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  1. 1. Cristian Alarcón Mena Patrimacapaca
  2. 2. Cristian Alarcón Mena PATRIMACAPACAPatrimacapaca was born in1964 in a nice town ofTulcatulba at 12:01 in a hospital in a near of his house inform stone-mushroom called Tubérculo.When was born weighed 22 kilos and introduced in theincubator because have little weight. When the take outweighed 33 kilos.When reached first year every the family prepared anholiday surprise but them dried of who have one year andno learned walk still by the who no helped the holiday.
  3. 3. Cristian Alarcón MenaWhen reached two reached already learned learn walk startwalk explore his beloved town Tulcatulba.When reached three year started the school, but the townare so small have who goes every morning the town thewinged who flamed Tutupelo.Helped every day except Saturday and Sunday whodedicated look for mushroom by the around him house.Are good student a weigh who have there year.With six year dried a primary where take out good reporteven good too much studied, whet dried second followedapproved every sin too much difficulty, the same make withthird, fourth and fifth, but the sixth the thing put more andhe failed an exam of mathematic but after he pass it.
  4. 4. Cristian Alarcón MenaWhen he was at secondary school, he was move at theother town situated in Patricastro. This secondary schoollooked a mushroom called Chanpinen. This was situated inthe suburbs.The first year was easy him and he passed all subject witha good mark. However in mathematics and language hepassed with a mark five.When he finished the course, in the summer he revived acomputer by his birthday and he enjoyed it played thegames but also he wrote a little text of adventure.Then he discovered the amazing world of the book.In the second year he began for the literature and hedecided write a book.He was one year write the book. This book had hundredpage but it was amazing.The book called THE MISTERIUS THE NEXT OF THEHOUSE.
  5. 5. Cristian Alarcón MenaHe decided showed it his teacher of language andliterature. She was impress with the book and she helpedhim at publish the book by the people readed it.When he finished the year, the book already was publish.The people like it. It was successful!!!!When bring up the new the summer Patrimacapaca, haveso much success who collected a lot of Money who fatherand mother decided bought a house a lot of big with formthe apple but a lot of big and nice.The house have fourteen room who were out furnish ,buythe summer dedicated select the room and decorate the
  6. 6. Cristian Alarcón Menaliked although cost a lot of, because the book his sell thesilkWhen the finished decided called the friends for teach butthey refuse to go because believe who did him bad intentionfor give envy and who not friends.Patrimacapaca annoyance a lot of the enclose in the roomand not go out as time the eat.Think who be wrong and who every was wrong and savewho have a lot of money caught every the who likedWas the summer very boring and when started the classevery the looked scorn and nobody the word except theteacher in a lot of the morning. When draw up the house said the mother who loved turnthe house old and she answer whit round NO.Later of speak whit mother decided hit the center him studyand forget the book and the success When he finished the third year, her teacher of languagesaid that she gave a recompense for the success of hisbook and she propose that he wrote other book, but he saiddon´t like it, and neither he didn´t the recompense, becausehe didn´t like this live with success.In this summer he got do the peaces with his friends.In fourth year didn´t difficult for him, but 1º an 2º ofbachillerato were most difficult, but he passed.The next year he went to university and he studied teachingof literature. He graduated in literature.
  7. 7. Cristian Alarcón MenaWhen he was adult he say that, he had continuous writing,because he had talent, and he loved write the book.He wrote 32 book and he was married with Lolamaca andthey have a soon so-called Lilopa.
  8. 8. Cristian Alarcón Mena