Local Directories for Business Success


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Local Directories for Business Success

  1. 1. Local Directory Marketing Jose Cintron, MBA-CPC (954) 374-8298 jose@mba4help.com www.mba4help.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/josecintron
  2. 2. What is Marketing?Marketing is everything you do inpreparation for the sales:__________________________________________________________• Marketing materials, what they say and how they look• Your website ranking• How accessible is the website to your niche• How you answer the phone and how you dress• Your attitude and how you project your business• Every single point of contact with your audience• Marketing must be planned and measurable for ROI www.mba4help.com
  3. 3. Interruption MarketingDOES NOT WORK (Low ROI)Outbound Marketing is out:________________________• Telemarketing• Trade shows• Direct mail• Print ads TV/radio ads www.mba4help.com
  4. 4. Permission MarketingDOES WORK (High ROI)Inbound Marketing is in:______________________• Social Media/Networking• Blogging/Press Release• Viral videos/Information• Pay per click/Display ads• SEO/SEM/emails Local Directories www.mba4help.com
  5. 5. Social Mediawww.mba4help.com
  6. 6. Social media trend 22% of online time is spend in social media network In 2011 50% of marketers( including your competition) will incorporate social media Top 5 marketing tactics increasing in 2011 Social media 75% Web search/SEO 51% Email campaign 49% Virtual Events 48% Online advertising 28% www.mba4help.com
  7. 7. Social media users in US www.mba4help.com
  8. 8. Local Directories-SEO www.mba4help.com
  9. 9. How clients reach your business? www.mba4help.com
  10. 10. Do I need Local Directories? wrong: The question is:Can I afford not to have it? www.mba4help.com
  11. 11. ConclusionUsing Local Directories Not using Local Directories www.mba4help.com
  12. 12. Available presentationsSocial media marketing Internet MarketingFacebook Google pay per clickTwitter Yahoo pay per clickLinkedIn Facebook pay per clickYouTube LinkedIn pay per clickBlogger Email marketingSearch Engine OptimizationGoogle BusinessBookmarking Business Plan (2hrs)Social media press release Business StartupSEO-Website optimization SMM strategiesLocal Directories www.mba4help.com