Sigma alpha delta newsletter fall 2012


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Sigma alpha delta newsletter fall 2012

  2. 2. Inside this issue: CONGRATULATIONS, FALL 2012 INDUCTEES!Executive Board 3Executive Board State- 4mentsSemester Events 11Volunteer Events 13Alumni Biography 15Freestyles 16
  4. 4. Page 4A STATEMENT FROM EUGENE FRENKEL PRESIDENT I would like to dedicate a third of this statement to my amazing E-Board and V-Board, without whomwe all would be nothing. A third is dedicated to the tireless prospective members this semester, who havemade it the greatest experience. The final third is dedicated to how I have changed, in the hopes that someonewill learn something. E-Board, you have been some of the greatest and hardworking people I have ever met. We had arocky start, but yet, managed to surpass all expectations set on us. This has been a great semester and weworked together like clockwork. Any problem was solved instantly and we all understood that we are in thistogether. Thank you for being there; it has been an adventure being your presidential eggplant. To the V-Board,thank you for taking on your positions. I know it can be a thankless job sometimes, but this semester, you havebeen the most active and dedicated members that I have ever seen. You went above and beyond for the organ-ization and helped us make this into a special semester. Together, we created a free and social atmosphere,which was one of the goals. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you for the following semester, andmaking this organization absolutely superb. Prospective members, this semester has been a great journey. I met all of you when you were juststarting out. A few of you were a bit scared and weren’t sure what you were getting into. It is nice to see thatso many of you have found your stride and are confident. From the laughs we have shared at all of the meet-ings and events, it has been a humbling experience. Many of you took on leadership roles within your commit-tee, and others created your own unique niche. It would not have been the same without all of you. I will defi-nitely remember this semester for years to come, and my hope is that you guys continue on in Sigma. It is agreat experience; just wait until you become a board member! I sincerely hope to work with every single one “During my time in the E-of you in the following semester and to see you around. I hope that you not only come to events and meetings, Board, I found many things Ibut take on leadership roles, for that is the greatest calling. wanted to improve upon. So Our motto this semester is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Although it was a mottothat none of us had to say, we lived by it. We wanted to change and improve upon so many things. Each of our my path was set; I would bemeetings circled around the simple question: what can we do differently? the next President of Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society.” As Chairperson of the Alumni Relations Committee in Spring 2012, I was finally in charge of my owncommittee. I learned the greatest responsibility, which was to be a leader. With great people at my back, weredesigned the entire committee and created a new culture for it. I am proud to say that my friend, and for-mer Vice Chair, still continues it with great success. That semester taught me that improvements can alwaysbe made and one should never be afraid of change. During my time in the E-Board, I found many things I want-ed to improve upon. So my path was set; I would be the next President of Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society. Being president changed the game for me. The organization has more than 500 inducted members,1400 alumni, and 120 prospective members. I met with different faculty members in Baruch, club leaders,prospective members, inducted members, alumni, E-Board members, while having to study for tests and workon the side; needless to say, I was definitely overwhelmed. I learned how to manage my time wisely and whento say no. I learned how to keep things in perspective and keep moving forward, never letting it overwhelm me.I learned to keep a positive attitude in front of everyone, or people lose faith. It was the single greatest experi-ence of my life and one I would never trade. My grades were terrible in the beginning and I missed a few meet-ings but I learned how to schedule everything, so now that the semester is ending, I have saved my grades andrelationships. These are the experiences I take with me for the rest of my life, for it is useful everywhere. Ilearned this while Vice Chair, and Chair as well. It is definitely a great experience and one that is vital for eve-ryone to try. These are the things I pass on to the future generations. Get involved, manage your time wisely,keep things in perspective, keep moving forward, always do better, leave time for yourself, and have greatpeople at your back. May your experiences prove to be better and more educational than mine; I hope to seeyou become the leaders that I know all of you can be!
  5. 5. Page 5A STATEMENT FROM HONG PAN VICE PRESIDENT This is my fifth semester in Sigma Alpha Delta. I have seen so many Sigma memberscome, go, take leadership positions within Sigma, take leadership positions outside of Sigma,and also move on with their careers. The questions of why haven’t I moved on always circlesmy mind. Is it the friendships that I have made, is it the skills that I have obtained, or is it thehardship that I have overcome? All of these reasons are true and Sigma is a major factor tothe Hong people see today.Friendship: Every semester brings new Executive Board members and new prospective mem-bers to Sigma. Meeting them is my joy and seeing their growth within the semester is myhonor. It is great to see how close this semester’s Executive Board members are. We alwayscan joke around, play Chinese poker in the club room, and there is always cake for eachBoard member’s birthday. Meeting the prospective members is one of my greatest motiva-tors semester after semester and this semester has been no different; seeing passionate,diligent, and potential leaders working to be a Sigma members pushes me to want to stay anddo the best for them and for Sigma.Skills: “Seeing passionate, diligent, Two learned skills that I cherish are leadership skills and adaption skills in regards and potential leadersto people. To be a good leader, you must motivate your people. Being a good leader does not working to be a Sigmamean getting the work done, but having your team willingly and full heartedly help you. You members pushes me to wantmust motivate everyone and not demotivate anyone. There must be mutual respect for both to stay and do the best forparties’ work; once the respect from one party diminishes, it will be nearly impossible to gain them and for Sigma.”that respect back. Sigma is as diverse as Baruch College itself. Thus, you learn to be a certain way withcertain people. Always remember that there is a time and place for everything. There aredifferent approaches to the same problem with different people. Sometimes, you must beassertive, while others times, you must give choices. However, even with changing attitudes,you must not lose yourself. People say, “Power changes a person.” I say, “You always have achoice, people grow from experiences, and it is up to you to be the person that you want tobe”.Hardship: Hardships or challenges become experiences which become growths in your life. Don’ttell me that you are giving up and don’t tell me that you regret a decision; don’t tell me thatthis is all you can do. Keep moving forward. Thank you, Sigma, for all the memories and expe-riences that I will always bring with me.
