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What got us here will not get us there - FinTech Design Summit #FDSNTC


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What got us here will not get us there

The impact of design is growing and the demand for design talent is increasing. More designers are rising to leadership roles. Management consulting and research firms are showcasing the business value of design. However, reality shows a contrasting picture as there are hundreds of design teams at different levels of influence in their organizations.

We have to invest in our people. We must create opportunities for career growth to help designers progress. At the same time, we need to create conditions for emerging and established design leaders to succeed. We have to build a strong foundation of influence, strategy, and value to the customer, our peers, our teams and our organizations.

This presentation is focused on what we can do to pave the way for our design teams to amplify the impact of their work. The stories I share are primarily based on my leadership journey and are supplemented by interviews with design leaders from around the world.

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What got us here will not get us there - FinTech Design Summit #FDSNTC

  1. 1. What got us here Will not get us there Jose Coronado @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact Business Embraces Design
  2. 2. Opinions are my *own* The opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the author. They do not represent current or previous client or employer views.
  3. 3. A short story…* * Any similarities with reality is pure coincidence @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  4. 4. Many companies don’t know what they need Look for a UX Researcher Think of a UX Designer Hire a Visual Designer @LucasWxyz @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  5. 5. We are Designers Information Architect User Experience Architect Visual Designer Design Strategist UX Researcher Content Strategist Design Technologist Product & Service Designer@jcoronado1
  6. 6. The world around us @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  7. 7. 50% 4/5 of organizations will have a CX transformation program CX executives predict their brand will compete completely on CX GARTNER Customer Experience in Marketing Survey By 2019 / 2020 @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  8. 8. 93% 30% of executives cite improving UX as a top strategic priority of companies will see further decline in CX Quality FORRESTER Customer Experience in Marketing Survey Between 2017 and 2018 @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  9. 9. McKinsey 300 2MM 100K Public Companies Financial Data Points Design Actions Multiple Countries & Industries McKinsey Quarterly Report@jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  10. 10. McKinsey McKinsey Design Index (MDI) Higher Revenue McKinsey Quarterly Report 32% Higher TRS Growth56% Opportunities Don’t talk to Customers40% Don’t measure Design Impact56%
  11. 11. 5 Visionaries 4 Scientists 3 Architects 2 Connectors 1 Producers InVision InVision – The New Design Frontier Design Maturity Model
  12. 12. How do we get from here to there? @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  13. 13. Team of One Our Design Journey Team Member Build Grow & Evolve Transform & Expand @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash
  14. 14. Design Impact Medium.comDesignImpact@jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  15. 15. Business Embraces Design DESIGN INFLUENCE DESIGN STRATEGY DESIGN VALUE @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  16. 16. Design Influence @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  17. 17. Strong partnerships will determine design’s influence and success @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  18. 18. Design Leaders should bring people along @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash
  19. 19. Embracing diversity helps create disruptive solutions @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  20. 20. Engage and empower your team @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  21. 21. “When we lack the empathy to understand what others do, we fail as designers.” Alberta Soranzo @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  22. 22. Business Embraces Design DESIGN STRATEGY DESIGN VALUE INFLUENCE • Partnerships • Develop people • Diversity & Inclusion • Engagement & empowerment • Empathy @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  23. 23. Design Strategy @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  24. 24. Design meaning and alignment @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  25. 25. Increase the Business & Technology IQ of the Design Team @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  26. 26. Let’s wake up, it is not about design… @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  27. 27. Org Design for Design Orgs By Merholz & Skinner DESIGN execution at all levels of scale STRATEGY STRUCTURE VISION SURFACE 10,000 m 1,000 m 100 m 10 m 1 m @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  28. 28. STRATEGY STRUCTURE VISION SURFACE GM, CDO, Partner Distinguished Designer Lead Designer Designer Intern, Associate Designer VP, Sr. VP Design Director, Manager Team Lead Sr. Designer Principal Designer Design Career Ladder@jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  29. 29. Flexible Recognition Encouraging RewardingVisibility Autonomy Time Recognition Framework by Katie Dill@jcoronado1
  30. 30. Business Embraces Design DESIGN INFLUENCE DESIGN VALUE STRATEGY • Define Design • Customer Experience • Execution • Career Ladder • Recognition @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  31. 31. Design Value @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  32. 32. Stop, Listen, Be Curious, Ask [a lot of] Questions @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  33. 33. Identify Key Metrics @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  34. 34. Global CIO Perspective $35 M Design ROI from ONE Project @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  35. 35. As designers, we need to focus on the consequences of our work. Sheryl Cababa @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  36. 36. Promote success @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  37. 37. Design for Good within an Ethical Framework @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  38. 38. Business Embraces Design DESIGN INFLUENCE DESIGN STRATEGY VALUE • Ask Questions • Key Metrics • Measure Impact • Promote Success • Ethical Framework @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  39. 39. Business Embraces Design INFLUENCE • Diversity & Inclusion • Empathy • Strong Teams • Partnerships • Engagement & empowerment STRATEGY VALUE • Define Design • Customer Experience • Execution • Career Ladder • Recognition • Ask Questions • Key Metrics • Measure Impact • Promote Success • Ethical Framework @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  40. 40. Source: Giphy@jcoronado1 #JointFutures We have to reflect, adapt, and evolve
  41. 41. Jose Coronado @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact