (news agency) The search engine executes quick and detailed search on the Database of the Archive 12 Content Factory Search Engine and taxonomy Studio; "Category and taxonomy - for content classification; flexibility of keywords You can define more sites within the editorial and setup the relationship between 13 Content Factory Site Studio them. - This module is hidden for the most editors; - You can design the templates of the online news portal within the template designer without the need of code changes. The layout is built up of square boxes of components. - The layout structure of the unique pages will control the automatic article show-up 14 Content Factory Template Designer logic within the site. Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. - This controls the styles of the most articles and content elements 40 15 Content Factory Stlyesheet Manager - Similar to the template designer, it is hidden for editors
  40. 40. Agenda PF Feature catalogue Publishing engine ID Domain Module Description - Ad Manager - fast and flexible solution providing publishers with complete control of online advertising - It ads 3rd party banner zones to the pages to every chosen column, fixed positions 25 Publishing Ad Manager and fitting sizes. Generation of .mobi compliant websites through our partnership with mobile internet 26 Publishing Mobile CSS solution providers - The heart of the System is the publishing factory, controlling the syncronised content publishing to several webservers, running link checker before the live publication. - Internal linkchecking for working URL-s 27 Publishing Publishing Factory - Scheduled publishing is possible - You can define publishing targets to several RSS Feeds; 28 Publishing RSS Feed - You can define RSS - XML feeds for news aggregator services. This module let you define the SEO related metawords and inheritance structure 29 Publishing SEO editor between columns; It is partly embedded into the content factory for article keywords. This module let you design the URL structure of the site and define pretty URL (quick URL-s) for selected articles for reference purposes (typically in print). This is 30 Publishing URL designer embedded into the content factory. Streaming content can be provided by the streaming central optimized for operation. 31 Publishing Streaming central Supports all possible players. Html pages, RSS, news aggregtors XML, Wap, Push SMS, MMS, CSV Dumplist – winners list, registered users list, newsletter-text-format, newsletter-html-format, video stream, audio Summarized outputs stream, pdf-collection of the print edition Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 41
  41. 41. Agenda PF Feature catalogue Components ID Domain Module Description You can define editorial roles pro sites within the editorial. The access configuration is 1 Access control Access manager flexible. User login with USB token or password. - There is a multi-site authentication and login system. - Single Sign On is possible. 2 Access control Authentication gateway - Access rights are controlled on function/modul level. - Restricted content access to registered or subscribed users - Articles can be displayed following SMS authentication - You can define guarded areas and level of access. - Registration process with email notification and captcha. - This module handles the (reader)user management by editorial admin - The viewscope of user login: for site-groups and multiple news sites - You can freeze and block user accounts according to login name or IP address (in 3 Access control User Login guarded area case of bad behaviour, or any other reason) - Commenting content objects, like articles (by registered users) 4 Component UGC - Article-Comment - Moderation functionality for the editors - Adding simple voting boxes independent or related to the article - Displaying voting results 5 Component UGC - Voting - Safety logic prevents the most typical test robots Component UGC - Horoscope Personal Horoscope Component Lexicon Simple tool for dictionary, lexicon, legend, etc. Component UGC - Quiz Quiz questions (multiple steps) Component UGC - Users Toplist Toplist of articles - personalized by the user itself Component Galeria Image Galery; independent or article related; admin a displaying module 6 Component Interview factory Online Interviewing tool; with collection of question; moderation - Online reportage with more parallel entry channel; - Highlighted update of fresh content 7 Component Reportage factory - Statistic counters - depending of the sport (e.g. goals, etc) These are automatically updated top and most frequent lists of articles of several 8 Component Top Lists types. 9 Component TV Program guide This is a database controlled TV Program Guide editor. (several types) Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 42
  42. 42. Agenda PF Feature catalogue Operation tools and interfacing ID Domain Module Description Integration 19 channels Blog gateway You can integrate blog engine to the site Integration Print gateway and backend - Interfacing to the editorial of the print publishing system of the editorial. 20 channels interface '- Interfacing to any back end system of the publisher - The independent Publishing-Workflow product can control any unique workflow Integration need - as customized solution. e.g: 21 channels Workflow Engine - Interfacing to the editorial of the print publishing of the editorial or proof reading. 22 Operation tools Logging Engine This module executes centralised activity logging of all users on all sites. This module detects the most probable introductions; inproper participation of 23 Operation tools Security Engine contests; DOS attacks; inproper wording of UGC modules. Statistic; - Analysis Engine - real-time traffic statistics, enabling a site's administrators to answer quiestions such as: How many people are reading my story right now? This module's powerful and user-friendly reports can be generated on the fly, giving up-to- date information about which content and which parts of the website is more popular. This is a very useful tool for adapting the website to the visitor's needs and 24 Operation tools Statistic subsystem interests, in realtime if necessary. Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 43
  43. 43. Agenda PF Feature catalogue Studio toolset ID Domain Module Description - Footbal league manager - databased driven pages for the national footbal league teams; players; matches; results; schedule (the editorial is in charge for content filling) 32 Studio toolset Football Studio - Used typically as article background Ad Factory module provides the flexibility to save money from third-party systems 33 Studio toolset Integrated Ad factory and total control over ad placement on the website. Publish email news to users, with content from the Content Factory. Text and images in the newsletter can be linked to the website, thus enabling the recipients to get 34 Studio toolset Newsletter studio more information about topics mentioned in the newsletter. Databased driven pages for the 2008 Olimpic games; nations; stadiums; teams; players; matches; results; schedule - easy to provide background info for the related 35 Studio toolset Olimpic Studio articles This is a small tool set to support the most common games and contest for users winning some prizes; the studio contains the creation admin tools as well the 36 Studio toolset Contest Studio selection tools for winners. This is a small tool set for user generated content like article rating, polling, articel 37 Studio toolset Feedback Studio forwarding - recommender for friends; partly mentioned among the "components" This is an integrated open source PHP tool. Forum - discussion; The Forum contains an administration interface facilitating moderation, approval, rejection and other tasks 38 Studio toolset Forum regarding the administration and maintenance of a discussion forum. Users can alert the editorial about sudden events around the world. Tip Engine - 39 Studio toolset SMS Alert Gateway tipping by SMS and MMS messages, email and phone. 40 Studio toolset Bookshop and Subscription Book and subscription shop Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt. 44