  6. 6. Page 6A STATEMENT FROM WEIWEI SHI TREASURER As a prospective a year earlier, I was enjoying the benefits of all Sigma events and somehow be-lieved that E-Board members don’t do much. They were joking with each other during general meetings andjoking basically every time I saw them. What could be so hard about being an E-Board member? I ran fortreasurer during the last semester of my college career. With work, Sigma and only two classes, I thought tomyself, “This is going to be a semester for me to relax.” However, I was wrong. Who knew that a simple four year college club would be this intense? With every general meeting,information-session, bake sale, on-campus event, volunteer event, and co-sponsorship event, there weremany emails, brain storms, votes, discussions, and cooperation going on behind the scenes. Every detail need-ed attention and a final decision. As an E-Board member, I saw the hard work that everybody put into makingsure everything ran as smoothly possible. This just confirmed the saying that one doesn’t know what is reallygoing on until he or she gets involved. Although I could easily say that this is ranked as my most stressful semester, I could just as easilysay that this was my most memorable and enjoyable semester. During this semester, I got to know my assis-tant treasurer, the best cook, and best assistant ever, Travis Wong. I got to interact with all of the E-Boardmembers and enjoyed every conversation with them. I gained three mentees and also got to know many of the “As an E-Board member, I sawprospective members. I thank everyone who came out to help me during bake sales and the Game Night Fund- the hard work that everybodyraising Event. put into making sure everything I learned a lot this semester. The first bake sale gave me a lesson about business: profit margin is ran as smoothly possible. Thisthe key to how much money one makes. The three appeals for Sigma events taught me that one never knows just confirmed the saying thatwhat they will receive unless they ask, and also pay attention to deadlines. Above these lessons, I would like to one doesn’t know what is reallythank everyone who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to serve Sigma. Life has its ups and downs. going on until he or she getsThis semester has definitely been one of my ups. Thank you. involved.”A STATEMENT FROM MICHAEL ARNOLD SECRETARY Joining Sigma Alpha Delta has introduced me to a vibrant side of campus life at Baruch College. So “Having been surrounded by naturally, I was compelled to take an Executive Board position after being inducted last May. excellent people who inspired I am thankful to have had the pleasure of working closely with a group of unique personalities all me to do better was perhaps, motivated by a common goal. Since early June, all of the E-Board members have collaborated in hopes of the most rewarding attribute of making Fall 2012 the best possible semester for our prospective members. We met every week over the sum- being on the Sigma Alpha Delta mer to plan events for the Fall, organize ourselves, and most importantly, have fun getting to know one anoth- Executive Board” er. When September arrived, our work load increased, with the combination of class work and E-Board duties. My responsibilities included taking notes at meetings and updating databases. Despite this, my E-Board afforded me the opportunities to voice my opinion on matters at hand, co-spearhead the Oxford Debate, and take an active role in on-campus events. My role on the Executive Board has also exposed me to different perspectives from Baruch’s best and brightest students. I have met so many students, both inducted and prospective, from a plethora of ma- jors who are all driven to work hard and do well both in school and life. Having been surrounded by excellent people who inspired me to do better was perhaps, the most rewarding attribute of being on the Sigma Alpha Delta Executive Board. The quality of the network you begin in college is as telling as any exam grade about the time and dedication you put into the things that matter in life. I’m grateful for the friendships that I’ve forged and my experiences in general as a board member. To the newly inducted Fall 2012 members: If you have the opportunity to run for an Executive Board position, I would highly recommend you to. And if you choose not to, simply joining Sigma gives you the oppor- tunity to meet a host of fun and hardworking individuals, so stay involved! Congratulations for all that you have done thus far, and good luck in your future endeavors!
