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Dlucia english catalogue


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Dlucia english catalogue

  1. 1. Cataloguewww.namiberia.comD E L U C Í A
  2. 2. D E L U C Í AList1. Rioja1.1 Rioja White Wine1.2 Rioja Rose1.3 Rioja 20101.4 Rioja Crianza1.5 Rioja Reserva2. Ribera del Duero2.1 Ribera del Duero Young2.2 Ribera del Duero Roble2.3 Ribera del Duero Crianza2.4 Ribera del Duero Reserva3. Vinos de la Mancha3.1 Cavernet-Sauvignon3.2 Syrah-Merlot3.3 Tempranillo-Syrah-Merlot3.4 ChardonnayWines7. Halal products7.1 Vegetables with Beef7.2 Spiced Meat-balls of Beef Halal7.3 Chicken curry7.4 Chicken Stew7.5 Spiced Meat-balls of Chicken Halal7.6 White Beans with Beef Meat7.7 Lentils with Beef Meat7.8 White Beans with Sausages and Beef Meat7.9 Chick Peas and Lamb Stew7.10 Pasta with Beef7.11 Harira with cermicelli7.12 Harira with barley7.13 Cous Cous with chick peas and lamb7.14 Couscous with chick peas and beef7.15 Couscous with chick peas and chicken4.1 Extra Virgin4.2 Virgin4.3 Pure4.4 PomaceOlive oils5. Spanish products5.1 Spiced meat-balls with peas5.2 Spiced meat-balls in sauce5.3 Tipical madrid stew5.4 Asturian beans stew5.5 Lentils with chorizo5.6 White beans stew5.7 Tripes5.8 Tripes with chickpeas5.9 White beans w. spanish s.5.10 Riojan style beans5.11 Chili con Carne5.12 Torti Bolognese5.13 Asadillo5.14 Fried Tomatoes and peppers5.15 Beef with vegetables5.16 White beans with partridge5.17 White beans with quail5.18 2 quails in a spicy sauce5.19 Partridge in a spicy sauce5.20 Lentils with vegetables5.21 Chickpeas with vegetables5.22 White and red beans with v.6. Portuguese products6.1 Pork meat in sauce6.2 Beef in sauce6.3 Vegetables with beef6.4 Corned Beef6.5 Feijoada à transmontana6.6 Dobrada à portuguesa6.7 Chispalhada6.8 Mão de vaca com grão6.9 Rancho à Viseu6.10 Meatballs with peas6.11 Meatballs with vegetables6.12 Rice with chicken6.13 Lentils with chorizo-sausage6.14 White beans with chorizo-sausage6.15 Chicken with peas6.16 Luncheon chicken6.17 Pork cold meat6.18 Fried pork meatCanned food
  3. 3. D E L U C Í A8.1 Gordal olives with peppers8.2 Gordal olives with gherkins8.3 Capers capuchine8.4 Big capers8.5 Mild garlic cloves with olive oil8.6 Sweet banderillas8.7 Hot banderillas8.8 Banderillas gran bouquet8.9 Spring onions8.10 Bittersweet red onions cocktail8.11 Pickles cocktail8.12 Hot peppers8.13 Gherkins8.14 Spiced gherkins8.15 Little spiced gherkins8.16 Bittersweet gherkins8.17 Anchovy flavored gherkins8.18 Fresh gherkings sliced8.19 Variants8.20 Minced mixed pickles8.21 Dressing special combinations8.22 Julienned carrots8.23 Chinese salad8.24 Mediterranean salad8.25 Baby corn8.26 Red pepper salad8.27 Sweet sliced gherkins8.28 Gherkins stuffed piquillo peppers roasted8.29 Gherkins stuffed with anchovyPickled and preserved vegetables9.1 Mackerel filets in olive oil Ref. 010749.2 Mackerel filets in olive oil Ref. 010789.3 Mackerel filets in sunflower oil Ref. 011029.4 Mackerel filets in tomato Ref. 010209.5 Mackerel filets in marinade Ref. 010229.6 Mackerel filets in sunflower oil Ref. 011389.7 Mackerel filets in sunflower oil Ref. 011019.8 Mackerel filets in sunflower oil Ref. 011349.9 Mackerel filets in sunflower oil Ref. 011419.10 Mackerel filets in olive oil low salt Ref. 010819.11 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in