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My brilliant geospatial career 6 dec 2011


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this is a presentation I gave to 200 high school girls to explain what the geospatial industry is about and to encourage them to study geospatial or surveying, or to include it as a subject in their other studies. It lasts about 20 minutes. Very well received by girls and teachers.

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  • note, the images on slide 11 do not link to the video and TED talk. Go to and scroll down for the video. for the TED talk just google TED talk deforestaction and you will find it.
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  • Some background for International viewers

    My Brilliant Career is a novel by Miles Franklin, widely studied in Australian Schools.

    Rush is a very gripping Police show based in Melbourne, Australia
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My brilliant geospatial career 6 dec 2011

  1. 1. My Brilliant Geospatial Career Why you should have one too Jose Diacono Cheltenham Girls High
  2. 2. It’s all about where• Where is the illegal logging of orangutan habitat?• Where is the criminal?• Where is the nearest ATM?• Where is the high voltage electricity cable?• Where can I buy vintage fashion?• Where are the flood victims?• Where is the water being used or wasted?• Where is the party this Saturday night?
  3. 3. Geospatial TechnologiesA specialised form of information technologySatellite technologiesAerial photographyMeasuringMappingAnalysingIndoors and outdoors
  4. 4. Geospatial technologies used inIN  Marketing  Town Planning  Banking Insurance Weather Forecasting Mining Precision Agriculture 3D Simulation and games
  5. 5. Insurance
  6. 6. Transport
  7. 7. Markets
  8. 8. SportiPhone App
  9. 9. DeforestactionState of the artTechnology + humaningenuity
  10. 10. State of the art Technology + human ingenuity
  11. 11. What subjects?• Maths 3 unit (required)• Physics (preferred)• Software Design and Development• Information Technology• Geography• Design* Don’t be put off by the ATAR of 91
  12. 12. We need designers!
  13. 13. Other skills• Good written and verbal communications• Problem solving• Eager to learn
  14. 14. Courses• Surveying• Geo Information Systems• TAFE Diploma/Certificate
  15. 15. Courses• Subjects within another degree – Engineering, Geography, Environmental, History, Science, Vet, Medicine, Marketing Politics, Law….. – Postgraduate
  16. 16. Atlas NSW
  17. 17. Atlas NSW
  18. 18. Population
  19. 19. Population
  20. 20. Where to Study?• University of NSW• UTS, Newcastle (subject within engineering etc)• TAFE (Ultimo, Wollongong , Newcastle
  21. 21. Find out more…
  22. 22. Find out more… Study Pathways Where to study
  23. 23. spatialAce Day Jobs survey
  24. 24. Why a career in spatial?
  25. 25. Why a career in spatial?• Skills shortage = career opportunities + $• Women are popular!• Interesting and satisfying• Flexibility• Travel• Work in – Government – Large or small private sector – Own business/self employed