  7. 7. Page 7A STATEMENT FROM KEVIN JOHNSON CHAIR OF ALUMNI RELATIONS As I reminisce on my first information session, I remember being eager to contribute to an honorsociety as incredible and distinguished as ours. As a prospective, I was immediately thrown into a leadershipposition as Director of Biographies, and sought to discover more about the illustrious list of alumni that hadbeen part of Sigma. As a result, I learned from many and only dreamed of giving back to the organization. I hadthat opportunity this semester as Chairperson of Alumni Relations. With the help of my trusted, and exception-al vice chairs, Silvia Pan, Robert Gozdz, and Moshe Israilov, we set out on a mission. The goal, on paper, was utterly simple – to create a team that would continue the legacy of theAlumni Committee by serving as the society’s liaison to the past and the future. However, as the semesterwent on, I realized that we were not building a team - we were growing a family. I saw, before my own eyes,the growth of future leaders, with a more heightened eagerness to absorb everything that Sigma Alpha Deltahad to offer them. To be honest, I wanted to give them everything I had at my disposal, but instead, my pro-spective members gave me more through their dedication, resilience and, most importantly, their friendship. As I look back at my time as a prospective, the one thing I am grateful for the most is the familyatmosphere that Sigma had provided. It had, essentially, provided me a home away from home (without the “To be honest, I wanted to givebed, food, and television of course). With that being said, I welcome all of this semester’s inductees to our them everything I had at myexalted society. I hope that you make the most out of the benefits and relationships that you will experiencefrom being a member. It is nothing but an honor to be your chair, mentor, and friend, to such an amazing disposal, but instead, my pro-group of individuals. As we venture past your rigorous requirements, I look forward to you all playing a more spective members gave meintegral role in what truly is your honor society. more through their dedication, resilience and, most important- ly, their friendship.”A STATEMENT FROM JENNY LUU CHAIR OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT As Chair of Career Development, I want to encourage you to be bold by following your heart. I foundthat it is easy to act polished if you understand the structure of the job application process. It is easy to ob-tain networking skills and answer tricky interview questions, but it is fairly difficult to figure out what makesyou happy. It seems simple, but it is not. Be bold and take a minute to tap into your soul. Try to figure out your brand. You have to know yourstrengths, weaknesses, and passion in order to show off your unique colors. Keep in mind that we are all dif- “The opportunity to share pro-ferent, and there is a career path fit for you. Don’t go on an interview for the heck of finding a job. Don’t chase fessional development advice isafter someone else’s dream. Don’t be ashamed of your dreams. If you want to be a guidance counselor and aid enough to motivate me. I enjoystudents throughout their academic career, so be it. If you want to be a writer and transport your readers to every moment, and I am proudanother world, so be it. If you want to be a banker and deal with mind blowing transactions, so be it. to say that I love my job.” I hear that if you are passionate about something, you are willing to do it for free. Throughout thissemester, I spent a lot of time preparing and presenting workshops, certifying resumes, and meeting withmember’s one on one. Unlike a paid job, this position does not offer any monetary incentive. The opportunity toshare professional development advice is enough to motivate me. I enjoy every moment, and I am proud to saythat I love my job. We are all so worried about finding that practical job and absorbing techniques to get ahead. I’m notsaying that it is not important, but keep in mind that time is limited. If you want to gather experience early, interms of professional experience or extracurricular activities, don’t waste time by taking a job you won’t en-joy. However, choose wisely and build on experiences that make you happy to discover or strengthen yourinterests. Spend some time thinking about what you want, because your best investment is you. Won’t you bebold?
  8. 8. Page 8A STATEMENT FROM MAKSIM AVRAKH CHAIR OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Family. Sigma Alpha Delta is more than an honor society. It’s more than another organization oncampus. The moment I saw Sigma on campus as a freshman, I wanted to be a part of the unity and excitementit exemplified. The friendships you form here go far beyond the walls of Baruch. Both professional as well associal, the people that Sigma nurtures are some of the friendliest, successful, and outgoing individuals you willever meet. After being a part of Sigma for over a year, I could truly say that I found a new family for life. This semester I started the Department of Corporate Communications, which is based around get-ting Sigma corporate partnerships. It aims to secure speakers, internships, opportunities, and training for ourSigma members. I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing many individuals who will be joining me at cor-porate events to test out how good they are with recruiters. I wanted large firms to call Sigma directly whenthey have opportunities opening up because we have those bright students that they are looking for. There isno need to look anywhere else when Sigma has the best people that Baruch has to offer. My members havelearned that crucial elevator pitch after we went over what points they should be stressing to recruiters. Wehave gone over strategies about how to deal with different recruiters as well as ways to close the deal withthem. Corporate Communications is a fundamental skill that must be developed because no matter the area ofexpertise you want to go into, you must always be able to speak to people. My advice for people is that for “My advice for people is that forsomeone to understand you, you must understand yourself first. Once you get that done, speaking to others someone to understand you, youwill become second nature. must understand yourself first. The future of Sigma is bright. There are no limits to the accomplishments the individuals we cur- Once you get that done, speak-rently have, as well as you, the incoming prospective members, can bring to our organization. Just look at me, ing to others will become secondfor example. I started my own department. If I made such a change in Sigma, then you definitely can do even nature.“more. As Ronald Regan once said, “There is no such thing as limits to growth, because there are no limits tothe human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder.”A STATEMENT FROM KATHRYN MERCADO CHAIR OF EVENTS As a sophomore, this is only my second semester in Sigma, and I did not think that Sigma would “In the beginning of the semes- have as big of an impact on my life. Last semester, I was not as active of a prospective as I should have or ter, I was not living up to what I could have been. Going for a leadership position, I did not have my heart in it, but a push from my chairperson encouraged me to, at least, try. Winning, I sold my soul to an honor society. I was all of a sudden engulfed into promised at elections. Now, with this familial and loving environment that Sigma is all about. Over the summer, we met almost every week, the success of events, I have sometimes more than once. We had socials to get to know each other, and I even had to work before the se- learned that a leader or a chair- mester began on our Summer Barbecue and Six Flags Outing. Being a chairperson is actually a lot of work, but person is only as good as his or when you love the organization, you develop a passion, and the lines between work and play blur. her committee.” As a chairperson, I had my own committee. On the other hand, as a perfectionist, running events, I liked things to be planned out perfectly. Thus, in the beginning, I definitely took a lot of weight on my own. I had a difficult time delegating and trusting even my vice chairs with responsibilities at times. I would always have panic attacks and be in freak-out mode before events. However, now, I feel like this is where I have grown the most. Trust is definitely, to me, one of the key characteristics to a good leader. In my election speech, I always mentioned how good leaders lead other leaders. In the beginning of the semester, I was not living up to what I promised at elections. Now, with the success of events, I have learned that a leader or a chairperson is only as good as his or her committee. I was lucky enough to start out with a pool of such talented prospective members, and with a little guidance, they have picked up and sailed their way to induction. They fuel my pas- sion towards my committee.