olive oil Ref. 020689.12 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in olive oil Ref. 020479.13 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in olive oil Ref. 020509.14 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in olive oil Ref. 020279.15 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in olive oil Ref. 020439.16 Frigate/bullet tuna filets pepper in olive oil Ref. 020709.17 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in sunflower oil Ref. 020199.18 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in sunflower oil Ref. 020399.19 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in sunflower oil Ref. 020389.20 Frigate/bullet tuna filets in sunflower oil Ref. 020409.21 Cod roe in its own oil Ref. 050019.22 Tuna filets in olive oil Ref. 070059.23 Ventresca of yellowfin tuna in sunflower oil Ref. 07011Canned fish10.1 Food ration packs and personalizedration packs.Food Ration Pack
  4. 4. D E L U C Í AWines1. Rioja2. Ribera del Duero2.1 Ribera Young 2.2 Ribera Roble 2.3 Ribera Crianza 2.4 Ribera Reserva3. Vinos de la Mancha3.1 Carvernet-Sauvignon1.1 Rioja White WineGrapes: 100% viura.Colour: Pale with goldenhighlights.Aroma: An honest nose of fruitand some varietal character.Taste: Tasty and fresh, withcitrous and herby notes. Suitablefor seafood, poached fish andfish in sauce, soups and youngcheese.1.2 Rioja RoseGrapes: GarnachaColour: Made by the traditionalmethod of destemmed grapes.Pale raspberry-pink, withtouches of onion-skin orange.Aroma: A clean fruity nose.Taste: Fresh, mouth-wateringand lemony.1.3 Rioja 2010Young-Barrel 6 month fermented.Grapes: Tempranillo, Graciano yMazuelo. Made by the traditionalmethod of destemmed grapes.Colour: Violet and cherry incolour.Aroma: Clean red-fruit andgreen-plant nose.Taste: In the mouth, tasty, lightand fresh. Pleasantly fruityfollowed by warmth from its timein new American oak barrels.Suitable for vegetable stews, redand white meat, poultry andmature cheese.1.4 Rioja CrianzaGrapes: Tempranillo, Gracianoand Mazuelo. Aged for 18 monthsin new and semi-new Americanoak barrels, it spends a furtherperiod of bottle-ageing before itsrelease for sale.Colour: Cherry red in colour wutha ruby rim.Aroma: Powerful nose of ripe fruit,sweet spices and quality cocoa.Taste: Tasty, fleshy and spicy.Highly suitable for red meat, whitemeat, game or mature cheese.Grapes: 100% Tempranillo.Colour: A clean, intensely vivid,violet-red wine, shades of lilac andblue being noticeable on the rim ofthe glass.Aroma: Clean expressive, intenseand long-lasting bouquet whoseprimary aromas are reminiscent ofripe fruit.Taste: This is a light, fleshy, velvetywine with a highly- balancedglyceric content, smooth, elegant,long-lasting taste.Grapes: 100% Tempranillo.Colour: A clean intensely vivid,violet-red wine, shades of lilac andblue being noticeable on the rim ofthe glass.Aroma: Clean nose, highly complexbouquet, with hints of balsam andvanilla.Taste: A very well-made wine,smooth but with powerful flavourslong full finish with atractive nuancesoof aged wine and feuit in the aftertaste. Powerful and elegant.Grapes: 100% Tempranillo.Colour: Ruby red, clean with highmedium layer. A clean, powerful andcomplex wine with elegant aromascharacteristic of ageing.Aroma: Lingering fruity fragancesand resinous nuances. Full-bodied,well balanced, overall highlyharmonious.Taste: