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Unit 2 (ii) achimede principle


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Unit 2 (ii) achimede principle

  1. 1. IES Auringis. Jaén. José Cayetano Bautista Expósito 2º ESO.Natural Sciences. Unit 2 (II). Archimedes' principle. Go through the link and answer the following questions. Write the answers in your notebook. Ask the teachers if needed. Use other related web sites if you like. 1. What does the Archimedes' principle say? Hyperlink 2. Which is the density of water in gram/cm3 ?. 3. How can you calculate the volume of an irregular object using the Archimedes' principle?. 4. Define what the buoyant force is. 5. If you put a ball of cork, a ball of lead and a ball of aluminium under water, all of them with the same size, which one will feel the higher buoyant force? Hyperlink to Reverso dictionary.