  9. 9. Page 9A STATEMENT FROM JOSEPH MILANO CHAIR OF MARKETING In an effort to avoid sounding redundant, the best way to characterize my experience in my respec-tive position is by stating that it was humbling and life changing, to say the least. I want to begin by acknowl-edging that the executive board I have had the privilege of directly working with could not have been a moreprofessional and caring group of individuals had I chosen each one personally. I can say with confidence thatthe relationships I have developed through Sigma will last long after my involvement with the organization, andeven my academic career. You guys have become such close friends of mine and I want to thank you for mak-ing my experience on this executive board as enjoyable as possible. I have learned so much from each one ofyou and your professionalism and dedication in handling our many tasks is admirable. In addition to the executive board members of Sigma, I had the opportunity to work with a group oftalented and dedicated colleagues who made up the Public Relations and Marketing Committee. Your flyers,promoting, brochures and work on this newsletter are greatly appreciated and I am honored to be inductingall of you into Sigma Alpha Delta. My advice for all of you is to stay involved with this organization and all that it has to offer to our “You guys have become such closecollege and our community. With the addition of all your intelligent and creative minds, I am certain that Sigma friends of mine and I want to thankwill continue to grow and remain influential. Attaining a leadership position in any organization is an education- you for making my experience onal and worthwhile experience, and I want to encourage anyone that is considering it to take the next step. I feelthat my position in Sigma has helped me to excel in areas that I was never fully confident in, and gave me the this executive board as enjoyableopportunity to get an inside look at all the different components that go into running an organization. This as possible. I have learned so muchhonor society has so much to offer, and I look forward to seeing how the incoming members will continue the from each one of you and yourprestigious legacy of Sigma Alpha Delta. professionalism and dedication in handling our many tasks is admira-A STATEMENT FROM VINOD KUMAR CHAIR OF VOLUNTEERING ble.“ Starting off as a transfer student in Fall 2011, I only knew one other person – a friend from back home. He urged me to join Sigma and one other club. At first my heart was set on another honor society. Due to my Soph- omore status, however, I was not eligible to join the other club. A little disheartened, I reluctantly signed up to join Sigma. Little did I know at the time, joining Sigma would turn out to be one of the best decisions I would make in my As Volunteer Chair, I made a whole college career. host of new friends and great When I joined Sigma, I had very high expectations. Expectations that now I realize were unreasonable. memories, friends that I am very Without effort on my part, I expected Sigma do this and that for me. As I began my journey as a prospective, I was grateful to have, and will hold on to not happy. I did not take part in those “expectations” that I thought Sigma would bring me. Slowly there on, my for the rest of my life. Along with desire and ambition for Sigma began to die. I just cared about getting inducted, with methodically planning out to do these friends, came the amazing the bare minimum to get inducted. I know this does not sound inspirational, or good for that matter, but hear me out. Once inducted, I looked back and thought that other organizations would fulfill those expectations that Sigma and at times, awe-inspiring memo- “failed” to deliver me. ries – memories that are so mag- In the spring of 2012, I set out to join several student-led organizations. After joining them, I realized that nificent and exquisite, words can- they could not live up to Sigma. Even though I did not enjoy Sigma that much as a prospective, I did however, enjoy not and will not do justice. the friendships and memories I made. The other organizations did not provide the social platform that Sigma pro- vides. With the semester almost over, I looked back and realized that Sigma was where I belonged. I now knew what I had not known before, the more you put into Sigma, the more it will give back to you. Missing and wanting to give back to Sigma, I decided to run for Chairperson of the Volunteer Committee. As Volunteer Chair, I made a whole host of new friends and great memories, friends that I am very grateful to have, and will hold on to for the rest of my life. Along with these friends, came the amazing and at times, awe-inspiring memories – memories that are so magnificent and exquisite, words cannot and will not do justice. When Nikita Singh (Chairperson of Marketing, Spring 2012) and I were prospective members, I used to playfully mock her for believing in and thinking highly of Sigma. As it turns out, I was wrong to do that. Nikita, you were right. Sigma is a superb origination that one must and should be grateful for. This is what Sigma is all about; it gives you a platform to realize your ambitions and desires, but it is up to the person to put in the effort. People have many reasons to join Sigma; mine was to make new friends and partake in the college experience. I am pleased and grateful to say Sigma has gone above and beyond in helping me realize these goals. Thank you, Sigma, for the friends and memories!