Long lingering full taste.Produces complex, elegantsensations at the back of the nosealong with nuances characteristic ofageing and fruity flavours.Grapes: Tempranillo-Cavernet-Sauvignon.Colour: The colour level is of higherthan average red ruby.Aroma: With spiced aromas due to itslong maturing process in barrels offreanch oak, and a base that remindsone of ripe black fruits.Taste: The taste in the mouth iscomplete and with time you canappreciate a mineral base withtouches of vanilla.3.4 ChardonnayGrapes: Chardonnay.Colour: Clear yellow.Aroma: A bouquet of averageintensity of mature fruits, exoticfruits, flowers, touches oftannin, milky and mountainaromatic herbs.Taste: In the mouth is fresh, wellbalanced and rounded off,medium body with a fruity floraland hebaceos after taste.Grapes: 100% Tempranillo.Colour: Cherry red, bright and clearwith good depth.Aroma: Very complex, clean andexpressive bouquet featuringresinous aromas and a hint ofvanilla.Taste: Well- structured, smooth butstremely tasty wine. Full bodied, ithas a long-tasting taste that lingersat the back of the nose, and featurethe nuances of ageing and frutyflavours. Fine powerful wine.1.5 Rioja ReservaGrapes: Tempranillo 85%,Graciano 10% and Mazuelo5%. Aged for 30 months in newand semi-new American oak,this wine was bottled inSeptember, 2009.Colour: Clean and bright,cherry red with a ruby rim.Aroma: On the nose, ripe fruit,sweet spices, chocolate andcoffee aromas.Taste: Tasty, spicy and full.Suitable for red meat, whitemeat, fish in sauce, vegetablegratins, purées and roasts.Grapes: Syrah-Merlot.Colour: This wine is a cherry redcolour of medium intensity.Aroma: It has a well definedbouquet, with aromas in perfectharmony of tipe fruit on the onehand and of the toasted flavour offortified wines from the wood onthe other.Taste: On the palate it is a serious,flavoursome, complex wine, withovertones of fruit of the forest jamand with a certain hint of spices.3.3 Syrah-Merlot3.2 T.-Syrah-MerlotGrapes: Tempranillo-Syrah-Merlot.Colour: The colour level is ofhigher than average red ruby.Aroma: With spiced aromas dueto its long maturing process inbarrels of French oak, and a basethat reminds one of ripe blackfruits.Taste: The taste in the mouth iscomplete and with time you canappreciate a mineral base withtouches of vanilla and spices.LogisticRiojaRiberadel DueroVinos de laMancha60 boxes12 bottles23 palets60 boxes12 bottles23 palets60 boxes12 bottles23 paletsEuropalet
  5. 5. Olive Oils1. Extra VirginENERGY VALUEPROTEINSCARBOHYRATEFATSOf which:SaturatedTransMonounsaturatedPoliunsaturatedVitamin ECHOLESTEROL12651800141,96010,781,262,80For 14g For 100g90037000010014±0,01779200KcalKjgggggggmgmgENERGY VALUEPROTEINSCARBOHYRATEFATSOf which:SaturatedTransMonounsaturatedPoliunsaturatedVitamin ECHOLESTEROL12651800141,96010,781,262,80For 14g For 100g90037000010014±0,01779200KcalKjgggggggmgmgENERGY VALUEPROTEINSCARBOHYRATEFATSOf which:SaturatedTransMonounsaturatedPoliunsaturatedCHOLESTEROL12651800141,960,710,781,260For 14g For 100g900370000100140,57790KcalKjgggggggmgENERGY VALUEPROTEINSCARBOHYRATEFATSOf which:SaturatedTransMonounsaturatedPoliunsaturatedVitamin ECHOLESTEROL12651800141,96±0,10510,781,262,80For 14g For 100g90037000010014±0,01779200KcalKjgggggggmgmg4. Pomace2. Virgin 3. PureLogisticFormatsOils20 container(boxes/Cont)European Pallet(boxes/Pallet)Truck (eurPallet/truck)1 L PET (12x) 5181 L PET (15x)2 L PET (8x)5 L PET1.4001.200800950705535602828335L 3L 2L 1L 1LOils-PET formats
