This is a presentation of my school


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This is Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta de Jesús-María. Murcia, Spain

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This is a presentation of my school

  1. 1. Our School Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta (Jesús-María) Our City Murcia (Spain)
  2. 2. Our History  Our school of Infant, Primary and Secondary belongs to the Congregation of Jesus & Mary, whose foundress was St. Claudine Thevenet. She was born in Lyon, France and came to Spain in 1850.  We own houses and schools in different countries.
  3. 3. Stages Spanish School System 4 2nd 900 students and TWO forms in each Year. 3rd 6 y old 1st of Primary 7 2nd 8 3rd 9 4th 10 5th 11 Secondary 1st Kindergarten 5 Primary Spanish System 3years old Kindergarten Age 6th 12 y old 1st year of Secondary 13 2nd of Secondary 14 3rd of Secondary 15 4th of Secondary
  4. 4. Classrooms • Classes are from 8.15 to 2.15. • Emphasis on English and French, we´ve applied to be a bilingual school. • English Cambridge Exams • Students wear uniform only for kindergarten and Primary.
  5. 5. FACILITIES: Computer labs • The school has two well equiped computer labs. • We go to the computer labs in most of the subjects: English, Geography , ICT… • We have Tactic Smartboards in all our classrooms and our teachers use digital books in class.
  6. 6. Library  The school has good collection of books on several subjects.  The students can take out books to read in class or at home. All the students go to the library at least one hour a week and we have a program called Reading animation so that our students like reading books.
  7. 7. Cafeteria  During lunch time the children go to the school canteen or cafeteria  At break time, which lasts 30 minutes, you can buy sandwiches for just 1 Euro at 11.00h.  We have two lunch rooms for students and one for teachers.  Lunches supply from 2.00pm to 3.00 pm.
  8. 8. Playgrounds and Gym  Look around, our school playground!  We have two outside playgrounds where we have PE there, and play volleyball, football, basketball, tennis…  Our gym helps us to be fit and healthy!  Winning in our school competition is our ambition  We use it for PE and after school activities.
  9. 9. Science lab and Technology lab  School has its own fully equipment science laboratory in which all types of science equipments are available for children.  We also have a technology lab for electric projects and Art work.
  10. 10. Extracurricular Activities  We have a full range of after-school activities which are offered to students as part of the Social Programme and organised by the PTA, such as English, tennis, football, basketball, music…  We develop different food campaings and NGOs to help poor people, such as Mision Day, Christmas Campaign...
  11. 11. School celebrations • Peace Day • Earth Day because we are Green school and we have solar energy. • Europe Day • Christmas and Easter.
  12. 12. Festivities • Book Day • Math week • End of the year Party • St Valentines Day, Halloween…
  13. 13. European Projects • The school is registered in etwinning since 2009. We have collaborated in three projects with different countries. We were part of another project about environment with a bilingual school of USA. • Participation in Projects gives our students the opportunity to: -Communicate in a foreign language and Collaborate in cultural topics.
  14. 14. Murcia: Capital of the Region  The school is situated in the centre of Murcia. It is placed in the south east of Spain, with a population of around 1 million in the Region and in Murcia City about 500,000 inhabitants.
  15. 15. CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST. MARY (1526) Murcia cathedral is one of the most representative barrocan buildings in our city. The bell tower is one of the tallest in Spain. The interior is mostly gothic. You can visit the musem inside the cathedral.
  16. 16. FESTIVITIES Those are some of the regional festivities in Murcia. The first is The Country-side Parade (Bando de la Huerta). These are the regional costumes and here they are dancing «La Jota». On Saturday after Easter there is a big parade in the city called «The Burial of the Sardine»
  17. 17. MEDITERRANEAN SEA AND MAR MENOR In Murcia there are 2 seas: Mediterranean sea and Menor Sea. A lot of people from other countries come to our beaches in summer holidays. Our beaches are the most visited places from Murcia. We have a beautiful warm weather all year round.
  18. 18. Gastronomy Paella is a typical meal from the Mediterranean coast in Spain. Paparajotes are a traditional dessert of Murcia. We prepare paparajotes in the Spring festival, September. The Murcian salad is basicallly made with our vegetables .
  19. 19. Landscapes Murcia is surrounded by orchard, with lemons, oranges and olives. The most important river in Murcia is Segura river and it crosses the center of the city. Here you can see our landscapes.