  10. 10. Page 10A STATEMENT FROM ALBERT MATTHEW CHAIR OF WEB & I.T There’s something breathtaking about personal growth. When you can proudly declare that you’re abetter person today than you were several months ago, you know that you’ve been doing something right. Hadit not been for my experiences on Sigma Alpha Delta’s Executive Board, I would have undoubtedly been moreignorant of my own capabilities. In the span of just a few months, I have discovered so much about myself andmy potential. Not only have I learned how to manage a group of people and sharpen my decision-making skills,but I’ve also gained insight into my character and recognized areas for improvement. Though I still have a longroad ahead of me, I’m glad that I started my journey as a leader with Sigma Alpha Delta. Despite Sigma Alpha Delta’s powerful influence on my personal development, I would be doing theorganization an injustice if I neglected to mention the people that make Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society sogreat. My peers—whether they are fellow members of the board, inducted old-timers, or hopeful prospectivemembers—have become more than just colleagues in an on-campus organization. I am honored that I can callthem my friends. The community that Sigma has provided me with never fails to make me smile; indeed, it’srare that I enter our club room and leave without wearing a goofy grin. Naturally, academic excellence andprofessionalism may be found in every Sigma member. However, as valuable as such traits are, I’m glad thatwe can still have a bit of fun while maintaining high standards. “In the span of just a few months, I have discovered so much about As we look ahead to the Spring semester and beyond, I encourage each and every prospective myself and my potential. Not onlymember to consider running for a position. Perhaps you want to join Sigma Alpha Delta merely for the sake of have I learned how to manage aa line on your resume. Admittedly, that was my original intention too. But as I started to expose myself to group of people and sharpen mySigma’s mission and the people who execute it, my plans began to change. Finally, thanks to the encourage- decision-making skills, but I’ve alsoment of the president who inducted me, I chose to run for Chair of Web & I.T. and I haven’t looked back. After gained insight into my characterall, why not grab an opportunity to develop yourself and make some lifelong friends? I can guarantee that you and recognized areas for improve-won’t regret it. I know I certainly have not. ment.“
  11. 11. Page 11EVENTSSPEED MENTORSHIP EVENT by Frank Corazza Alpha Delta inducted mem- possible mentors. After being keting major, I was thrilled to bers, alumni and profes- paired with a mentor, students hear that because internship sionals were able to mentor were able to meet or email for searching is such a vital part of prospective members of guidance or advice. the college process. Sigma Alpha Delta. This Conservations were not One of my peers who network event offered many just held down to academics and attended the event, Thais An- opportunities for prospec- career options, but also hobbies drade, a sophomore at Baruch tive members to get some and interests, creating a more College, found the event very advice and guidance in their lax environment. Everyone was enjoyable saying, “It was a great career exploration. trying to get to know each other networking event and I got to Being in a college with Sigma Alpha Delta is an on a personal level. It was a learn a lot about certain classesmore than 18,000 students, honor society exclusive to Baruch great opportunity for prospec- and some personal successfinding career and academic College, which currently has 450 tive members to get to know stories that were quite inspir-advice can seem like a daunting members. Coordinated by Jenny people in their specific commit- ing.”task. However, with a large Luu, Kevin Johnson and Maksim tee as well. Attending this mentor-amount of students comes a Avrakh, this event allowed students Personally, I learned a ship was a great experience forlarge alumni base, which can be to interact with mentors in rota- great deal about study abroad as every prospective member be-perfect for finding that valuable tions so they could have a variety to well as internship opportunities. cause they were able to connectpiece of advice that can steer choose from. Every rotation was As a business major, I was in- with their fellow Sigma peers,your career in the right way. around 10 minutes, which was a formed that the Weissman while gaining valuable infor- On Friday October 19 th, I good amount of time to meet some- School of Arts and Sciences mation from alumni.attended Sigma Alpha Delta’s one new. At the end of the event, offers a program where they letMentorship event in NVC 1-107 students were able to select three students know about internshipsfrom 6:00PM to 8:30PM. Sigma regardless of schools. As a Mar-OXFORD DEBATE ON GUN CONTROL by Elvian Cali Put a representative from impact on the minds of the Baruch people walking around with maybe a the National Rifle Association and an students in attendance. grudge and we all know that access to a advocate for gun control together in The questions that came in gun—legal or illegal—is just entirely too the same panel and you come out the Q&A section that followed could easy.” with an extremely lively and explosive have been enough to blow a person An event such as this, simply event. Sigma Alpha Delta hosted the away. Gun control may just occasionally has to become recurring, due to the im- Oxford Debate on Gun Control on pass through someone’s mind but, for portance of the issue that is becoming September 20, 2012 in the Multipur- these students, it was shown that this more and more deadly, as technology is pose Room 1-107 in order to present was an important issue in the many advancing so quickly. A special thanks viewpoints of both sides of the gun parts of New York that they live in. goes out to the spearheads that put to- control debate. Throughout the two From a personal standpoint, the entire gether this event; Jenny Luu, Albert Mat- hours of the discussion, questions debate really hit home as I live in an thew, and Maksim Avrakh for organizing such as, “What steps do you think area that is high in firearm-related such an informative and successful event. should be taken against the current crimes. And it is true how many people Thanks to the co-sponsors, Accounting gun laws?” were asked and answered get hurt because of the loopholes in Society, Pakistani Student Organization with some fiery responses. While both gun control laws that are designed to (PSA), Solutions Across Borders, ASCEND, sides raised important points about protect the people. Many of those ques- Lambda Nu Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Bolly- how the current gun control laws in tions asked were started in almost wood Jalwa, Transfer Student Organiza- effect in the US are riddled with loop- identical words… “I live in an area tion (TSO), and Lexicon for all the help and holes, they also made a powerful where there is almost constant fear of amazing photography.