  6. 6. Canned Food1. Spanish productsIngredients: White beans, 1/2quail, tomato, water, vegetableoil, onion, wheat flou, Spanishpaprika powder, garlic, salt andpepper.17. White beanswith quailsIngredients: 2 Quails, saucemarinade, water, vinegar,salt, olive oil, onion, leeks,garlic, bay leaf, pepper andthyme.18. 2 quails inspicy sauceIngredients: 1 Partridge, saucemarinade, water, vinegar, salt,olive oil, onion, leeks, garlic, bayleaf, pepper and thyme.19. Partridge inspicy sauceIngredients: Lentils, peas, corn,green beans, leeks, carrots, redpeppers, water, olive oil, tomato,salt, wheat flour, onion, garlic andpepper.20. Lentils withvegetablesIngredients: Pork meat, water,wheat flour, eggs, salt, soyprotein, garlic, parsley, pepper,nutmeg. Sauce: water, tomato,vegetable oil, wheat flour, leeks,carrot, spices and peas.1. Spiced meat-ballswith peasIngredients: Spiced meat-balls:meat pork, water, wheat flour,eggs, salt, soy protein, garlic,parsley, pepper, nutmeg. Sauce:water,tomato, vegetable oil,wheat flour, salt, onion and garlic.2. Spiced meat-ballsin sauceIngredients: Chickpeas, water,Chorizo (Typical spanish porksausage), morcilla (anotherspanish typical pork sausage),bacon and salt.3. Typical madridstew with chick peasIngredients: Asturian white beans,water, chorizo (Typical spanish porksausage), morcilla (another typicalSpanish pork sausage), bacon, tomato,salt, oil vegetable, wheat flour, spanishpaprika, onion, garlic and pepper.4. Asturianbeans stewIngredients: Lentils, water,chorizo (typical Spanish porksausage), bacon, tomato, salt,vegetable oil, wheat flour,paprika, onion, garlic and pepper.5. Lentilswith chorizoIngredients: Asturian WhiteBeans, Water, Tomato, VegetableOil, Salt, Wheat Flour, SpanishPaprika Powder, Onion, Garlicand Pepper.6. Whitebeans stewIngredients: Beef tripe, pig´shead, spanish spicy sausage,water, starch, salt and spices.7. TripesIngredients: Chickpeas, beeftripe, pig’s head, water, starch,salt and spices.8. Tripes withchick peasIngredients: White beans, water,chorizo (typical spanish porksausage), bacon, tomato, salt,vegetable oil, wheat flour,spanish paprika powder, onion,garlic and pepper.9. White beans withspanish sausage10. Riojanstyle beansIngredients: Red beans, redpepper, pork minced meat,water, tomato, vegetable oil,wheat flour, salt, thickeningagent, garlic and spices.11. Chilliwith meatIngredients: Pasta (Torti), porkminced meat, water, tomato,vegetable oil, wheat flour, salt,thickening agent, spices.12. TortiBologneseIngredients: Red Peppers,Tomatoes, Vegetable Oil, Salt,Garlic, Cumins and Sugar.13. AsadilloIngredients: Green peppers,red peppers, tomatoes, onion,vegetable oil, salt and sugar.14. Fried tomatoesand peppersIngredients: Beef meat, peas,green beans, carrots, tomato,water, wheat flour, onion,vegetable oil, salt, and garlic.15. Beefwith vegetablesIngredients: Asturian whitebeans, 1/4 of partridge, tomato,water, vegetable oil, onion, wheatflour, spanish paprika powder,garlic, salt and pepper.16. White beanswith partridgeIngredients: Red beans, water, chorizo(Typical spanish pork sausage),morcilla (another typical Spanish porksausage), bacon, tomato, salt, oilvegetable, wheat flour, spanishpaprika, onion, garlic and pepper.
