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  1. 1. 100.000 $ 100 $ 30.000 $ The lamborgini is more expensive than seat panda. The lamborgini is the most beautiful car. The seat panda is as old as peugeot 407 The seat panda is the smallest car. The peugeot is more expensive than seat panda. The peugeot is bigger than the lamborgini.
  2. 2. Jennifer Lopez is more beautiful than Duquesa de Alba. Jennifer Lopez is the thinest woman. Falete is as fat as Duquesa de Alba. Falete is tallest person. Duquesa de Alba is older than Jennifer Lopez. Duquesa de Alba is sorthest person.
  3. 3. The elephant is too big to stay in my house. The elephant is taller than tiger. The tiger is more dangerous than the fly. The tiger is most beautiful animal. The fly is small enough to enter a hole very small
  4. 4. The play 1 is cheaper than play 2. The play 3 is too big to fit on my desk. The play 3 is the bigest console.
  5. 5. The first book is the tallest book. The third book is too big to I read. The second book is shorter than the third book The first book is more boring than the second book.
  6. 6. A B C The computer A is older than computer B. The computer C is expensive enough to I buy. The computer C is most beautiful computer. The computer B is as big than computer C.
  7. 7. A B C The hat A is bigger than the hat C The hat C is hattier enough to Jaime wear- The hat B is the most beautiful hat. The hat A is as dark as hat C.