  12. 12. Page 12STRESS RELIEF by Eda Deniz I think that we can all took place in the auxiliary gym, shop. Once we had a partner, we in such a situation.thank Eugene Frenkel for that and was cosponsored by Women were given a hypothetical situa-lovely email he sent out to all of tion, and given moves that would The entire group in Business, Absolute Adrenaline,us, indicating that we must go to help us get out of it. A couple of looked like they were enjoying and P.A.W.S.the last two on-campus events the scenarios we enacted were themselves, and so was I. I was(for those of us who did not The self-defense class able to meet some wonderful being attached from the back onattend the earlier events). This was a unique experience where prospective members, all the the train platform or beingis probably the reason a large people met each other in a situa- while learning how to kick some choked. Our instructors ex-portion of prospective members tion where they were allowed to of them. Would these moves plained to us what most peopleattended the mist-term stress choke, push, and kick them actually work? They probably naturally do, why it is wrong, andrelief event on the 8th of Novem- amongst other things. I was would if you are strong what we should do instead. Thenber. All of us procrastinators surprised as to how inviting the enough. Would I remember the we would act out the scene withwere lucky, that one of the final environment was, considering protocol if I am attacked? I hope our partner, to learn the movesevents was such an interesting the uncomfortable situation. We I do not have to find out knowing in case we ever found ourselvesevent to attend. It consisted of were taught basic moves on how that my memory tends to fail mefree food and drinks, a self- to jab, punch, kick, and block off on a daily basis. Id like to be-defense class, Zumba, archery hits. Then we went on to the lieve that Sigma helped me takeand other games. I wouldve weird stuff where we had to my first step in pursuing the lifeliked to participate in the ar- partner up. Im genuinely proud of a ninja.chery class, but I didnt see to say that an awkward personwhere it was, so I attended the like me was able to make itself-defense class. This event through the entire work-COOKING WITH STYLE by Eda Deniz Cafeteria food. Usually, when we us to take, with recipes for us to duce to support local farming, speaking of this. think of such a thing, we go back read along with. After taking our and that we get fresher ingredi- This was a great in time when all our veggies plateful of food, we took a seat and ents. He explained his views on event for everyone who at- would smell, our chicken was dry, saw Chef Christopher Stragisher organic food, and while he was tended; we learned how to and the only thing on our tray we demonstrate how he made all the not completely in favor of it, make quick little fixes in our were likely to eat were the tater food we were eating. Talking us explained to us that if we wanted spare time. Chef Stragisher tots. Looking at the food in our through every step, the crowd was to learn more, we were more also finished about half an cafeteria now, the change is able to question anything about the than welcome to get more infor- hour earlier than planned, massive (we also pay a lot more recipe, such as, the ingredients that mation at the Health and Well- which left plenty of time for for it). We can thank one of the were involved and the variations to ness Center. He explained what those who genuinely wanted chefs of our school’s cafeteria, the recipe. Upon completion of ingredients we can use canned, to learn more, were able Christopher Stragisher. He was what the chef was making, he would and when it would be much bet- to. So the next time you buy the chef in charge of the event, then serve what he made. Genius! ter to get the fresh version, something from our school Cooking with Style where he keeping in mind that we are cafeteria, appreciate the Rather than solely speak- taught us how to make smooth- college students on a strict time chefs we have working for us ing about what he was making, Chef ies, hummus, and salads with and monetary budget. When such as Chef Stragisher, who Stragisher worked quite efficiently homemade vinaigrette. As a making salads, he said it is im- have put a new spin on school with plenty of time to spare. He “Foodie,” I knew this was the co- portant to not have water in it, food. Now our entire diet will made use of that time to talk to us sponsored event that I had to because then your dressing will no longer consist of tater about other things that we may attend. want to think about when cook- get watered down. He recom- tots. When entering the ing. He spoke of his preference of mended we use hydroponic bibb room that the event was held in, ingredients, making it a point to us lettuce, where you do not need the food was already set up for that we try and shop for local pro- to wash the lettuce, and he made reference to Julia Child when
  13. 13. Page 13VOLUNTEER EVENTSLIGHT THE NIGHT by Eda Deniz The Light the Night ceeds would go towards blood were assigned to cheer the chose to leave instead of fin-Walk, presented by the Leukemia cancer research, and also to walkers on to keep going and ishing their walk. This was& Lymphoma Society, may be support struggling families, who finish what they had signed up to definitely not due to our lack ofsomething you have heard of or have been diagnosed. When do. Prospective member Valen- cheering, considering ourseen images of on Facebook, signing in, we were given a bal- tina Barbero said, “It was a fun voices ended up hoarse, andTwitter, and other social net- loon with a specific color (white experience and we met other our hands raw from the ex-working sites. Personally, I want- for survivors, red for support- prospective members!” Valenti- tended period of clapping. Fored to go last year because I saw ers, and gold for those who had na and I got the group to literally those who finished, I commenda picture of the lit up balloons lost somebody), and the balloon “Woot Woot” the crowd over. you for going out of your way,and thought it looked cool (great had a light on the inside that What was unfortunate opposite of the train.reason, I know). Luckily, as a blinked, so that the crowd would was that many of the walkersprospective member to Sigma illuminate the coast from Bas- only went to the halfway point,Alpha Delta, I was given the op- ketball City along the FDR Drive. which was where we wereportunity to volunteer at this Numerous groups cheering them on, and theyyear’s walk, took it, and in corre- were involved. There were cor-spondence, was able to learn porate sponsors such as, Pfizer,about how amazing this event volunteers from NBC and JPactually was. Morgan, and coverage from Fox The event had a goal 5 News, and inducted and pro-of raising $100 for each person spective members of Sigmathat walked and all of the pro- Alpha Delta. As volunteers, weCOMPUTERS FOR YOUTH by Frank Corazza On Saturday October CBS, and more, have generously learning the basics of the com- Baruch College, who said, “This20th, my peers and I volunteered donated great amounts of money puter, we helped them pack up was a great volunteer experi-for CFY’s event, Computers for towards this wonderful program. and head home with their new ence because I know that theseYouth Family Learning Workshop, It also considers parental in- Dell desktop. Since many schools computers are going to helpat P.S. 171 on 19 East 103rd Street volvement, which is a vital sup- are incorporating technology many students do much better inin Manhattan. CFY partners with port system for a student during into curriculums, it is very im- school and I am happy that I wasmore than 100 high poverty his or her time in school. portant for every student to a part of such a great program.”public schools and provides As a volunteer, I helped have a computer accessible at Volunteering for CFY wasparents, students, and teachers set up all the computers and their home. an incredible experience be-with computers containing their keyboards in different class- One of my peers who cause I know my work is going toDigital Learning Program. rooms for the families to work volunteered with me was Alina have a positive impact on a stu- This program allows on. I was able to work one on one Nesterenko, a sophomore at dent’s future.students from grades K-12 to with these families by teachingbring what they learn in the them how to set up their com-classroom to their home while puter and use the Digital Learn-engaging their parents as well. ing Program. The students andThere have been numerous re- parents were extremely excitedsearch studies that show the to start learning the differentpositive impact this program has games the program provided. Ihad on student’s participation believe this was an excellentwithin the classroom and at event because not only were thehome. Many companies and or- students very engaged, but theyganizations such as, Kellogg were excited to learn and coop-Foundation, Verizon Foundation, erate with their parents. After