  7. 7. Canned Food2. Portuguese productsIngredients: Chickpeas, peas,corn, green beans, leeks, carrots,red peppers, water, olive oil,tomato, salt, wheat flour, onion,garlic and pepper.21. Chick peaswith vegetablesIngredients: White and red beans,peas, corn, green beans, leeks,carrots, red peppers, water, oliveoil, tomato, salt, wheat flour,onion, garlic and pepper.22. White and redbeans with vegetablesIngredients: Pork meat, water,salt, pepper, corn flour, wheatflour and potato starch.1. Pork meatin sauceIngredients: Beef, water, salt,pepper, corn flour, wheat flourand potato starch.2. Beefin sauceIngredients: Beef, green beans,peas, carrots, tomato, vegetableoil, salt, white wine, spicy paprikaand spices.3. Vegetableswith beefIngredients: Pork meat, water,salt, pepper, corn flour, wheatflour and potato starch.4. Corned BeefIngredients: Red beans, chorizo,blood sausage, pork hand andmeat, water, onion, vegetable oil,carrots, salt, garlic, sweetpaprika, parsley, spicy paprikaand bay leaf.5. Feijoada àtransmontanaIngredients: White beans, beeftripes, chorizo, water, carrots,onion, tomato, vegetable oil, salt,garlic, sweet paprika, spicypaprika and bay leaf.6. Dobrada àportuguesaIngredients: White beans, porkhand, chorizo, water, onion,vegetable oil, tomato, salt,white wine, garlic, sweetpaprika, parsley, spicy paprikaand bay leaf.7. ChispalhadaIngredients: Chickpeas, cow´shand, chorizo, blood sausage,carrots, onion, tomato, vegetableoil, salt, garlic, sweet paprika,spicy paprika and bay leaf.8. Mão de vacacom grãoIngredients: Chickpeas, pockmeat (hand and head), chorizo,blood sausage, pasta, water,carrots, tomato, salt, spicypaprika and spices.9. Rancho à ViseuIngredients: Pork meat, peas,wheat flour, eggs, salt, soyprotein, garlic, parsley, pepper,nutmeg, vegetable oil. Sauce(water, wheat flour, tomato, salt,onion and sugar).10. Meatballswith peasIngredients: Pork meat, peas,carrots, green beans, wheat flour,eggs, salt, soya protein, garlic,pepper, nutmeg, vegetable oil.Sauce (water, wheat flour,tomato, salt, onion, and sugar).11. Meatballswith vegetablesIngredients: Rice, chicken meat,sauce (water, tomato, vegetableoil, salt, onion, garlic, spicypaprika, parsley and bay leaf).12. Rice withchickenIngredients: Lentils, chorizo, porkbacon, water, tomato, vegetableoil, onion, salt, garlic, parsley andbay leaf.13. Lentils withchorizo-sausageIngredients: White beans,chorizo, bacon, tomato,vegetable oil, onion, salt,garlic and spices.14. White beans withchorizo-sausageIngredients: Chicken, peas,carrots, onion, tomato, (white)wine, vegetable oil, salt, garlic,sweet paprila, bay leaf and spicypaprika.15. Chickenwith peasIngredients: Chicken meat andfat, water, wheat flour, salt,spices and preservative (E-250).16. Luncheonchickenimagein process