  14. 14. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 Page 14WINE AND FOOD FESTIVAL by Eda DenizThe Food Network New York City Walking towards the location, I was understandable as volun- food culture in NYC. Our purposeWine and Food Festival present- was expecting to work with kids, teers don’t usually get to pick there was questionable- one womaned by FOOD & WINE has been a asked us to clean the refrigeratorhighly noted festival where fa- that the staff eats from, but meetingmous TV personalities, and world my fellow prospective members wasrenowned chefs come to social- genuinely the highlight of the event.ize, enjoy music, and of course We all worked together even for theFOOD! Although it is clearly simplest of tasks whether we had tostated in the Volunteer Letter for carry hundreds of chairs from pointSigma Alpha Delta that you may A to point B, or place drinks in desig-consume neither food nor wine, I nated areas.was hoping to get a glimpse Most prospective members wereand/or taste regardless of what and help educate them about a their own responsibilities. We quiet since we did not actually knowwe were told. Being a foodie healthier diet, which seemed like helped set up drinks, tables and each other yet, but we worked to-myself, it seemed like THE ut- a productive way to spend my chairs for the evening, and while gether as a group, and made anmost rewarding volunteer expe- Sunday morning. Instead we I didn’t get to meet Jeff Mauro or otherwise unpleasant event, enjoya-rience that I could encounter- ended up helping set up for a Paula Deen, we were able to help ble.kidding obviously. later dinner in the evening, which participate in a vital event to theA THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERSDear Volunteers from Sigma Alpha Delta, Thank you so much for your support of Volunteers of America’s Brightening Birthdays program! We be-lieve that all children, regardless of their living situation, deserve to celebrate their birthdays joyfully, surroundedby people who care about them. Over the past two years, your volunteers have created four wonderful birthday parties for the children ofRegent Family Residence, a large homeless shelter for families. These parties are complete with three beautifullywrapped gifts and a crown for each birthday child, arts and crafts projects, juice boxes, party games, pizza, and abirthday cake with every birthday child’s name. The parties truly make a difference for the children in our shelters, encouraging the joy and laughter thatare so crucial for their development and providing wonderful memories for the children and their parents. Thankyou so much for the wonderful energy you brought to these parties, as well as for the great party supplies youpicked out and donated to help make the parties possible!Very best,Kristin Kelly-Jangraw
  15. 15. Page 15BIOGRAPHIESA BIOGRAPHY OF AN ALUMNUS, YAPHET MURPHY Born in Brooklyn, New York, Yaphet Murphy is currently a freelance public relations and marketing professional in New York City, represent-ing arts, culture and literary clients. After graduating from NYC’s very own prestigious Stuyvesant High School, he took some time off to explore different interests and find histrue passion. During this time, he expanded his horizons, working as a taxi driver and entered in the Federal Job Core program in carpentry. At the ageof 24, he decided he wanted to pursue a degree in horticulture at Bronx Community College. Yaphet attributes his writing and leadership skills to histime as editor-in-chief of the school’s newspaper, The Communicator. In 2005, Yaphet enrolled in Baruch College as a Marketing Management major, while interning at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce in thePublic Relations and Communications department. After a recommendation from the President of the Chamber, he accepted an internship offer as anaccount manager with CJC Strategists, a cutting edge communications agency. Considering the firm’s relatively small size, Yaphet was responsible forhandling various tasks including technology, media, and PR while continuing to perform his duties as a student and maintain a respectable GPA. As he became more involved with Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society at Baruch College, Yaphet decided his time was best spent focusing his attention as a marketing officer and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming Vice President in his third semester, and President by his fourth. He was very pleased with how Sigma ran as an organization and wanted to build upon its already esteemed reputation. His contribu- tions to Sigma included recruiting IT talent to help develop the website and revamp its logo, as well as, attracting more liberal arts majors to the organization in order to diversify the organization. He believes his involvement with Sigma Alpha Delta has helped him develop many of his personal and professional qualities. “It really pushes you to get out of your comfort zone - things that you may have been afraid to do otherwise [like] public speaking, promoting and coordinate events, working with a group to bring out the best of peoples’ talents,” said Murphy. Murphy graduated from Baruch College in 2010, but is still very much involved in Sigma events, and is currently mentoring a prospective member. He believes Baruch College offers students a unique and affordable education. However, he would like to see more pathways available for liberal arts students, spe- cifically building a stronger connection between the various departments and the STARR Career Develop- ment Center. After graduation, Murphy was ready to implement his Marketing degree to his eventual career.He observed a knowledge gap that existed between small start-ups and large marketing firms and their inability to work around a small budget andlimited resources. He decided his time was best spent as a freelance marketing strategist to help small businesses avoid this pitfall. Yaphet consultssmall businesses on to best position their product or service to optimize their success. In this capacity, he executes all aspects of marketing from newproduct formation to online marketing and customer relationship management. He enjoys his work due to its level of independence and tasteful variety of projects. His previous experience includes helping American Socie-ty Public Administration (ASPA), a non-profit organization, revamp their website to attract new members and potential donors. He helped with the socialmedia marketing of the organization’s documentary film, Herb and Dorothy. He also served as a publicity agent for the independent film, Vodka Rocks!Yaphet said the film “serves as a countercultural critique of corporate branding.” When Yaphet is not pursing his marketing dreams, he enjoys writing about film, advertising, literature, and fine arts.
  16. 16. Page 16FREESTYLESA SIGMA EXPERIENCE BY ELHADJI SENE Being part of Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society has changed my experience at Baruch. I first learnedabout this Honor Society through a close friend, who received the email and invited me to the informal event. Icame to the event and was impressed by the organization, its mission, its members, and the friendly inductees.After this impressive meeting with the Sigma Alpha Delta, I was thrilled to apply and join this Society. This semester I was lucky enough to be able to join and become active in three committees. I joinedthe Events Management Committee, Volunteer Committee, and Corporate Communications Committee. I hadfun and was able to learn many things from the chairpersons of all three committees, Kathryn Mercado(Events), Vinod (Volunteer) and Maksim (Corporate Communications). The enthusiasm that the chairs deliveredto each committee and the society was empowering and influenced me to be more active in the honor society. The first event I attended was the Fair Maker Event in Queens. I enjoyed showing people how to recy-cle their items and was also able to taste some delicious Paella, even though it started raining at around2:00PM. The President and Dean’s Reception was also a great experience for me because I was able to pre-sent one of the Deans and had the chance to meet marketing Professor Gloria Thomas, who is also the directorof the new Zicklin School of Business Honors Program. I expressed my interest in the program to her duringthe event and I believe that the networking opportunity helped me when applying. After meeting with and learning about his accomplishments, I was really inspired by Maksim, theChairperson of Corporate Communications. He started this committee this semester and was accomplishingmany of the goals. He helped me to prepare for mock interviewing and gave me tips prior to my OCR interviewsin December. It gave me a strong boost prior to going in to the interview. Overall, Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society has given me many opportunities. The society has encour-aged me to become a leader inside and outside of school. It has also allowed me to be able to build friendshipswith people who I may not interact with on a daily basis. I can say that being part of the Sigma Alpha DeltaFIGHT FOR THE FINISH A FREESTYLE BY ELVIAN CALI We want to dominate power struggle in life, yet the You can write your own path to because you have to do some-in everything and anything possi- best thing could just be to step the happy ending you choose. thing.ble. It can be school, work, fami- back for a minute and take a look Remember the Wizardly, and money. You name it. Eve- at the big picture. of Oz’s famous line, “Follow theryone wants it just because they There’s too much yellow brick road!” I interpret itcan. But not everyone can get it. anger, panic, and grief in the as being able to make your ownWe can fight and fight until we’re world to internalize everything. A path with all the twists and turnsblue in the face, but do we ever stroll in the park or just a nice that life throws at you and stillstop and think it’s possible to not night out can make all the differ- manage to find a silver lining inenjoy life even if we are mas- ence. Being wound up way too the clouds. Every day, somethingsively successful? Just think tight does almost nothing but is bound to happen; it’s up to youabout it for a minute. The person bad things. Some things just to take advantage of what youwho doesn’t have to worry about never change but sometimes, love and make yourself stand outmoney and has the white picket the best thing to do is just kick and shine. It could be in a fullfence stereotype family could be back and take a deep breath. black suit or a bright and shortmore miserable than the person Expect the unexpected and eve- party dress, as long as you keepworking two jobs to make ends rything works out for the best. true to what you love. Dominatemeet. But is it to see their chil- Freestyle gives you the most in a good way. Let it be becausedren grow up and move on? room for interpretation, but it you want something and notThere’s always going to be a also gives you the most control.
  17. 17. OUR MISSION The Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society seeks to provide continu- ous support for its members in their pursuit of academic excel- lence, valuable communitarian contributions and sustainableSigma Alpha Delta Honor Society networking opportunities, all with a focus on diversity and for the betterment of present and future generations.One Bernard Baruch WayNewman Vertical Campus, Room 3-226New York, NY 10010 ABOUT USEmail: We are the oldest and most accomplished honor society at Ba-Website: ruch College, having meaningfully served the college and the community for over 80 years. Our society is exclusive to Baruch and is not part of a national organization. As such, our current and former members have a very close relationship to this or- ganization. The society is run by students who want to make a difference in the community and improve the quality of life at our college. Concurrently, they make lasting friendships with fellow honor students and develop essential leadership skills.THE PUBLIC RELATIONS TEAM Raimond Bousribal Editor-in-Chief Elvian Cali Executive Board Associate Frank Corazza Alumni Relations Associate Eda Deniz Events Associate