  8. 8. Ingredients: Rice (75%), carrots(2%), courgettes (1,5%), chicken(12%), sauce (water, vegetableoil, curry, milk powder, salt andspices).3. ChickenCurryIngredients: White beans (32%),carrots (14%), green peas (12%),chicken (12%), sauce (water,tomato, vegetable oil, wheatflour, salt, curry, thickening agent(E415), spices).4. ChickenStewimagein processCanned FoodIngredients: Pork meat, water,salt, wheat flour, corn flour,pepper and preservative (E-250).17. Porkcold meatIngredients: Pork meat,green beans, peas, carrots,tomato, vegetable oil, salt,white wine, spicy paprikaand spices.18. Friedpork meat3. Halal productsIngredients: Peas, carrots, greenbeans, beef, sauce: (water,tomato, vegetable oil, salt, onion,paprika, cayenne pepper,parsley, bay leaf and garlic).1. Vegetableswith BeefIngredients: Meat balls: beef meat, water,wheat flour, eggs, salt, soy protein, garlic,parsley, worn out pepper and moscada nut.Sauce: Water of the sauce, tomato, vegetaloil, wheat flour, you leave, onion, garlic andthickening agent: Santana ubber.2. Spiced Meat-ballsof Beef HalalIngredients: Chick peas, lamb,carrots, sauce (water, tomato,salt, onion, paprika, black pepperand ginger).9. Chick Peasand Lamb StewIngredients: Pasta, beef, sauce(water, tomato, vegetable oil, salt,onion, garlic, oregano andpepper).10. Pastawith BeefIngredients: Lentils, beef meat,water, salt, vegetable oil, wheatflour, tomato, sweet paprika,onion, garlic and pepper.7. Lentils withBeef MeatIngredients: White beans,sausages, beef meat, water, salt,vegetable oil, wheat flour,tomato, sweet paprika, onion,garlic and pepper.8. White Beans withSausages and Beef Meatimagein processimagein processIngredients: chick peas, peas,lentils, beef, vermicelli, sauce(water, celery, tomato, onion,corn flour, salt, sunflower oil,cinnamon and spices)11. Harira withcermicelliIngredients: chick peas, peas,lentils, beef, crushed barley (8%),sauce (water, celery, tomato,onion, corn flour, sunflower oiland spices)12. Harirawith barleyimagein processimagein processimagein processimagein processIngredients: lamb, chick peas,carrot, fried onion, zucchini,water, salt, tomato, ras el hanout,food colouring, black pepper,ginger and sweet paprika.13. Cous Cous withchick peas and lambIngredients: beef, chick peas,carrot, fried oniong, aubergine,water, tomato, salt, foodcolouring, ras el hanout,coriander, black pepper andginger.14. Couscous withchick peas and beefIngredients: chicken, chick peas,water, onion, salt, white pepper,food colouring, ginger andparsley.15. Couscous withchick peas and chickenimagein processimagein processimagein processIngredients: Meat balls: Meat ofchicken, water, wheat flour, eggs, salt,soy protein, garlic, parsley, worn outpepper and moscada nut. Sauce:Water of the sauce, tomato, vegetaloil, wheat flour, you leave,onion, garlicand hickening agent: Santana rubber.5. Spiced Meat-ballsof Chicken HalalIngredients: White beans, beefmeat, water, salt, vegetable oil,wheat flour, tomato, sweetpaprika, onion, garlic and pepper.6. White Beanswith Beef Meatimagein processimagein processLogistic canned foodCapacityNet WeightPackBoxEuropean Pallet(80x120 cm.)500 ml.450 g.700 ml625 g.1000 ml860 g.3000 ml2600 g.120 packs60 boxes120 packs60 boxes120 packs60 boxes60 boxes12 U.21 U.6 U.12 U.6 U.12 U.6 U.6 U.
  9. 9. Pickled and preserved vegetables10. Bittersweetred onions cocktail11. Picklescocktail12. Hot peppers 13. Gherkins 14. Spicedgherkins15. Little spicedgherkins16. Bittersweetgherkins17. Anchovyflavored gherkins18. Freshgherkins sliced1. Gordal oliveswith peppers2. Gordal oliveswith gherkins3. Caperscapuchine4. Big capers 5. Mild garliccloves with olive oil6. Sweetbanderillas7. Hotbanderillas8. Banderillasgran bouquet9. Springonions
  10. 10. Logistic CONTAINER 20. 10 palets normalized (1 m x 1,20 m)boxesFormat212 ml.(cloves)212 ml.whole range370 ml.720 ml.1965 ml.3895 ml.350 ml.pile uptin43739625216812096324boxes x layer23181814121218nº layers1922141210818jars x palet5.2444.7523.0242.0167203841.848jars x cont 2052.44047.52030.24020.1607.2003.8403.888FormatsPickled and preserved vegetables720 ml1.965 ml3.895 ml 370 ml cans212 ml350 mlcan350 mlcan10 kgcan27. Sweetsliced gherkins28. Gherkinsstuffed piquillopeppers roasted29. Gherkins stuffedwith anchovy19. Variants 20. Mincedmixed pickles21.Dressing-specialcombinations22. Juliennedcarrots23. Chinesesalad24. Mediterraneansalad25. Baby corn 26. Redpepper salad
  11. 11. Canned Fish1. Ref. 01074Mackerel filetsin olive oilFormat rr.12530 units/box2. Ref. 01078Mackerel filetsin olive oilFormat v.2606 units/box3. Ref. 01102Mackerel filetsin sunflower oilFormat rr.9042 units/box4. Ref. 01020Mackerel filetsin tomatoFormat rr.9042 units/box5. Ref. 01022Mackerel filetsin marinadeFormat rr.9042 units/box6. Ref. 01138Mackerel filetsin sunflower oilFormat ro.10006 units/box7. Ref. 01101Mackerel filetsin sunflower oilFormat rr.9042 units/box8. Ref. 01134Mackerel filetsin sunflower oilFormat ro.28024 units/box9. Ref. 01141Mackerel filetsin sunfloweroilFormat ro.55015 units/box10. Ref. 01081Mackerel filets inolive oil low saltFormat rr.12530 units/box11. Ref. 02068Frigate/bullet tunafilets in olive oilFormat rr.12530 units/box13. Ref. 02050Frigate/bullet tunafilets in olive oilFormat v.2006 units/box14. Ref. 02027Frigate/bullet tunafilets in olive oilFormat rr.12530 units/box15. Ref. 02043Frigate/bullet tunafilets in olive oilFormat v.2006 units/box17. Ref. 02019Frigate/bullettuna filets insunflower oilFormat rr.12530 units/box18. Ref. 02039Frigate/bullettuna filets insunflower oilFormat ro.55015 units/box19. Ref. 02038Frigate/bullettuna filets insunflower oilFormat ro.28024 units/box R 820. Ref. 02040Frigate/bullettuna filets insunflower oilFormat ro.10006 units/box R 821. Ref. 05001Cod roein it’s own oilFormat rr.20024 units/box22. Ref. 07005Tuna filetsin olive oilFormat ro.2006 units/box23. Ref. 07011Ventresca of yellowfin tunain sunflower oilFormat ro.10006 units/box16. Ref. 02070Frigate/bullet tuna filetspepper in olive oilFormat rr.12530 units/box12. Ref. 02047Frigate/bullet tunafilets in olive oilFormat ro.55015 units/box
  12. 12. Food Rations PackFood ration packsIn a fully complete food ration pack there are all the essential items necessary for the survival of, in optimal conditions, one or more people for a definedamount of time.In most occasions, these are used as a preventive measure, having a guaranteed long-term shelf life without need to refrigerate.Food rationspacks are designed according to individual needs, meeting nutritional requirements and catering for cultural preference.All this contained in a lightweight,transportable and compact format.Personalized food rationsThe individual needs of our clients require different solutions depending on factors such as number of people, use of the food ration or specific culturalpreferences.Whether the provision is for a large operation or for small groups, we have a flexible process methodology that allows us to design, elaborate and serveour rations adapted to each individual case, so that our clients have exactly what they need, when they need it and where they need it.D E L U C Í A
  13. 13. D E L U C Í Awww.dlucia.esNamiberia España S.L.Avenida de la Raza, 22Edificio Frigodocks, Oficina 4ºE41012 Sevilla - EspañaTel.: +34 618 650 501namiberia.spain.elena@gmail.comDe Lucia Import & Export C.C.Hidipo Hamutenya c/o Green Valley AveP.O.Box 946, Walvis Bay, NamibiaTel.: +264 (0) 64 215450Fax: +264 (0) 64